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Looking for a kitesurf helmet? Kitemana has got you covered! Wearing a kite helmet may seem unnecessary, but it offers a lot of protection when you make a serious crash. There is always a risk when you go out for a kitesurf sessions. At the beach, but also in the water are many obstacles you don't always see. Especially when it's becoming low-tide. Also, your kiteboard can seriously hurt you when you make a crash. Beginners often wear a helmet to prevent a hard blow to the head. Kiteschools also use helmets because they often practice the basics on land or in shallow waters and by doing this you need the extra protection in case something goes wrong. If you go wakeboarding or kitesurfing on sliders and kickers, we definitely recommend wearing a helmet. We have kite helmets from Mystic, Gath, and NP. Want to know more about a kite helmet? Just give us a call or send us an email and we will answer all of your questions. Read more »



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MK8 2021 Helmet
MK8 2021 HelmetMystic
SFC Surf Convertible Helmet
SFC Surf Convertible HelmetGath
Predator Helm
Predator HelmMystic
Gedi Helmet
Gedi HelmetGath
MK8 X Helmet
MK8 X HelmetMystic
Earpadset Helm
Earpadset HelmMystic
Watersport helmet
Watersport helmetProlimit
MK8 Helmet
MK8 HelmetMystic
MK8 X 2020 Helmet
MK8 X 2020 HelmetMystic
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Wearing a helmet during your kitesurfing session is becoming more normal. A helmet gives youa little extra protection that you sometimes want. If you crash, your board can sometimes come dangerously close to your head. If you go for wakestyle on sliders and kickers, a helmet is really a must have. Even if you go to the cable park for wakeboarding, these helmets are perfect to protect your head. Nowadays we see an ever growing trend in hyrdrofoil kite surfing. If you start with hydrofoiling it is really advisable to wear a helmet. If you fall off your foil, your foil rides through very easily and can hit your head with great speed, that you don't want! So make sure you buy a good, comfortable helmet. Kitemana sells helmets from Mystic, NP and more! If you have questions or want to fit, please visit our store. E-mailing and calling is always possible, we are happy to help you!