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Looking for a new kiteboard? Kitemana sells twintip and directional kiteboards from all major kite brands like: Airush, Cabrinha, Carved, Core, F-one, Nobile, Naish, North Ozone, Reedin, Slingshot and more! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, at Kitemana you will always find the perfect kiteboard for you. For personal advice about your next kiteboard you can give us a call, write us and email or send us a message on WhatsApp. We’ve answered the most common questions when buying your new kiteboard at the bottom of this page. Please click here to read more .



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Traverse 2021 S25 Kiteboard
Traverse 2021 S25 KiteboardNaish
599.00 €359.00
Select 2021 Kiteboard
Select 2021 KiteboardDuotone Kiteboarding
679.00 €469.00
Hero 2021 Kiteboard
Hero 2021 KiteboardNaish
499.00 €299.00
Prime 2021 Kiteboard
Prime 2021 KiteboardNorth
499.00 €399.00
Spectrum 2021 Kiteboard
Spectrum 2021 KiteboardCabrinha
499.00 €374.00
Drive 2021 Kiteboard
Drive 2021 KiteboardNaish
899.00 €539.00
Focus 2021 Kiteboard
Focus 2021 KiteboardNorth
679.00 €499.00
Sonar 70 Mast
Sonar 70 MastNorth
Atmos Hybrid 2022 Kiteboard
Atmos Hybrid 2022 KiteboardNorth
Dimension 2021 Valkyrie Kiteboard
Dimension 2021 Valkyrie KiteboardBrunotti
549.00 €439.00
Jaime 2022 Kiteboard
Jaime 2022 KiteboardDuotone Kiteboarding
Jaime SLS 2022 Kiteboard
Jaime SLS 2022 KiteboardDuotone Kiteboarding
Orbit 2021 Kiteboard
Orbit 2021 KiteboardNaish
649.00 €389.00
Shotgun Kiteboard
Shotgun KiteboardLieuwe
Trax HRD Carbon 2021 Kiteboard
Trax HRD Carbon 2021 KiteboardF-One
760.00 €609.00
Atmos Carbon 2022 Kiteboard
Atmos Carbon 2022 KiteboardNorth
Diamond V6 2022 Kiteboard
Diamond V6 2022 KiteboardAirush
Dimension 2021 Kiteboard
Dimension 2021 KiteboardBrunotti
549.00 €439.00
Drive 2020 Kiteboard
Drive 2020 KiteboardNaish
899.00 €449.00
Fusion 2020 Kiteboard
Fusion 2020 KiteboardBrunotti
899.00 €449.00
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Buy Kiteboard Online at Kitemana

Kitemana is world’s biggest (online) kiteshop, this is the place to buy your next kiteboard whether it’s a twintip or directional kiteboard. Kitemana only sells the best kiteboard brands to ensure quality and safety for kitesurfers world wide. We offer world wide shipping at a fair price and, when possible, VAT free shopping. At Kitemana we have a huge stock of all different types of twintips kiteboards such as freeride, freestyle, big air and lightwind kiteboards for beginner to pro kitesurfers. But also for directional surfboards we at Kitemana are happy to help you! Below we’ve listed the most frequently asked questions when buying a new kiteboard. Is your question about your next kiteboard still not answered? Then please reach out to us.

Most frequently asked questions when buying a new kiteboard:
  1. Which kiteboard is the best for me?
  2. What is the difference between a twintip and a directional kiteboard?
  3. What is the best kiteboard for beginners?
  4. Which kiteboard size do I need?
  5. Does my kiteboard come with fins?
  6. Does my kiteboard come with bindings or straps?
  7. Which kiteboard brands does Kitemana sell?
  8. Should I use a leash on my kiteboard?
  9. How do I take care of my kiteboard?
  10. Does Kitemana sell hydrofoil kiteboards?
  11. Does Kitemana has kiteboards on sale?

Which kiteboard is the best for me?

At Kitemana we care about you getting the best kiteboard possible. The best kiteboard for you depends on a couple of criteria. At first it is important to know if you want a kiteboard for surfing waves (directional) or a regular kiteboard which you use for normal riding (twintip). Second, knowing your kitesurfing level is very important. As a beginner you will have different demands for certain kiteboard characteristics compared to a pro. This has to do with a specific rocker, channels and flex which a kiteboard has to offer. We will dive into these characteristic later. At last, it is very important to get the right kiteboard size for you. This is also very dependant on your kitesurfing level, but also your weight. When you start with kitesurfing getting a bit bigger board than you would usually get is recommendable. Also when you are a heavy guy, you will need a bigger kiteboard compared to a lighter kitesurfer. The same thing applies for twintips and directional surfboards. You can always reach out to us for personal advice to get the best kiteboard for you.

What is the difference between a twintip and a directional kiteboard?

