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On this page, you will find all our changing/towel ponchos! Changing clothes is one one of the least enjoyable activities of kitesurfing. To make this activity a bit more comfortable they invented the kite poncho. These towel ponchos are soft, warm and comfortable which make changing your clothes a little party on its own! It also prevents standing butt naked in the parking lot :-) We have poncho's from Mystic, Brunotti, C-Skins, Northcore & NP for men, ladies, and kids! Check out all our kite and surf changing poncho's below. Read more »



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75.00 €59.95
Poncho Regular 2021
Poncho Regular 2021Mystic
Poncho Teddy 2021
Poncho Teddy 2021Mystic
Poncho Kitemana
Poncho KitemanaProlimit
59.95 €39.95
Poncho Deluxe Explore
Poncho Deluxe ExploreMystic
Poncho Velour
Poncho VelourMystic
Poncho Core 2021
Poncho Core 2021ION
Poncho Deluxe 2021
Poncho Deluxe 2021Mystic
Poncho Teddy Women 2021
Poncho Teddy Women 2021Mystic
Beach Basha Poncho
Beach Basha PonchoNorthcore
Kids Beach Basha Poncho
Kids Beach Basha PonchoNorthcore
Poncho Teddy Junior 2021
Poncho Teddy Junior 2021Mystic
Poncho Women 2021
Poncho Women 2021Mystic
Towel Quickdry 2021
Towel Quickdry 2021Mystic
LEN10 Quickdry Poncho 2020
LEN10 Quickdry Poncho 2020Mystic
PonchoDuotone Kiteboarding
Poncho Allover 2019
Poncho Allover 2019Mystic
Poncho Allover 2020
Poncho Allover 2020Mystic
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Surf poncho

A poncho is probably one of the nicest kite accessories out there. With a poncho you can get dressed into your wetsuit nice and warm ánd you donw have to show your nice butt to everyone on the parkinglot, super relaxed! The poncho is made of towel fabric or quick-drying towel fabric. Ponchos come in all shapes, sizes, colors and prints. A poncho is also called a wrap-around towel. Ponchos come from many brands such as Mystic, Brunotti, Northcore, Manera and more! A poncho I a very nice gift for you kitesurfing friend, dad, mum, brother or sisterl.