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F-one is a kitesurfing brand from France that has been an established brand since the beginning of kitesurfing. F-one produces kites, kiteboards, bars, surfboards and kitesurf foils. F-one is the inventor of the Delta shape kite with the, still iconic, F-one Bandit kite. The Bandit proves itself every year and is a popular kite on every kitespot. In 2006 F-one introduced the twintip kiteboard the F-one Trax. Meanwhile, years later, the Trax is still one of the most popular kiteboards on the market. World-class riders such as Liam Whaley show that the gear from F-One makes you perform at a world level. View here all kitesurf kites, boards, bindings, bars and kitesurf accessories from F-One. If you have questions about the Kitesurf products from F-One you can always call us, WhatsApp or email. Read more. »



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Big Air Kite Pump
Big Air Kite PumpF-One
Linx 2021 Bar
Linx 2021 BarF-One
535.00 €399.00
Bandit S2 2021 Kite
Bandit S2 2021 KiteF-One
1199.00 €839.00
Bandit 2021 Kite
Bandit 2021 KiteF-One
1349.00 €1009.00
Unibox Fins
Unibox FinsF-One
19.95 €14.95
Grab handle
Grab handleF-One
Linx 2022 Bar
Linx 2022 BarF-One
Shadow 2021 Surfboard
Shadow 2021 SurfboardF-One
1099.00 €659.00
I One-Pump Valve
I One-Pump ValveF-One
Life Line
Life LineF-One
Mitu Pro Flex Convertible 2020
Mitu Pro Flex Convertible 2020F-One
1299.00 €849.00
Platinium 3 2022 Bindingen
Platinium 3 2022 BindingenF-One
Quick Release Push Away
Quick Release Push AwayF-One
Reactor Valve
Reactor ValveF-One
Depowerline Linx Bar
Depowerline Linx BarF-One
Foilboard Bamboo V2
Foilboard Bamboo V2F-One
999.00 €499.00
Magnet Carbon 2021 Surfboard
Magnet Carbon 2021 SurfboardF-One
Mirage Hydrofoil
Mirage HydrofoilF-One
1474.00 €899.00
Platinium 3 2019 Bindings
Platinium 3 2019 BindingsF-One
199.00 €139.00
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    F-One kitesurfing brand

    For the history of F-one we have to go back far in time. Like many other brands, F-one kitesurfing was created because an older professional windsurfer saw opportunities in kitesurfing. It all started in 1976 when the French founder of F-one, Raphaël Salles, started windsurfing. Soon Raphaël became one of the best French windsurfers and in 1981 participated for the first time in the pro windsurf tour. In that time he sailed with F-1 (France-1) in his windsurfing sail, perhaps hence the later name for the kitesurf brand F-one. After years of professional windsurfing competitions, Salles stops in 1994 with his professional windsurf career and decides to start a business in the design and distribution of windsurf boards. This is the birth of F-One, and ultimately F-one kiteboarding.

    F-One kiteboarding is all about the experience, for everyone. 'One culture' as F-One calls it itself. The philosophy of F-one kitesurfing is as follows: from freestyle to foil kite surfing. Man or woman. From starting to experienced kite surfer. From young or experienced kite surfer. Specialized or all-round. For recreational and professional kite surfers. Kitesurfers and SUPers. Whatever you ride, whoever you are, we share the same passion and emotion for our water sports. That is the philosophy and the idea where F-one developed day-to-day kites and kiteboards for everyone. In the past years this has resulted in kitesurfing products such as the F-one Bandit and WTF kite, the F-one Trax kiteboard and other kitesurfing accessories for kite surfers of all levels and all riding styles.

    F-One kitesurfing development

    Since the foundation of F-one in 1994, Raphaël Salles didn’t sit still with his kite design team. Through years of experience of Salles in windsurfing, he knew what he needed to do to bring his kitesurf brand to a success. In 1996 Salles sails for the first time with a kite and a windsurf board. The kite then still looked like a big stunt kite, but he could kitesurf! For the first few years F-One mainly concentrated on testing and improving kites and kitesurfboards. In the years 1997 and 1998, F-one started a new era because F-one started producing kitesurfboards in those years. Later in those years F-one developed a complete range of kitesurfing materials and quickly became the market leader of the kitesurfing world within the boards and the F-one kitesurfing materials were sold worldwide. In the following years F-one continues the development of kitesurfing materials. In 2000 F-one brings their first kite on the market with lockable compartments in sizes 5m, 7m and 9m. Later that year, F-one was able to release its first range of high-end twintips with a size of 142 to 174 cm. The kiteboards were made in France and F-one used a Herex core and a full carbon laminate with, for that time, awesome prints. In that period, F-one was a pioneer in the field of kitesurfing twintip technology. 2002 was the year that F-one brought with its first range of inflatable kites on the market. This was the F-one Mach1 And the F-one Magic kite. And with that the trend of the inflatable kite as we know it now was set. The range of kites from F-one is growing every year and the developments continue. In 2006 there will be another breakthrough on the F-one side. 2006 is the year that F-one developed the F-one Tribal kite and the F-one Trax kiteboard. The F-one Tribal was the very first C-shape kite design with complete depower. The F-one Tribal will then be further developed for another year until F-one arrives with their most iconic and revolutionary model, the F-one Bandit. The F-one Trax has become the best model kiteboard that F-one has ever made.

    2008 was the year that F-one socked the kitesurfing world with the new model the F-One Bandit kite. F-one even stopped producing all their previous models, the Tribal II, Impact and other kites in their range. This naturally testifies to self-assurance to stop all production and to bring a completely new product to the market without you knowing whether the consumer will really accept it. The F-One Bandits sold like a maniac and was highly appreciated because of the unique Delta C-shape. Many brands followed F-One by copying over the Delta C-shape. What was very unique about the Bandit was the slightly smaller wingtips and the higher placed bridles. In the years that follow, F-one continues to develop the Bandit and remains the best-seller kite of F-one. In the last years we see a development in the F-one surf and foil boards such as the Mitu. In 2018 we see the last two major changes or better said, developments in the field of F-one and the kitesurfing world. The Linx bar and the WTF kite was introduced. After 10 years of more or less the same bar for F-One kites, F-one finally came up with a new bar! The bar is equipped with clean floaters and a single line flag out. You can adjust the front lines yourself if you want a high or low split. Which of course is super useful if you want to ride kites from other brands. Also new is the swivel above the chickenloop that twists back after a rotation, never crossed lines again! And in 2018 F-One will return with a real hardcore C-kite without bridles. WTF abbreviation for "Win The Freestyle" is the newest kite from F-One. The kite has a 5 strut design with a 5-line set-up. Suitable for kiters looking for a beautiful model to ride, because the kite offers sick pop and slack. F-One ensured that a lot of male and female riders from the WKL went riding with the WTF including Liam Whaley. It has not yet resulted in a podium place, but who knows, that will come soon!

    F-one kiteboarding online kitesurf shop

    Kitesurfing is our passion and we always test all kites themselves. First because we like it and secondly to give you the best advice. Similarly the F-one kites and boards. If you can’t make your choice of F-one kites or boards, you can always call us, email or WhatsApp for a personal advice. Depending on your kite style and level, we choose the best F-one product for you. We, at Kitemana, have a large stock of F-one kitesurf products available. Even if your kite, board or bar of F-one is not there for at the moment, we can always deliver it very quickly to your home. So that you can go on the water with your favorite kitesurfing gear as quickly as possible.

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