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Peter Lynn

Peter Lynn is a brand with Dutch roots! The brand started as a foil / kite manufacturer and now also makes Tube kites. Check out all Peter Lynn kites here!



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Impulse TR
Impulse TRPeter Lynn
$ 142.89
Wrist Straps
Wrist StrapsPeter Lynn
$ 11.78
LeopardPeter Lynn
$ 787.63
2-line Control Bar
2-line Control BarPeter Lynn
$ 19.67
LynxPeter Lynn
$ 413.04
Big Inflate/Deflate Boston Bayonet
Big Inflate/Deflate Boston BayonetPeter Lynn
$ 9.76
XplorePeter Lynn
$ 353.89
HypePeter Lynn
$ 52.20
HornetPeter Lynn
$ 225.74
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Peter Lyn Kitesurfing

Peter Lynn Kitesports is part of Hollands Vliegerop BV. Vliegerop has been active in the fun and extreme sports for years. Peter Lynn is an expert in the field of Tube kites, Twinskin kites, foil kites and kite buggies and accessories. The kites can be used for kitesurfing, snowkiting and buddy.

Peter Lynn Kitesports has its own R & D team with passionate designers. They make all-round kites with excellent quality, which are suitable for almost everyone. Dutch quality, for a good price. Do you have a question about Peter Lynn kites? Call or email us!

Peter Lynn trainer kites

Peter Lynn trainer kites are super fun kites to get kitty feeling. Some of the Peter Lynn kites are also flying on a 4-line bar with depower so you get an even better feeling for your future tubekite.
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