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Wetsuit ION

ION is a brand that is run by passionate kitesurfers. Since 2004, ION has been developing wetsuits and neoprene accessories for water sports such as kite surfing, windsurfing and wake boarding. The wetsuits from ION are a combination of super high quality and a stylish design. Kitesurfers all over the world rely on the warmth, comfort and quality of the ION wetsuits every session. The ION wetsuit range is divided into four segments: ION Select wetsuits, ION Amp wetsuits, ION Core wetsuits and ION element wetsuits. Each with its own character. Below you can find our entire range of ION wetsuits. Is your ION wetsuit not listed? Then contact us and we will arrange it for you. Do you want to read more about the ION wetsuits? Then click here »

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Strike Amp 6/5 Frontzip Hooded 2020 Wetsuit
Strike Amp 6/5 Frontzip Hooded 2020 WetsuitION
Strike Core 5/4 Backzip 2019 Wetsuit
Strike Core 5/4 Backzip 2019 WetsuitION
239.00 169.00
Strike Amp 5/4 Frontzip 2019 Wetsuit
Strike Amp 5/4 Frontzip 2019 WetsuitION
329.00 229.00
Strike Amp 6/5 Backzip 2020 Wetsuit
Strike Amp 6/5 Backzip 2020 WetsuitION
Changing Mat / Wetbag
Changing Mat / WetbagION
Strike Amp 5/4 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
Strike Amp 5/4 Frontzip 2020 WetsuitION
Strike Amp 5/4 Backzip 2020 Wetsuit
Strike Amp 5/4 Backzip 2020 WetsuitION
Strike Core 5/4 Backzip 2020 Wetsuit
Strike Core 5/4 Backzip 2020 WetsuitION
Strike Amp 6/5 Backzip 2019 Wetsuit
Strike Amp 6/5 Backzip 2019 WetsuitION
339.99 239.00
Strike Element 2/2 Shorty LS Backzip 2019 Wetsuit
Strike Element 2/2 Shorty LS Backzip 2019 WetsuitION
Strike Element 5/4 Backzip 2019 Wetsuit
Strike Element 5/4 Backzip 2019 WetsuitION
189.00 139.00
Strike Core 5/4 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
Strike Core 5/4 Frontzip 2020 WetsuitION
Strike Element 2/2 Shorty LS Backzip 2020 Wetsuit
Strike Element 2/2 Shorty LS Backzip 2020 WetsuitION
Strike Amp 5/4 Backzip 2019 Wetsuit
Strike Amp 5/4 Backzip 2019 WetsuitION
329.00 229.00
Strike Core 5/4 Frontzip 2019 Wetsuit
Strike Core 5/4 Frontzip 2019 WetsuitION
239.00 169.00
Strike Select 5/4 Backzip 2020 Wetsuit
Strike Select 5/4 Backzip 2020 WetsuitION
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Buy ION Wetsuit Online

You can buy an ION wetsuit easily, quickly and safely online at Kitemana. We have a large stock of ION wetsuits available directly from stock, so you don't have to wait long for your new ION wetsuit. For the right size you can use the size charts or call us for personal advice. You can also visit the website, the individual product descriptions or contact us for information about the different ION wetsuits. We are happy to help you with the purchase of the right ION wetsuit. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

  • ION wetsuit collection
  • ION wetsuit technology

    ION Wetsuit Collection Men and Women

    ION has a very extensive wetsuit collection suitable for kite surfing. The wetsuit collection consists of four different wetsuit lines. The Select, Amp, Core and Element. Where the select wetsuit range is the most advanced and warmest and the ION Element range contains the most basic wetsuits. In addition to full wetsuits, ION also makes shorty wetsuits and other variations of wetsuit models so that you can always choose the perfect ION wetsuit for the conditions of that day, from the freezing cold to tropical destinations. There is always an ION wetsuit for you!

