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Looking to buy a North kite, kiteboard or other cool gear from North? Then you are on the right page here. North Kiteboarding is one of the leading brands on the market due to, among other things, the recent victory of Jesse Richman during King of the Air 2020. North Kiteboarding stands for quality and already has a lot of experience in producing and developing crazy kitegear. North is an American company with a huge range of kites, boards, surfboards, foils and many high-quality accessories. Check all North kiteboarding gear below! Read more about North Kiteboarding



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Pulse 2020 Kite
Pulse 2020 KiteNorth
Navigator 2022 Bar
Navigator 2022 BarNorth
Flex Binding 2022
Flex Binding 2022North
Kite Pump
Kite PumpNorth
Reach 2021 Kite
Reach 2021 KiteNorth
1099.00 €819.00
Kite Pump Hose
Kite Pump HoseNorth
Orbit 2022 Kite
Orbit 2022 KiteNorth
Leash Standard (Short Freeride)
Leash Standard (Short Freeride)North
Sense 2021 Foilboard
Sense 2021 FoilboardNorth
Sonar Kite Mast
Sonar Kite MastNorth
Reach 2020 Kite
Reach 2020 KiteNorth
Sense + Sonar Hydrofoil Set
Sense + Sonar Hydrofoil SetNorth
1907.00 €1199.00
Elasticised Trim Line
Elasticised Trim LineNorth
Fix Boots 2021
Fix Boots 2021North
399.00 €299.00
HyperFlow Inflation Valve
HyperFlow Inflation ValveNorth
Landing Line
Landing LineNorth
Prime 2021 Kiteboard
Prime 2021 KiteboardNorth
499.00 €399.00
Air Freshener Pack
Air Freshener PackNorth
Atmos Hybrid 2022 Kiteboard
Atmos Hybrid 2022 KiteboardNorth
Carve 2021 Kite
Carve 2021 KiteNorth
979.00 €629.00
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Buy North Kiteboarding Kites and Kiteboards online

At Kitemana we have all the kitesurf gear from North Kiteboarding available. The kites, kiteboards, surfboards, bars and kitesurf accessories are of the highest quality and therefore it can rightly be said that North belongs to the A-kite brands on the market. On this page you can read more about the North Kiteboarding brand and its oigin. For questions about North Kiteboarding, the kites, kiteboards, surfboards or bars you can always contact us. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    North Kiteboarding Kitesurf Brand

    The North brand is one of the best-known brands in the kitesurf world. Nevertheless, the brand had a major change in 2019. The company behind the North brand name has changed from Boards & More to the North Actionsports Group. Under new ownership the brand North Kiteboarding was relaunched in August 2019, so the North Kiteboarding 2020 collection marks a pivotal point in the brand history: new development team, new team riders and new products. Because of this change the model names and designs of the North kites, kiteboards, bars and all other products have changed as well. So you could say that North has started over from that year. With an army of experienced kitesurf designers, including Pat Goodman, and the best professional kite surfers such as Nick Jacobsen, Jesse Richman and Jalou Langeree, North has no lack of experience. And in a very short time, the North has succeeded in bringing a full range of kites, kiteboards, bars and kitesurf accessories to the market.

    The North brand name comes from Lowell North. Lowell North is a world-class sailor who won in an Olympic gold medal. In addition to North his sailing background, he was also a very good designer. In 1957 North started its own brand, North Sails. Initially, North started developing sailboat sails, then windsurfed sails and eventually North started producing kitesurf kites. North was the forerunner in designing sails and kites using advanced computer systems.

    Nowadays North gets the inspiration for the kite designs from nature. Or, as North puts it, from the ever-changing playground where water and wind come together. North tries to design the products so beautifully, simply and user-friendly as possible. Nature and desgin come together in the products of North through the most advanced computer systems and years of experience of the North kite designers. North's head office is in the Netherlands. But worldwide, as in the US and Australia, designers and kite surfers work together to develop the best kitesurf gear.

    North Kiteboarding Kitesurf Kites

    The first line of North kites consists of three kitesurf kites: the Orbit, Pulse and Carve. The North Orbit is intended as a freeride and big air kite. The Pulse is for freeride and freestyle kite surfers. If you prefer to play in the waves, the North Carve is your ideal North kite. Below you can read everything about the North kites and you will find a link to the full product description on our website.

    North Orbit Kite

    The North Orbit was the first North kite to hit the market in 2019. It is a freeride kite with which you can jump super high for big air. The North Orbit has 5 struts and is therefore super stable, even in strong winds. For a five-strut kite, the North Orbit steers fairly quickly. The Orbit feels light at the bar, giving you the confidence to push your kitesurf boundaries. It is not for nothing that Jesse Richman won the King of the Air in 2020 with the North Orbit. Click here to read more about the North Orbit

    North Pulse Kite

    North has developed the Pulse for freestyle and freeride kite surfers. The Pulse is a 3-strut kite with a modern delta / c-shape. The Pulse steers super direct and gives you a pop with slack for unhooked tricks. If you like kiteloops, the Pulse is the kite to choose. The Pulse goes around quickly and easily catches you again. If you are looking for a kite that you can use all from freestyle to kiteloops, go for the North Pulse. Click here to read more about the North Pulse

    North Carve Kite

    Of course, a special kite has also been developed for directional kite surfers. The North Carve. Favorite of wave shredder Jalou Langeree. The Carve gives you drift when you're on the wave to get that wonderful surf feeling and sends quickly so that the Carve never gets in the way. The easy relaunch ensures that you never have to lie in the water for too long. With a large depower range, the North Carve is also very suitable for beginners. Read more about the North Carve here.

    Click here for a complete overview of all North kites.

    North Kiteboarding Kitesurf Kiteboards

    North has thrown a substantial and well thought-through board range on the market. Next to four surfboards they brought out four twintips plus two carbon versions.

    North Kiteboarding Directional Surfboards

    North is turning the ocean into a playground with these four surfboards.
    The Charge is has some allrounder abilities, but it’s made chasing waves, barrels and big rollers. It has a traditional shortboard shape and comes in three available sizes between 5'7 and 5'11.
    The Cross does it all – carving, jumping, popping! Designed to be versatile and comfortable this allrounder comes with a flat nose and sizes between 5'0 and 5'4.
    The Comp is the dedicated strapless freestyle board in the range. The board has a compact and parallel outline, a three-stage wakestyle rocker and comes in 5'0 to 5'4.

    North Kiteboarding Twintips

    The North twintip line has four models: the Prime, Atmos, Focus, and Flare.
    The Prime is the comfortable allrounder that welcomes all levels of riders. Its shape and soft flex make it a very user friendly board in sizes from 133cm-152cm.
    The Atmos comes in two models: the Hybrid Series and the Carbon Series. The Atmos is the high performance freeride board with traditional twintip outline and medium rocker made for boosting big, loops and soft landings. The Carbon Series provides more aggressive pop, direct feel and less weight. Both are available in 133cm to 144cm.
    The Focus also comes as a Hybrid Series and Carbon Series model. This is the go to high performance freestyle board that is designed to edge harder, pop higher and land softer. The Hybrid Series also comes with some carbon strings built in, but the Carbon Series is made stiffer, more lightweight with layers of carbon inside. The sizes range from 133cm to 142cm.
    Click here for a complete overview of all North Kiteboarding Twintips and Kitesurf Boards.
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    North Kiteboarding shop

    Kitemana is an official North Kiteboarding shop. With us you can order all kitesurf products from North. For questions you can always contact us.