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Lieuwe kiteboarding is a Dutch kiteboard brand that specializes in designing and producing the best quality kiteboards with great riding characteristics. Since 2013 shapers Florian Lieuwe and Rik Haenen have been passionately building every Lieuwe kiteboard by hand. The kiteboards from Lieuwe are easily recognizable by their beautiful wooden design. The kiteboards from Lieuwe are for everyone. For every level and every sailing style. Even your own design of your Lieuwe kiteboard can be designed on request! At Kitemana we sell all kiteboards from Lieuwe. View the Lieuwe Shotgun, Oceana, Say No More, Rogue, Awesome and Carbonara below. Do you have questions about the kiteboards from Lieuwe? Please contact us via telephone, email or WhatsApp. Or read more about the Lieuwe kitesurfboards. Read more. »

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Shotgun Kiteboard
Shotgun KiteboardLieuwe
Shotgun True Nature Kiteboard
Shotgun True Nature KiteboardLieuwe
Awesome Kiteboard
Awesome KiteboardLieuwe
599.00 €559.00
Oceana Kiteboard
Oceana KiteboardLieuwe
Say No More Kiteboard
Say No More KiteboardLieuwe
Shotgun Carbonara Kiteboard
Shotgun Carbonara KiteboardLieuwe
999.00 €899.00
Shotgun God of Gods Kiteboard
Shotgun God of Gods KiteboardLieuwe
Shotgun Mermaid kiteboard
Shotgun Mermaid kiteboardLieuwe
Shotgun Unite Kiteboard
Shotgun Unite KiteboardLieuwe
Shotgun Friday Special
Shotgun Friday SpecialLieuwe
949.00 €749.00
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Buy Lieuwe kiteboard online

If you are looking for a super nice, strong kiteboard made with love and passion, then you are at the right place at Lieuwe. Lieuwe specializes in the design and shaping of twintip kiteboards. These handmade Dutch kiteboards can be recognized by the wooden design. Before you buy a new Lieuwe kiteboard you naturally want to be well informed. That is why we have briefly described the kiteboards of Lieuwe below with a link to the complete product description. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to the Lieuwe kiteboards:

  • Lieuwe Shotgun Kiteboard
  • Lieuwe Awesome Kiteboard
  • Lieuwe Say No More Kiteboard
  • Lieuwe Oceana Kiteboard
  • Lieuwe Rogue Kiteboard

    Lieuwe Shotgun Twintip Kiteboard

    The Lieuwe Shotgun is the 'best-seller' kiteboard of Lieuwe. Loved by many kite surfers on the quality and sailing characteristics. The Shotgun is a kiteboard for the advanced kitesurfer. The perfect board if you want to challenge yourself in big air and freestyle. The Lieuwe Shotgun has a wooden core and milled channels, making the board extra strong and giving you a lot of grip. The rocker is optimized for high jumps and freestyle tricks. Read all the information about the Lieuwe Shotgun here.

    Lieuwe Awesome Twintip Kiteboard

    Kitesurfing is Awesome! To learn kite surfing as quickly and easily as possible, Lieuwe has developed the Awesome. The Lieuwe Awesome has all the features to quickly learn how to kite surf. The flat rocker and the slightly wider design ensure that the Lieuwe Awesome quickly comes into the plane and easily goes upwind. The perfect choice if you are looking for a nice, durable and easy beginner board. Read the full product description of the Lieuwe Awesome here.

    Lieuwe Say No More Twintip Kiteboard

    The Lieuwe Say No More is a wakestyle kiteboard which is unique in its kind. Wakeboards are generally heavy and stiff. The Say No More is a specially designed wakeboard for kitesurfing. The Say No More is lighter and has more flex for a playful and optimized performance for wakestyle kite surfing. The Say No More has the most rocker of all Lieuwe boards for a fat pop and soft landings. In the tips and along the entire length, deep channels have a lot of grip, even without fins! The Lieuwe Say No More is a board where you will get the most out of when you will sail with boots. Read all about the Lieuwe Say No more here.

    Lieuwe Oceana Twintip Kiteboard

    The Lieuwe Oceana is designed to go as high as possible. The original design is from the big air king Ruben Lenten himself! Aggressive and fast, that is the correct description of the Lieuwe Oceana. The rocker is designed to ensure that you have enough speed to jump high. The bottom design is a combination of channels and concave for the right grip on the right places to go as high as possible. The wide tips and asymmetrical fins give you a powerful takeoff and controlled landings. Read the full description of the the Lieuwe Oceana here.

    Lieuwe Rogue Twintip Kiteboard

    The Lieuwe Rogue is designed to help you improve your kitesurfing level. The Rogue can be placed in the Lieuwe board range between the Awesome and the Shotgun. Great for freeride and your first tricks. Just a bit more rocker than an Awesome for a more playful feeling and softer landings. In the tips there is a small channel for extra grip at high speed. The construction is made of wood for a fine flex suitable for both pop and your first jumps. All information on the Lieuwe Rogue can be read here.

    Lieuwe Kiteboard Kite Shop

    At Kitemana we sell all kiteboards and accessory products from Lieuwe. If you are not completely familiar with your choice of your new Lieuwe then you can always come to us for advice. We have tested all boards ourselves so that we can select the perfect Lieuwe kiteboard for you together with you. You can reach us by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp or in the shop for the best advice.