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Spare Parts - Bar

Kitemana has a lot of parts for your kite bar in stock. After a while, it is of course possible that something will wear or break. We try to deliver all parts as quickly as possible so that you are quickly on the water again! Examples of bar parts that we have in stock are lines, chickenloops, pigtails, swivels, floaters, bars, depower lines, safetylines, donkeydicks, leaderlines, stoppers, depowersystems, etc. Read more »





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Chicken Finger
Chicken FingerNaish
Freeride kit 2022
Freeride kit 2022Duotone Kiteboarding
Flagging line
Flagging lineNaish
Pigtails Line Kit
Pigtails Line KitSlingshot
Depowerlijn Torque ATB 2017-2021
Depowerlijn Torque ATB 2017-2021Naish
Lower Landing Line SLF (TLC)
Lower Landing Line SLF (TLC)Cabrinha
Chicken Dig (Trust/Click)
Chicken Dig (Trust/Click)Duotone Kiteboarding
Depower Lijn Sentinel
Depower Lijn SentinelSlingshot
Depower line
Depower lineDuotone Kiteboarding
Elasticised Trim Line
Elasticised Trim LineNorth
Landing Line
Landing LineNorth
S-Slide Safety Line
S-Slide Safety LineCore Kiteboarding
The Sentry Depower Line + Flagging Line + Tube
The Sentry Depower Line + Flagging Line + TubeSlingshot
Trimlite Line Replacement
Trimlite Line ReplacementCabrinha
Connector Pigtails
Connector PigtailsCore Kiteboarding
Depower Main Line (with tubing)
Depower Main Line (with tubing)North
Freestyle kit 2022
Freestyle kit 2022Duotone Kiteboarding
Lower Front Lines
Lower Front LinesCabrinha
Pigtail Connector Set
Pigtail Connector SetReedin Kiteboarding
Red Safety Line
Red Safety LineAirush
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Kitesurf Bar Spare Parts

The bar of your kite consists of a lot of parts, unfortunately there is sometimes a bit broken or you lose something. Fortunately, you can often easily make or replace this yourself. Kitemana sells repair and spare parts from various brands including Cabrinha, North, F-One, Ozone, Naish, Slingshot and more!


Kite lines are made of Dyneema and have a high breaking strength up to 500 kilograms. The lines that are on your bar are super strong. Damage to a kite line during kiting can lead to dangerous situations because you often have no control over your kite. It is therefore important that your lines are always in good condition. Make sure there are no damages and knots in your kite lines, this can weaken the lines by more than 50% and so the chance of breaking is much larger. We have original kite lines from various kitesurf brands available directly from stock which is handy because often you can apply them in a few minutes without having to adjust the length.

Extension lines

We also have extension lines from various kitesurf brands so you can make the lines of your current bar longer. The advantage of longer kite lines is that you have more low-end, that means that you can kite with less wind. This is because with your kite you can make a longer steering movement and thus build up more power with your kite. Often the extension lines are universally interchangeable with the different kit brands, you want to know for sure please feel free to contact us.

Kite Pigtail

Pigtails are the pieces of thicker line that some brands use at the tip of the kite line (the part where you connect the line to the kite). Here, a loop and button (s) are often used. The line which the buttons and the loops are on is not the same for all brands. Slingshot and Cabrinha have a loop on the steering line and a knot on the power line. Naish, North and Ozone have a loop on the power line and knot on the steering line. F-One has a loop on both lines. The handy thing about pigtails is that you can always use these loose pieces extra on your bar so that you can turn the standard if you want to use a Cabrinha bar on a Naish kite and vice versa. If you need help with exactly what you need for his adjustment, please feel free to contact us.


The Swivel is a part that is often used between the depower system and the power lines of the kite. The swivel ensures that the power lines do not stay twisted after, for example, a backroll or kiteloop. Often the swivel is also processed in the chickenloop so that it is under the bar and you can easily reach it with your hand.


Floaters are the parts that ensure that your bar stays afloat and prevents your steering line to hit your bar in the event of a crash. The floater is often pushed over the leaderlines and therefore pulled. Many brands have integrated their floaters in the bar and can therefore not be replaced separately. If you still want to replace them, you will have to replace the entire control stick including floaters.

Depower line

The depower line of a bar is a component which is often one of the most wear-sensitive components as the line of dyneema. It is important that you replace the line in time, that you can save a lot of swimming! Make sure that the depower line is always sand-free, convenient to do to immerse the bar the first time you leave while you are kiting so that most of the sand is off. A number of brands use a depower line of dyneema, other brands have a plastic depower line. Both depower lines have their advantages. The advantage of a Dyneema depower line is that you can move the bar up and down almost without friction. You can use a stop and at some bars you can adjust the height of the depower system according to your wishes. The advantage of a plastic depower line is that it will wear less quickly and therefore last longer. Also, the safe line is often neatly concealed in the depower line so that it is all very clean.

Safety line

The Safety line is the line that runs from the chickenloop through the bar to one of the powerlines. At the moment you activate the safety release of the bar, the kite is still on this line. The safetylijn often has an elastic part in it so that it always stays taut even when the kite is deepowered.


The Donkeydick / chickenfinger / safety hook are the part of your chickenloop that ensures that your chickenloop stays on the spreaderbar of your trapeze and does not just fall out. Donkeydicks are often different per brand, but we also have a universal that fits almost every bar. Donkey digs are also called Chicken finger, Security pin or Donkeydig.


The Leaderlines are the first line between the bar and the steering line. This is often a thicker line or plasticised so that it cuts less in your hand when you have this piece of line in your hand to restart the kite from the water. . Often a leader line is also provided with several buttons so that you can change the adjustment of your steering lines.


The stopper is also called the stopper ball often only occurs at bars that has a Dyneema depower line. You can slide the stopper over the depower line. If you pull the stopper closer to you, you can ride relaxed with one hand. If you pull the stopper all the way to you, you can do oldschool tricks like a deadmen!

Depower system

Every bar has a depowering system, often this is above the bar but there are also a number of types where the depowersystem is located under the bar. A depowering system can consist of a line or a trim system. In a line, depowering often works in combination with a clamcleat. With a trim system it often works through a strap.