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Harness - Waist

If you want to buy a waist harness you've come to the right place. Kitemana has waist harnesses available from brands like Mystic, Dakine, Ride Engine, Brunotti, and Manera. If we got it in stock you will receive it as fast as possible depending on your location and we always guarantee the lowest price on the market. Do you have a question about a waist harness or need some assistance with your purchase? Please call or send us an email. Read more »



Harness Size

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Defence Harness
Defence HarnessBrunotti
152.98 $76.48
Majestic 2020 Harness
Majestic 2020 HarnessMystic
294.75 $233.56
Warrior 2021 Harness Waist
Warrior 2021 Harness WaistMystic
Majestic X 2020 Harness
Majestic X 2020 HarnessMystic
355.95 $284.55
Star 2020 Waist Trapeze
Star 2020 Waist TrapezeMystic
Prime Shell 2020 Harness
Prime Shell 2020 HarnessRide Engine
304.95 $151.97
Stealth Waist Hardshell  Harness
Stealth Waist Hardshell HarnessMystic
Exo 2.0 Harness
Exo 2.0 HarnessManera
Exo 2018 harness
Exo 2018 harnessManera
253.96 $151.97
Majestic 2021 Harness
Majestic 2021 HarnessMystic
Apex 8 2021 Harness
Apex 8 2021 HarnessION
Apex Curv 13 2021 Harness
Apex Curv 13 2021 HarnessION
Gravity 01 Trapeze
Gravity 01 TrapezeBrunotti
243.76 $172.36
Gravity 02 Harness
Gravity 02 HarnessBrunotti
233.56 $162.17
Majestic 2021 Dirty Habits Harness
Majestic 2021 Dirty Habits HarnessMystic
Radiance Harness
Radiance HarnessBrunotti
162.17 $100.97
Riot Curv 14 Select 2020 Harness
Riot Curv 14 Select 2020 HarnessION
Smartshell 2018 Harness
Smartshell 2018 HarnessBrunotti
224.37 $100.97
Star Hybrid Kids Harness
Star Hybrid Kids HarnessMystic
Apex 8 2020 Harness
Apex 8 2020 HarnessION
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Buy waist harness

The waist harness is available in all different types, sizes, fits and materials. The diversity in waist harnesses is great and every brand also comes with different types on the market. The reason for this is that each person has a different shape of back / core and therefore also has a different fit. A harness is therefore often something personal. Important for a waist harness is that it stays in place and does not slide up or down, that doesn’t kite really nice. The size is therefore important, if you doubt between two sizes than we always recommend to take the smallest so you can attract it tightly.

Hardshell harness

Since 2016, the hardshell trapeze has been on the market, a harness that we are extremely enthusiastic about. The hardshell harness has a hard and non-movable shape compared to the 'normal' soft shell. The harness offers great support in the lower back and has been developed to really stay in one place. The hardshell is a godsend for many, who used to suffer from their backs.

Attaching your hip harness

It is important to tighten a waist harness tightly. Most harnesses are now fixed with a hook or click system. Before you click the harness, you first attach the Velcro. Make sure the harness is in the right place before you fasten the Velcro tightly. The waist harness is placed above you just above your hips. Then fasten the Velcro as tight as possible and then connect the hook so that the harness is closed. With the straps you can pull the trapeze super tight around you waist. We recommend that you pull it as tight as possible so that the waist harness does not slide up and down. Ask your kite buddy or someone on the beach for help to tighten the trapeze optimally. If you have a lot of problems with your back during kitesurfing or have a weak back, then the seat harness might offer a solution. Check out this link for more information about sit harnesses.