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Kitemana is the official dealer of Reedin kites. At us you can be the first to pre-order and test the Reedin Supermodel. The new kite brand Reedin was set up by kite surfing legend Kevin Langeree and kite designer Damien Girardin. The first edition of Reedin kites can be ordered from us as a pre-order from February. Click here to read more about Reedin kites

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Super Model V3 2022 Kite
Super Model V3 2022 KiteReedin Kiteboarding
Super Model 2021 Kite
Super Model 2021 KiteReedin Kiteboarding
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Buy Reedin Kites Supermodel Online

For the time being, Reedin will come to the market with one kite: the Super Model. The Reedin Super Model is a real all-round kite. You can use the Super Model for your twintip, surfboard and foil. The Super Model is a reflection of Kevin Langeree's all-round sailing style. During Kind of The Air, the Super Model shows that you can be shot incredibly high, long and with great confidence. But the Reedin Super Model does not shy away from a kiteloop either. Are you more in the mood for a wave ride session? No problem for the Reedin Super Model either. The Reedin Super Model's fast steering and drift let you surf waves as if you weren't carrying a kite. Is there almost no wind, and do you want to go out with a foil? The Super Model is also very suitable for this, thanks to its light weight. If you have any questions about the Reedin Supermodel, please contact us.

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Do you want to buy or pre-order a Reedin kite? Then you've come to the right place at Kitemana. We are officially one of the few Reedin kitesurf dealers worldwide.

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