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Neoprene Accessories - Surf Gloves

Surf gloves are made to protect your hands from the cold winter temperatures but also to protect you against sharp objects. The gloves are made of neoprene, so your hands stay nice and warm. Surf gloves vary between 1.5mm and 5mm thick neoprene. Although pay attention when you choose thicker gloves, because this reduces your 'bar-feeling'. Most gloves slide over your hand and then under your wetsuit. Some gloves have an extra Velcro strap to make your glove even tighter, please note that you don't tighten it too hard because this can block your blood flow. Want to know more about surf gloves?Read more.



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Claw Gloves 3/2 Surf Glove
Claw Gloves 3/2 Surf GloveION
$ 58.52
Supreme Glove 5mm 5Finger Precurved Surfglove
Supreme Glove 5mm 5Finger Precurved SurfgloveMystic
$ 65.59
X10D Gloves 2mm
X10D Gloves 2mmManera
$ 35.37
Q-Glove X-Stretch 3mm
Q-Glove X-Stretch 3mmProlimit
$ 30.22
Mittens Open Palm Xtreme 3mm
Mittens Open Palm Xtreme 3mmProlimit
$ 40.33
Supreme Glove 5mm Lobster Surfhandschoen
Supreme Glove 5mm Lobster SurfhandschoenMystic
$ 59.63
Glove Sealed 2mm
Glove Sealed 2mmProlimit
$ 45.38
Neoprene Winter Set
Neoprene Winter SetMystic
121.03 $ 111.08
2MM Surfglove
2MM SurfgloveRide Engine
60.63 $ 45.47
Open Palm Mittens 2.5 Surf Glove
Open Palm Mittens 2.5 Surf GloveION
$ 45.38
Gloves Curved Finger Utility 2mm
Gloves Curved Finger Utility 2mmProlimit
$ 45.38
Neopreen Winter Set
Neopreen Winter SetProlimit
83.58 $ 80.81
Magma Glove 2.5mm
Magma Glove 2.5mmManera
$ 55.59
Lobster Mitten 4/3 2020 Neoprene
Lobster Mitten 4/3 2020 NeopreneION
$ 58.52
Pre-Curved Glove 3mm
Pre-Curved Glove 3mmBrunotti
$ 49.52
Neo Gloves 4/2 Surfglove
Neo Gloves 4/2 SurfgloveION
$ 65.59
Neo Gloves 2/1
Neo Gloves 2/1ION
$ 59.63
Radiance Surfhandschoen 2mm
Radiance Surfhandschoen 2mmBrunotti
$ 45.38
MSTC Glove Merino Wool 1.5mm
MSTC Glove Merino Wool 1.5mmMystic
$ 49.52
Marshall Glove 3mm 5Finger Precurved Surfhandschoen
Marshall Glove 3mm 5Finger Precurved SurfhandschoenMystic
$ 50.48
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Surf Gloves

There are also surf gloves with a 3-finger set up, your little finger and ring finger are together and your middle and index finger, by doing this, the fingers which are next to each other give extra warmth, to make your session just a bit more pleasant. If you need help in selecting the right size or type of glove, please contact us via email or call!