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Naish kiteboarding produces and develops kites of the highest quality. All kites from Naish are thoroughly tested by kite and windsurf legend Robby Naish and many team riders of world class like Stig Hoefnagel and Christophe Tack. The kites are safe, easy to use and last a long time. Naish has developed a kite for every level and kitesurfing style, so there is always a kite that suits you perfectly. Do you not quite know which Naish kite suits you best or do you have questions about the one of the Naish kitesurf kites? Then you can always reach us via email, WhatsApp or telephone. Read more »

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Intro Kite Naish

Naish kiteboarding produces and develops kites of the highest quality. All kites from Naish are thoroughly tested by kite and windsurf legend Robby Naish and many team riders of world class like Stig Hoefnagel and Christophe Tack. The kites are safe, easy to use and last a long time. Naish has developed a kite for every level and kitesurfing style, so there is always a kite that suits you perfectly. Do you not quite know which Naish kite suits you best or do you have questions about the one of the Naish kitesurf kites? Then you can always reach us via email, WhatsApp or telephone. Read more »

Buy Naish Kite Online

Buying a new Naish kitesurf kite is done at Kitemana, of course. The entire collection of Naish kiteboarding kites can be found in our assortment. Even if your kite is unexpectedly out of stock, we can always order it for you and have your kite delivered to your home quickly. Buying a kite is not always easy. Depending on your kitesurfing skills and preferences, you can buy a Naish kite that suits you perfectly. Whether you want a seasoned big air kite like the Pivot, or want to buy the friendly Naish Triad kite, we have the kite for you. You can always come to us for advice based on our own experience, or come by for a day at one of our testivals where you can test the latest gear.

Naish Kiteboarding Kite collectie

The kitesurf kite collection of Naish consists of a wide range of kites, ensuring that Naish has the perfect kite for every riding style and kiteboarding skill level. When you're just starting out with kitesurfing, it's always best to choose a freeride or all-round kite. Occasionally, there's also a good wave kite suitable for learning to kitesurf, but starting with a freestyle kite is not recommended at all. Below is a overview of the different kites from Naish and the categories they belong to. In the Naish kite collection, you can find kites like the Naish Pivot, Triad, Torch, and the Boxer kitesurf kite.

Naish Pivot Kite
The Naish Pivot is a kite that falls under the freeride and big air kite categories. The Naish Pivot is a versatile kite that excites many kitesurfers every session. Kevin Langeree even won the King of the Air with it in 2018! The Naish Pivot has direct steering, good pull, and a wide depower range. Its direct but forgiving steering characteristics and quick relaunch make the Pivot suitable for beginners as well as pros like Stig Hoefnagel and Ewan Jaspan. If you're looking for an all-round kite with big air capabilities, you'll also be very happy with the Pivot. Its short turning radius and lightweight construction give the Pivot the big air properties you need to jump high and pull off nice kiteloops. If you're looking for even more performance, take a look at the Naish Pivot Nvision Kite. This kite shares many similar characteristics with the normal Pivot, but delivers much more performance. The frame made of Aluula combined with other unique innovations make the kite much lighter in weight and even stiffer, resulting in even better performance in both light and strong winds.

Naish Boxer Kite
Hydrofoil kitesurfing has carved out its own niche within the kitesurfing world, becoming a true discipline. The Naish Boxer is a kite designed for the hydrofoil side of kitesurfing, but it's also great for freeriding. The Boxer is a lightweight kite. Naish has achieved this by using minimal dacron, super strong fabric, and a single-strut kite design. This allows you to easily fly the Naish Boxer in light winds, which is exactly what you want when hydrofoiling. Additionally, you can fly the Boxer on a foil-sized kite, which makes the kite turn quickly. For hydrofoiling, it's important for the kite to have good depower to handle gusts, and the Naish Boxer handles this with ease. Naish Triad Kite
The Naish Triad is Naish's ultimate all-round kite. It's a predictable, forgiving kite designed to meet the needs of every rider! Because the Naish Triad effortlessly rides upwind and relaunches easily, it's perfect for beginners looking for their first kite. Even advanced kiters will enjoy endless fun with the Triad thanks to its playful nature. The Naish Triad features a 3-strut design, with the middle strut similar to that of the Naish Boxer. It also has a wide wind range with plenty of depower. The kite is flown on 4 lines with a low V-split. Naish Torch Kite
The most extreme kite in Naish's kite lineup, the Naish Torch. As a beginner, you really don't want to handle this kite, but as an experienced kitesurfer, you'll love it! A true C-shape kite designed for the extreme sides of the kitesurfing sport. Perfect for big freestyle tricks due to its high pop and slack. Ideal for true old school kiteloops due to the massive pull and its fast/direct steering feel. The Naish Torch is a kite that punishes you for a mistake but rewards you 100 times over when you get it right. The Naish Torch is flown on 5 lines and has 5 struts for an extremely strong kite profile. The Naish Torch is the longest-standing kite in Naish kiteboarding's lineup. It has been included in the kite collection since 2004 and has won many awards, including various freestyle world titles and King of the Air victories!

