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Did something break? Never fun. Think you qualify for a warranty? Then read below to find out how a warranty application works and when you qualify for it.

  • If something breaks that shouldn't have broken yet, the manufacturer's warranty may be a solution. Most suppliers offer a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects. Some products have a longer warranty period than indicated with the product.

    In short, the product purchased should not break within one year under normal use. If it does, we will contact the supplier on your behalf. Together we will determine whether this is indeed within the warranty. If so, we will repair or replace the product free of charge.

    PLEASE NOTE: Kitemana is not responsible to you for this warranty, but we are your contact person to investigate the possibilities with the manufacturer.

  • STEP 1: Send Dolf an e-mail with:

    • A few photos: two or three photos that clearly shows the damage or defects, one of the entire product and one of the serial number if present.
    • Your order number (you can find it in your account).
    • A description of the damage or defects.

    STEP 2: In consultation with the supplier, we determine if this is a warranty case.

    • In most cases we can see from the photos whether it is covered unders warranty.
      • Kitemana will refund possible return costs for warranty cases within the EU. Return costs from outside the EU are to be paid by the customer.
    • We may ask you to send the product to us for further inspection, if it is not immediately obvious to us whether it is a warranty case.

    STEP 3: We will get back to you as soon as possible with an appropriate solution.

    Is your product covered under warranty? If yes/no, what will happen?

    • Yes: if the product is repairable, we will repair it. Otherwise we will replace it.
    • No: if it's not a warranty case, but the product is repairable, we offer this for a reasonable price.

    Dolf will take care of it and fix it for you as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions
We've listed our answers to the most frequently asked questions for you below. Is your question not answered? Please contact our Customer Service. We are available from Mon-Fri between 08.30 - 17.00 for all your questions via e-mail, WhatsApp or phone: +31 (0) 71 40 811 54.
  • No, if:
    - If you are shipping from the EU, Kitemana will pay the shipping costs in the case of warranty.

    Yes, if:
    - If you are sending the product from outside the EU, the customer pays the shipping costs.

  • - Damage to lines or breaking of lines is never covered by the warranty. This is because they are tested in the factory and stretched to the maximum breaking strength. If there is a defect, it is already discovered at the factory and removed from production.

    - Surfboards broken by wave impact or landing incorrectly.

    - Damage to boardbag/kite gear by travelling/airlines. This should be settled with the airline itself.

    - Wear on neoprene gloves caused by bar (e.g depower lines/walking your lines). Or wear on your shoes caused by running on asphalt/hard surfaces.

    - For any type of product, damage caused by hitting sharp objects/impact is not covered.

    - Nail nick is also not covered under the warranty. This is tear/damage to wetsuit mesh/neoprene caused by sharp objects or nails.

  • Kite
    - Dry the kite well before storing it back in your bag.
    - Store your kite in a safe and dry place.
    - Do not leave the kite on the beach for too long.
    - Watch out for shells and other sharp objects on the beach.
    - Don't leave your kite unnecessarily long in the sun.
    - Check your kite and pigtails before each session.
    - And perhaps most importantly, have fins up when you put your board on your kite.

    - Rinse with cold, fresh water after each session.
    - Don't drag your lines across the beach.
    - Watch out for shells and other sharp objects on the beach.
    - Store your bar in a safe and dry place.
    - Replace parts of your bar promptly when necessary.
    - Check your lines and pigtails before each session.
    - Make sure there are no knots in your lines.

    - Watch out with your nails on the wetsuit mesh.
    - Don't pull too hard.
    - Rinse with cold, and fresh water after each session.
    - Do not dry your wetsuit in the sun.
    - Dry your wetsuit inside out.
    - Store it properly with a wide hanger.
    - Hand wash your wetsuit once a year with wetsuit shampoo.

    Neopreen accessoires
    - Rinse with cold, fresh water after each session.
    - Shoes are made for (kite) surfing, do not walk with them on hard surfaces/asphalt.
    - Dry upside down on an accessory hanger.
    - Use wetsuit shampoo for optimal hygiene.
    - Gloves are made for heat, avoid friction with the depower line (no warranty).
    - Keep your nails short when wearing gloves/shoes.
    - Put your wetsuit over your shoes and close it with an ankle strap.

    A kiteboard requires little maintenance. Two things are important::
    - Rinse your bindings with fresh water.
    - Store the board out of the sun as much as possible, for optimal longevity and against discoloring.

    - Put the pump in your kite bag when you go kiting.
    - Make sure the pump (aluminum shaft) is down to prevent drying out.
    - Disconnect the hose from your pump when not in use so it doesn't break or bend.
    - Pump your kite with two feet on the pump.

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