There is a huge difference between a twintip kiteboard and a directional kiteboard. A twintip kiteboard is the kiteboard you will see the most. It’s the kiteboard with which you will start kiteboarding. A twintip has a parallel outline, with two bindings and four fins. A twintip is easy to go upwind with and perfect to do big jumps. There are twintips for freeride, freestyle, wakestyle, lightwind and big air. Click here for a complete overview of your twintip collection.
A directional is used by kitesurfers who love to ride waves. A directional kiteboard looks like a surfboard and therefore perform best for wave kitesurfing, strapless freestyle or lightwind kitesurfing. Click here to have a look at all our directional surfboards for kitesurfing.

What is the best kiteboard for beginners?

When you start with kitesurfing, as a beginner, you will start with a twintip kiteboard. The best twintip kiteboard for a beginner has a low rocker and a soft flex. These two characteristics make it easy to go upwind (low-rocker) and gives you a comfortable feeling while kitesurfing (soft flex). There are a lot of twintip kiteboard who match these characteristics. Each major kiteboard brand has a special kiteboard which is perfect for beginners, so there is plenty of choice. So in short you need a kiteboard with:
  • Low rocker
  • Soft flex
  • Relatively large size

    Which kiteboard size do I need?

    When choosing a kiteboard size does matter! Let’s start with the twintip kiteboards. As a beginner it is better to get a twintip kiteboard which is a bit bigger than you would normally go for. This makes is easier to master the water start and to go upwind. The size of your twintip depends a lot on your weight. For example someone from 80kg will need a board in the range of 136 – 141. But also this can vary because of kitesurfing level and favourite kitesurfing style. Once you progress and your kitesurf level improves you will need different characteristics such as more rocker, more channels and a more responsive feeling. Your next twintip kiteboard will be a high performance kiteboard. For all riding styles there is a specific twintip such as a freeride, freestyle, wakestyle en big air kiteboard.
    Directional surfboards are a bit harder to choose the right size because not only the length of the board is of importance but also the volume. When you start with directional kitesurfing or when you use the board for lightwind sessions its good to have some volume and length. But when you are shredding full power on massive waves you will need a smaller directional surfboard with less volume to improve agility.

    Does my kiteboard come with bindings or straps?

    All twintip kiteboards are sold without bindings. This is because we want to give you the option to personalize your kiteboard with the best or most good looking bindings. Surfboards sometimes come with straps. When a directional surfboard will come with fins it will be described at the features section of the product text.

    Does my kiteboard come with fins?

    At Kitemana we sell all twintip kiteboards with fins and grabhandle. Not all directional surfboards are sold with fins. This is because the fin size and stiffness can differ from person to person. When surfing on a directional you usually need a large and stiff fin. When fins are sold with the surfboard it will be written in the features section.

    Which kiteboard brands does Kitemana sell?

    Kitemana sells kiteboards from all major brands and some carefully selected brands which specialized in making the best twintip and directional surfboards for kitesurfing. Below you can find a list of all brands of which Kitemana sells kiteboards.

    Airush: twintip and directional surfboards
    Appletree: premium directional surfboards only.
    Brunotti: twintip and directional surfboards
    Cabrinha: twintip and directional surfboards
    Carved: premium carbon twintip kiteboards
    Core Kiteboarding: twintip and directional surfboards
    Duotone Kiteboarding: twintip and directional surfboards
    F-One: twintip and directional surfboards.
    North: twintip and directional surfboards.
    Lieuwe: premium handmade twintip kiteboards.
    Naish: twintip and directional surfboards.
    Ozone: twintip kiteboards
    Reedin Kiteboarding: twintip and directional surfboards
    Slingshot Kiteboarding: twintip and directional surfboards

    Should I use a leash on my kiteboard?

    Never use a leash on a twintip! It can be very dangerous as the leash will make the kiteboard come back to you when you make a crash. There are a lot of cases where a kitesurfer was hit by his twintip when using a leash. So please don’t, and if you really want one use the roll leash.
    On a directional is a different story. When you surf in small waves it is not realy necessary. But if you surf at a reef far away in the sea it can be handy. But always be carfefull because the board can hit you because it is connected to you.

    How do I take care of my kiteboard?

    A kiteboard doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Especially a twintip is a very strong kiteboard which will last for years when you use it . A directional surfboard needs a bit more care because they are more fragile. You should check the board regularly on dents or cracks which can occur. When you find one make sure to repair it asap.

    Does Kitemana sell hydrofoil kiteboards?

    At Kitemana we have a broad selection of hydrofoil kitesurf boards, wings and masts. We sell hydrofoils from all major brands and some specialized brands such as Moses and Levitaz. For each level we have a perfect hydrofoil. Click here to go to our kitesurf hydrofoil section.

    Does Kitemana has kiteboards on sale?

    At Kitemana we always have a kiteboard sale. You can find twintips and directional from previous years with a nice discount. But also during special promotions in line model kiteboards. You can have a look at our current kiteboard sale if you click here: go to kiteboard sale.