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Kiteboard F-One

F-one was one of the first kitesurf brands to start producing kiteboards. As early as 1997, F-one made its first kiteboards. Over the years, the kiteboards from F-one have developed and have become one of the most popular kiteboards on the market, like the F-one Trax. The directionals from F-one are also world-class. The Mitu, the pro model of Mitu Monteiro and the F-one Slice are surfboards with which everyone in every condition can play between te waves. Check here all twintip kiteboards and directional surfboards from F-one. Is your F-one board not listed or do you have a question about one of the kiteboards from F-one? Please contact us via email, telephone or WhatsApp. Read more. »

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Shadow 2021 Surfboard
Shadow 2021 SurfboardF-One
1099.00 €659.00
Foilboard Bamboo V2
Foilboard Bamboo V2F-One
999.00 €499.00
Mitu Pro Flex Convertible 2020
Mitu Pro Flex Convertible 2020F-One
1299.00 €849.00
Magnet Carbon 2021 Surfboard
Magnet Carbon 2021 SurfboardF-One
Trax HRD Carbon 2021 Kiteboard
Trax HRD Carbon 2021 KiteboardF-One
760.00 €609.00
Trax HRD Lite Tech 2022 Kiteboard
Trax HRD Lite Tech 2022 KiteboardF-One
MITU Pro Bamboo Foil 2022 Surfboard
MITU Pro Bamboo Foil 2022 SurfboardF-One
MITU Pro Bamboo Kiteboard 2022
MITU Pro Bamboo Kiteboard 2022F-One
Mitu Pro Bamboo 2020 Foil
Mitu Pro Bamboo 2020 FoilF-One
Mitu Pro Bamboo 2020 Surfboard
Mitu Pro Bamboo 2020 SurfboardF-One
899.00 €629.00
Mitu Pro Carbon Series 2020 Surfboard
Mitu Pro Carbon Series 2020 SurfboardF-One
Mitu Pro Flex 2021 Surfboard
Mitu Pro Flex 2021 SurfboardF-One
One 2021 Kiteboard
One 2021 KiteboardF-One
Shadow 2022 Surfboard
Shadow 2022 SurfboardF-One
Slice Bamboo 2021 Foil
Slice Bamboo 2021 FoilF-One
Slice Bamboo 2022 Surfboard
Slice Bamboo 2022 SurfboardF-One
Slice Bamboo Foil 2022 Surfboard
Slice Bamboo Foil 2022 SurfboardF-One
Slice ESL 2019 Surfboard
Slice ESL 2019 SurfboardF-One
999.00 €599.00
Slice Flex Convertible 2019 Surfboard
Slice Flex Convertible 2019 SurfboardF-One
1199.00 €829.00
Trax 2022 Kiteboard
Trax 2022 KiteboardF-One
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Buy F-one kiteboard and directional online

Before you buy your new F-one kiteboard or surfboard, you want to be well informed. And the choice options are huge. Will you go for a twintip like the F-one Trax, the WTF or Next? And do you choose carbon, HRD or ESL? Or do you prefer the waves with your F-one directional de Mitu or the Slice. And then you are faced with the question of which construction will I choose? On this page we have made a short overview of the different F-one kiteboards and directional surfboards. With the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

  • F-one Kiteboarding kiteboard twintips
  • F-one Kiteboarding kitesurf directionals
  • F-one Kiteboarding kiteboard technology

    F-one Kiteboarding kiteboard twintips

    The twintip is the most popular kiteboard by kite surfers worldwide. A twintip has a symmetrical rectangular outline so that you can kitesurf back and forth on the same side. The twintip is the choice of every rider in big air and freestyle competition. The F-one twintips are the F-one Trax, (available in different constructions), the WTF, Spicy and Next. Below all boards are classified according to riding style and kitesurfing level, so you have a quick overview of each board and its characteristics. With every F-one kiteboard you can click on a link to the detailed description of the product.

    F-one Trax kiteboard

    The first F-one Trax was released by F-one in 2002 and since then it has been in the F-one kiteboard range. The F-one Trax is the favorite choice of a lot of freeride kitesufers who do not do the most radical tricks but love nice cruising, an occasional jump and nice hooked tricks. Suitable for beginners to advanced kite surfers. The F-one Trax is available in different constructions. At the bottom of the page you can read all about the different constructions of the F-one Trax kiteboards. Via the menu below you can quickly read the full description of the:

  • F-One Trax HRD Carbon
  • F-One Trax HRD Lite Tech
  • F-One Trax ESL
  • F-One Trax HRD Lite Tech Girl
  • F-One Trax ESL Girl

    F-one WTF Lite Tech kiteboard

    The F-one WTF, Win The Freestyle, is, as the name suggests, a kiteboard designed to lift your freestyle level to a higher level. The WTF has a giant pop and super control in the landings. Suitable for the advanced kite surfer. While riding, you will notice that the WTF has impressive control and comfort. The F-one WTF kiteboard can be used on footstraps, but you can only get the maximum out of the WTF when you start kitesurfing with boots. The WTF has a wood core construction for optimal flex and riding comfort for freestyle ktiesurf sessions. > Read the full product description of the F-one WTF here.

