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Besides kites and boards, we also sell a wide range of kitesurf gadgets. These are cool toys and handy items which will make your kite session a bit more fun! We appreciate it that kitesurfing is a big part of your life, so we sell all the gear that supports your kitesurfing lifestyle. One of the most popular gadgets during kitesurfing is a motion sensor to record your actions and the height of a jump. The WOO, Xsensr or PIQ can all measure the height of your jumps so you can challenge yourself and your friends to jump just a bit higher. We also got other useful gadgets like wind speed meters, board racks, waterproof cases, waterproof headphones or a keypod for a downwinder. Do you have a question about any of the kitesurf gadgets? Just give us a call or send an email.



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Air Fresheners
Air FreshenersSexwax
$ 4.04
Single Surfboard Storage Rack
Single Surfboard Storage RackNorthcore
$ 39.89
Double Surfboard Storage Rack
Double Surfboard Storage RackNorthcore
$ 66.43
Quad Surfboard Storage Rack
Quad Surfboard Storage RackNorthcore
$ 101.26
Rocket Tool
Rocket ToolDuotone Kiteboarding
$ 19.33
Waterproof Key & Phone Pounch
Waterproof Key & Phone PounchNorthcore
$ 10.22
Meteos 1 Windmeter
Meteos 1 WindmeterSkywatch
$ 90.01
Wetsuit Bag
Wetsuit BagMystic
$ 34.78
Lost Found Kiteboard Sticker
Lost Found Kiteboard StickerKitemana
$ 5.10
Keypod Key Safe
Keypod Key SafeNorthcore
$ 35.75
Beer Wetsuit
Beer WetsuitKitemana
$ 3.06
Kitesurf Map Rewritable
Kitesurf Map RewritableAwesome Maps
$ 28.59
PIQ Mount
PIQ MountDuotone Kiteboarding
$ 24.55
Bucketlist Map Rewritable
Bucketlist Map RewritableAwesome Maps
$ 23.01
$ 45.97
Go-JoeOcean Rodeo
$ 80.80
Waterproof Key Case
Waterproof Key CaseKeebunga
$ 39.89
Eole 1 Windmeter
Eole 1 WindmeterSkywatch
$ 75.69
Transit Backpack 15ltr
Transit Backpack 15ltrMystic
$ 60.35
North Quick Dry Towel
North Quick Dry TowelNorth
$ 25.56
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