Naish kite technologie

To make your kites better every year requires new innovative ideas. Naish Kiteboarding excels at this and has developed a wide range of smart techniques and materials that ensure their kites retain the very best characteristics. These techniques help maintain the profile of your kite better, allow you to pump your kite harder, provide better depower, and many other features that make your Naish kite one of the most enjoyable kites out there. These techniques are applied in the fabric, struts, and bridles of Naish kites. Below, you can read about all the different techniques that give Naish kites the top quality they have at the moment.

Naish Nvision Technology
Naish marks its high-performance kites with the name Nvision. The products falling under this category are designed with the best technologies and innovations to extract the best possible performance from the kites. The kites included here are designed with Aluula material. This new material makes the kite faster, stronger, and simply better. Aluula provides significant weight savings and a stiffer frame, allowing the kite to perform exceptionally well in both light and strong winds. If you're looking for the best of the best, then an Nvision kite is what you need.

Naish Quad Tex Kite Fabric
The majority of your kite consists of fabric. The fabric connects the struts together and ensures that your kite remains one cohesive unit. The fabric of your kite may well be the most important part of your kite. Currently, there are several different types of kite fabric in circulation, including double ripstop, triple ripstop, and quad tex ripstop. Naish's Quad-Tex ripstop fabric is the strongest and stiffest fabric available on the kitesurfing market at the moment. It took Naish three years to develop this type of fabric. However, once the development was completed, Naish immediately applied it to all their kites. Quad-Tex is a type of fabric with strong 'lines' in the horizontal and vertical directions. As a result, the Quad-Tex fabric is 30% stronger than other types of kite fabric. The advantage of Quad-Tex is that it is super strong and super stiff. This means that less heavy Dacron needs to be used for the reinforcement of the kite, making the kite lighter without compromising on strength. Additionally, the kite retains its shape over a longer period because Quad-Tex retains its stiffness and shape for a longer time. Naish Shark Teeth Trailing Edge
The Shark Teeth trailing edge on Naish kites is a trailing edge made of strong Dacron, reducing the use of Dacron to a minimum. Due to the special design of the Dacron, the shark tooth profile, combined with the strong Quad-Tex fabric, the strength of the kite is maintained while keeping the weight of the kite to a minimum. And a lightweight kite always flies better. Naish High Tensile Thread Closure
The harder you can pump your kite, the better it flies. The kite will be more stable in the air and deform less when you pull to steer. Additionally, the kite retains its profile better when it can be pumped hard. With the Naish High Tensile Thread Closure, you can pump your Naish kite really hard, up to 62 PSI. We do not recommend doing this yourself, but it shows that you can pump your kite extremely hard without it collapsing on its own. Unless, of course, you crash your kite hard when it is pumped hard.

Naish Kiteboarding accessories

In addition to kites, at Kitemana we also have a wide range of Naish kiteboarding accessories. Naish produces accessories of the highest quality, just like their kites. Whether you're looking for a new bar for your Naish kite like the Naish Torque Bar or new pads like the legendary Naish Apex bindings, Kitemana has them guaranteed in stock. Order your Naish accessories today and they will be shipped the same day! If you have any questions about any of the Naish Kiteboarding accessories, feel free to contact us and we will help you purchase the right accessory. Of course, you are always welcome to visit our kiteshop in Noordwijk!

Naish kiteboarding kitesurfshop

Naish Kiteboarding is one of the proven A-brands in the kitesurfing industry, and at Kitemana, we have an extensive range of Naish products such as Naish kites, Naish kiteboards, and related Naish accessories. Whether you're looking for a powerful big air kite like the Naish Pivot or a reliable all-round kite like the Naish Triad, we have the perfect kite for you. Our kiteshop, both online and physical, offers a wide selection of Naish products, including kites, bars, boards, and accessories. With expert advice and excellent customer service, we are ready to help you find the perfect Naish kite set for your kitesurfing adventures. Visit our store or check out our online range and upgrade your kitesurfing setup today with the latest Naish kites!

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