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Spare Parts - Kite

Unfortunately, everything can be broken. So also your kite. Fortunately there are many products to repair or replace everything from your kite. Valves, pully's and one-pump systems of all brands such as Naish, North, Cabrinha, Dr. ir. Tuba, F-One and more! View our entire spare parts range on this page. Is there something you can't find? Give us a call or send us an e-mail, we are happy to help you! Read more »



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One Pump Kit
One Pump KitSlingshot
Airlock Valve
Airlock ValveCabrinha
Speed Valve Cap 2.0
Speed Valve Cap 2.0Core Kiteboarding
One Pump Repair Kit
One Pump Repair KitF-One
Selfsticky Airport Valve II
Selfsticky Airport Valve IIDuotone Kiteboarding
Aquasure PU Glue
Aquasure PU GlueDr. Tuba
11mm Deflate Valve
11mm Deflate ValveAirtime
HyperFlow Pinch Clamp (2x)
HyperFlow Pinch Clamp (2x)North
9mm Inflate Valve
9mm Inflate ValveAirtime
HyperFlow Pump Tubing
HyperFlow Pump TubingNorth
Kite Bridle Set
Kite Bridle SetNorth
Lazy Pump clips max flow 13 pcs
Lazy Pump clips max flow 13 pcsDuotone Kiteboarding
Replace Connect Set
Replace Connect SetCabrinha
Single Pully Link
Single Pully LinkCabrinha
Universal Strut Bladder
Universal Strut BladderAirtime
EZ 4th Gen One-pump valve
EZ 4th Gen One-pump valveBest Kiteboarding
HyperFlow Inflation Valve
HyperFlow Inflation ValveNorth
HyperFlow Inflation Valve Cover (2x)
HyperFlow Inflation Valve Cover (2x)North
HyperFlow Pinch Clamp Cover (2x)
HyperFlow Pinch Clamp Cover (2x)North
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Kitesurfing Spare Parts

For almost everything on your kite there is a spare part that you can easily replace yourself. We sell spare parts from all A-brands such as Cabrinha, North Naish, F-One and more!

Kitesurfing Spare valve

One of the parts that wears the most and therefore breaks most often is your valve. It is very annoying if your valve does not close properly because then you get a soft kite and you can no longer kite. Almost every brand makes spare valves that you can easily replace yourself so that you can pump your kite hard again. Replacing a valve is not very difficult, but it take some time to ensure that the valve fits well with your leading edge.
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