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Besides kites and boards, we also sell a wide range of kitesurf gadgets. These are cool toys and handy items which will make your kite session a bit more fun! We appreciate it that kitesurfing is a big part of your life, so we sell all the gear that supports your kitesurfing lifestyle. One of the most popular gadgets during kitesurfing is a motion sensor to record your actions and the height of a jump. The WOO, Xsensr or PIQ can all measure the height of your jumps so you can challenge yourself and your friends to jump just a bit higher. We also got other useful gadgets like wind speed meters, board racks, waterproof cases, waterproof headphones or a keypod for a downwinder. Do you have a question about any of the kitesurf gadgets? Just give us a call or send an email.



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Lost Found Kiteboard Sticker
Lost Found Kiteboard StickerKitemana
Air Fresheners
Air FreshenersSexwax
Gift Card
Gift CardKitemana
Waterproof Key & Phone Pounch
Waterproof Key & Phone PounchNorthcore
Wetsuit Accessories Hanger
Wetsuit Accessories HangerSurflogic
Wetsuit Bag
Wetsuit BagMystic
Kitesurf Map Rewritable
Kitesurf Map RewritableAwesome Maps
Rocket Tool
Rocket ToolDuotone Kiteboarding
Keypod Key Safe
Keypod Key SafeNorthcore
Mini Shorty Baby
Mini Shorty BabyMystic
Meteos 1 Windmeter
Meteos 1 WindmeterSkywatch
Quad Surfboard Storage Rack
Quad Surfboard Storage RackNorthcore
Ratchet Tool
Ratchet ToolFCS Surf
Wetsuit Suction Hook
Wetsuit Suction HookSurflogic
Air Freshener Pack
Air Freshener PackNorth
Tool Pack
Tool PackRide Engine
34.95 €24.95
Wetsuit Suction Rack
Wetsuit Suction RackSurflogic
Eole 1 Windmeter
Eole 1 WindmeterSkywatch
Kitesurf Map Travel Towel
Kitesurf Map Travel TowelAwesome Maps
Savage Backpack 25ltr
Savage Backpack 25ltrMystic
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