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Protection - Sunscreen

Sun lotion is essential for every sunny kite session. While being on the water the sun often shines bright and is also enhanced by the reflection of the water. This can cause severe damage to the skin and even lead to diseases such as skin cancer. Make sure to protect yourself well against these elements and use sun lotion before entering the water to prevent any problems in the future. We sell special kite/surf sunscreen that protects you all day long from the burning sun while being on the water. Sun lotion from Island Tribe or SexWax is waterproof and offers good protection so you can do your thing without worrying. This sunscreen is child-friendly. Of course, you can also use it while practicing any other watersport or on a sunny holiday trip. Read more »



SPF 50 Clear Gel Stick Sunscreen
SPF 50 Clear Gel Stick SunscreenIsland Tribe
Lip Balm SPF 15
Lip Balm SPF 15Island Tribe
SPF 30 Light Lotion 125ml Sunscreen
SPF 30 Light Lotion 125ml SunscreenIsland Tribe
P20 Sunscreen SPF30 Spray 100ml
P20 Sunscreen SPF30 Spray 100mlRiemann
SPF 50 Clear Gel KIDS 50ml Sunscreen
SPF 50 Clear Gel KIDS 50ml SunscreenIsland Tribe
SPF 30 Clear Gel Spray 320ml
SPF 30 Clear Gel Spray 320mlIsland Tribe
SPF 30 Clear Gel Spray 125ml
SPF 30 Clear Gel Spray 125mlIsland Tribe
After Sun 125ml Aloë Vera
After Sun 125ml Aloë VeraIsland Tribe
SPF 50+ Stick Zonnebrand
SPF 50+ Stick ZonnebrandSexwax
P20 Sunscreen SPF50 Spray 100ml
P20 Sunscreen SPF50 Spray 100mlRiemann
SPF 50 Anti Ageing 50ml Sunscreen
SPF 50 Anti Ageing 50ml SunscreenIsland Tribe
SPF 50 Gel 10ml Sunscreen
SPF 50 Gel 10ml SunscreenIsland Tribe
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Waterproof surf sunscreen

Of course you prefer kite surfing when the sun is shining. Or you go to a nice warm country to kite surf or surf without wetsuit. Then you obviously do not want to burn. Therefore, use super good water-resistant sunscreen from, for example, Island Tribe. This sunburn remains super good, even while surfing. Much better than a normal waterproof sunscreen.

Island Tribe Sunscreen

The Island Tribe sunscreen is one of the best waterproof sunburns available. The Island Tribe is a greasy layer on your skin with SPF factoring. The Island Tribe sunscreen is available in stick but also in the tube. Even if you have forgotten your sunburn Island Tribe is there for you with Aloe Vera after sun. So if you want good water-resistant sunscreen choose Island Tribe!