    ION Select wetsuits

    The ION Select wetsuit line contains the most technically advanced wetsuits from ION. The ION Select wetsuits are all about keeping you as warm as possible. No concessions are made here by ION. All ION Select wetsuits feature a wonderfully warm Plasma Plush to keep you warm in all conditions. The ION Select wetsuit range consists of two types of wetsuit: the Strike Select with backzip and the Onyx Select frontzip. The ION Strike is made with an average fit for the ultimate comfort. The ION Select has a tighter fit for ultimate freedom of movement. The Strike Select and Onyx Select are available in various neoprene thicknesses.

    ION Amp wetsuits

    The Amp wetsuits stand for an extraordinary performance, especially when we are talking about stretch. Freedom of movement and a lightweight wetsuit are essential. The Amp wetsuits have a Hotstuff 2.0 inner lining with a flexible Maki Tape over the seams of the Amp wetsuits. The Amp wetsuit range from ION consists of four different types of wetsuits: the Strike Amp frontzip / backzip, Onyx Amp frontzip / zipless. The wetsuit types differ from full wetsuits with hoods to long arm shorties. Varying in thickness from 6/5 mm neoprene to 2/2 mm.

    ION Core wetsuits

    The ION Core wetsuits are made for all-round performance in the field of sustainability, flexibility and warmth for a good price. The Core wetsuits have the best price-quality ratio. The inside of the ION Core is fairly basic but good enough to keep you warm. The ION Core wetsuits also come in three versions, a Strike, Onyx and a Core Skin variant. The Strike Core skin variant has an outer lining of mesh neoprene which makes the wetsuit extra well protected against the cold wind. The Strike variant is made with a slightly wider fit for the strongly built kite surfer, the Onys has a tighter fit for a somewhat slimmer kite surfer. The ION core wetsuits come in different thicknesses of neoprene and different types of wetsuits. From 5/4 to 2/2. And from Full wetsuit steamer to long john wetsuit variant.

    ION Element wetsuits

    ION has made the Element wetsuits for comfort and protection. The Element wetsuits are the cheapest wetsuits within the total ION wetsuit range. An affordable wetsuit with ION quality. Ideal if you want a good and durable wetsuit for a good price. All the basics you want in a wetsuit are present, in combination with the ION fit and super good quality neoprene you have a wetsuit that you will enjoy for a long time. The ION Element wetsuits are available in three different types: Strike, Onyx and Capture. The ION strike is meant for the more solidly built kite surfer, the onyx has a narrower fit for the slim kite surfer, the Capture is a special range for the youth. The wetsuits vary in thickness from 5/4 to 2/2 and in type from full wetsuit to shorty.

    ION wetsuit technology

    A good wetsuit requires sophisticated technology. The ION wetsuits are of the very best quality so are full of the latest technical innovations in the field of wetsuit technology. The Select wetsuits from ION have the most technological innovations and the Element wetsuit are the most basic. The various ION techniques are briefly described below.

    ION Plasma Plush

    ION Plasma Plush is a special extra warm inner lining which is only used in the more high-end wetsuits. The Plasma Plush ensures an extremely good retention of your body heat in the wetsuit. Plasma Plush feels super soft and dries very quickly. This means you no longer have to put on a wet wetsuit.

    ION Hot Stuff 2.0

    Hot Stuff 2.0 is just like the Plasma Plush a warm inner lining. Hot stuff is slightly less soft and less insulating compared to the Plasma Plush. Hot Stuff is a liner with a large barrel of thermo lining which makes the Hot Stuff feel soft.

    Maki Tape 2.0

    With Maki Tape 2.0 ION tapes the seams on the lower body to close the wetsuits even better for water and keep your body heat in the suit longer. Maki Tape 2.0 is super flexible and, in addition to a better seal, also ensures that the seams in important places are reinforced.

    ION Leg Loop

    All ION wetsuits are provided with a leg loop. The leg loop allows you to do a Velcro strap to better close your suit for water. The water that often kicks into your suit during the kiting process, makes it less easy to shoot into your suit.