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Kitesurf Set

Looking for a complete kite set, Kitemana has got you covered! Kitemana has many different types of kitesurf sets available. A kiter who just began with the sport often finds it hard to find the right kite set because they are not yet fully aware of what they are looking for. Also being able to choose between all the nice things that can be bought can make things extra confusing. That's why Kitemana has put together some cool sets for you to get inspired. All the kites and boards are also available separately. If you rather combine your own unique kitesurfing kit, that's also possible.




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Switchblade + Spectrum 2020 Kitesurf Set
Switchblade + Spectrum 2020 Kitesurf SetCabrinha
2556.92 $ 1896.02
Evo + Select 2020 Kitesurf Set
Evo + Select 2020 Kitesurf SetDuotone Kiteboarding
2442.69 $ 1936.81
Moto + Spectrum 2020 Kitesurf Set
Moto + Spectrum 2020 Kitesurf SetCabrinha
2301.94 $ 1865.42
Lithium Progression SPS V3 + Switch Progression 2020 Kitesurf Set
Lithium Progression SPS V3 + Switch Progression 2020 Kitesurf SetAirush
1770.57 $ 1498.25
Lithium V12 + Switch Progression 2021 Kitesurf Set
Lithium V12 + Switch Progression 2021 Kitesurf SetAirush
2066.34 $ 1692.04
Triad 2021 + Hero Kitesurf Set
Triad 2021 + Hero Kitesurf SetNaish
2235.65 $ 1681.84
Carve + Dimension 2020 Kitesurf Set
Carve + Dimension 2020 Kitesurf SetNorth
2239.73 $ 1699.18
Reach + Prime 2020 Kitesurf Set
Reach + Prime 2020 Kitesurf SetNorth
2504.91 $ 2008.21
Enduro V2
Enduro V2Ozone
1402.38 $ 1049.49
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Looking for a kitesurfing set?

Just go to the kites and boards category page and take a good look around. Do you have any questions about a kite set or looking for a suitable deal for a whole kite set? Don't hesitate and please give us a call or send us an email so we can make you a special customized deal!

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