    F-one Spicy kiteboard

    The F-one Spicy is a kiteboard which F-one has developed especially for the demanding wakestyle ski surfer. The F-one Spicy is a board that really should only be sailed with boots. Because of the big rocker with little flex, the Spicy has a huge pop and soft landings. Because of the deep channels in the tips you could also use the F-one Spicy without fins if you want to ride over obstacles. The rail of the Spicy is made of super strong ABS.

    F-one Next kiteboard

    The F-one Next is even easier than the Trax. The ultimate beginner board from F-one. Universe for freeride. The Next goes easily through the large surface and the light rocker. In addition, the straight rail easily sails upwind. The F-one Next is also available in a large version for lighting conditions, the F-one Next Lightwind edition.

    F-one Kiteboarding kitesurf directional

    The F-one surfboards are developed by the best designers in the world in cooperation with the best kite surfers in the world. For every kitesurfing level F-one has a suitable surfboard. Mitu Monteiro has had his own pro model for some years, which is seen as one of the best kitesurfing directionals on the market. The Mitu is available in many different constructions. The F-one Slice is a surfboard with a more compact shape for less good conditions and strapless freestyle. View all directional surfboards from F-one below.

    F-one Mitu directional surfboard

    The F-one Mitu is more than just an icon and bestseller. The Mitu is especially the own board of living surf legend Mitu Monteiro and that only means one thing: the F-one Mitu surfboard is just like Mitu itself a board that is at the top every year. The Mitu is meant to sail strapless but in some versions you can also screw straps onto your board, perfect for the waves and as a freestyle surfboard. The Mitu has a compact outline with a single concave, making the Mitu a lot of speed, sharp turns and stable feel. Super agile, a real rip machine. The F-one Mitu is available in different versions, click below for a full description of the different versions:

  • F-One Mitu Pro Carbon Surfboard
  • F-One Mitu ESL 2019 Surfboard
  • F-One Mitu Pro Flex Surfboard
  • F-One Mitu ESL 2019

    F-one Slice directional surfboard

    The Slice is known for its pop for the strapless freestyle kite surfers. That is due to the straight outline of the board. The symmetrical compact shape allows you to easily land freestyle tricks with your fins to the front. The Slice is also very suitable for the waves. Due to the somewhat wide but short desing the Slice rides away quickly and is very agile. There are two versions of the Slice. The Slice Carbon and the Slice Flex. You can read the full descriptions of both boards here:

  • F-One Slice Carbon Surfboard
  • F-One Slice Flex Surfboard

  • F-One Slice ESL Surfboard

    F-one Kiteboarding kiteboard technology

    Developing a good kiteboard or surfboard directional takes time and innovation. Over the years a lot has been innovated and different techniques have been devised to ensure that the kiteboards and surfboards perform as well as possible with the best quality. F-one has also incorporated many smart techniques in the kiteboards and surfboards. The various techniques and building constructions are briefly descripted below.

    F-one HRD kiteboards (twintip)

    The F-one HRD technique is an abbreviation for Helical Rail Design. It is a three-phase rail which ensures unprecedented precision, stability, incredible grip and ultimate riding comfort. The 16mm thick rail gives the board extra protection. The first phase of the rail is divided into the tips. The tip is extra thin for a lot of grip during your take off and pop. Further to the center of the board is the second stage, the 16mm thick upright rail. This ensures that you easily get land and less spray on your face. The final phase is the center of the board. This rail is thin and sharp for a lot of grip so you can dress super hard for your jump and unhooked tricks.

    F-one Lite Tech (twintip)

    F-one Lite Tech just looks very cool! TPU elements are integrated into the board. This gives your board a super nice look when the sun shines on it. The TPU lines light up when you make a jump for the sun and the photographer behind it. Awesome pictures guaranteed

    F-one ESL (twintip / directional) F-one ESL stands for essential and has been incorporated in various twintips and surfboards. It is an optimized construction that stands for quality and low costs. The shape and riding characteristics are kept as close to the Lite Tech and Carbon series as possible.

    F-one HD Foam Flex construction (directional)

    To meet the ever-increasing demands of surfing surfers, F-one has made a composite construction of high-quality foam with an optimized flex for maximum reliability, comfort and maneuverability. The characteristics of the HD Foam flex construction ensure a lower weight of the board and a perfect surfboard feel.

    F-one Carbon composite

    The carbon composite construction has layers of carbon laminate in the bottom of the board. Making the surfboard super light and incredibly reliable.