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Naish kiteboarding produces and develops kites of the highest quality. All kites from Naish are thoroughly tested by kite and windsurf legend Robby Naish and many team riders of world class like Stig Hoefnagel en Christophe Tack. The kites are safe, easy to use and last a long time. Naish has developed a kite for every level and kitesurfing style, so there is always a kite that suits you perfectly. Do you not quite know which Naish kite suits you best or do you have questions about the one of the Naish kitesurf kites? Then you can always reach us via email, WhatsApp or telephone. Read more »

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Pivot 2022 S26 Kite
Pivot 2022 S26 KiteNaish
1219.00 €1029.00
Boxer 2022 S26 Kite
Boxer 2022 S26 KiteNaish
1699.00 €1269.00
Dash 2022 S26 Kite
Dash 2022 S26 KiteNaish
Pivot  2021 Kite
Pivot 2021 KiteNaish
1279.00 €759.00
Torch 2019 Kite
Torch 2019 KiteNaish
1199.00 €479.00
Triad 2022 Kite
Triad 2022 KiteNaish
1649.00 €1229.00
Boxer 2023 S27 Kite
Boxer 2023 S27 KiteNaish
Slash 2022 S26 Kite
Slash 2022 S26 KiteNaish
1159.00 €869.00
Torch 2020 Kite
Torch 2020 KiteNaish
1379.00 €549.00
Torch 2021 Kite
Torch 2021 KiteNaish
Triad 2023 Kite
Triad 2023 KiteNaish
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Buy Naish Kite Online

Of course you buy a Naish kitesurf kite at Kitemana. The entire collection of kites from Naish kiteboarding is available from us. Even if your kite is not in stock at the moment, we can always order it for you and your kite is delivered to your doorstep quickly. Buying a kite is not always easy. Depending on your kitesurfing skills and preferences you can buy a Naish kite that suits you perfectly. Whether you want to buy a hardcore freestyle C-kite, the Naish Torch, or the friendly Naish Ride kite we have the kite for you. With us you can always call for advice from our own experience, test it for yourself during one of our kitesurf testing days. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Naish kitesurf shop

    We are a Naish kiteboarding kitesurfing shop that means that you can order everything from Naish with us. You can also come to us for tailor-made advice for your own Naish kitesurfing equipment. We have years of experience with the kites, but also kiteboards and foils from Naish and can therefore provide you with the best advice. You can contact us online for advice, but you can always visit us at the kitesurf shop.

    Naish Kite Collection

    The kitesurf kite collection from Naish consists of a wide range of kites, making a Naish kite the perfect kite for every riding style and kitesurfing level. If you are just starting with kite surfing, it is always best to choose a freeride or all-round kite. Occasionally there is also a good wave kite to learn kitesurfing, but starting with a freestyle kite is really not recommended. Below is a rough overview of the different kites of Naish and to which class to divide the kites. In Naish's kite collection you can find the Naish Pivot, Slash, Torch, Dash, Boxer and Ride kitesurf kite.

    Naish Pivot Kite

    The Naish Pivot is a kite that can be divided into the kite class of a freeride and wave kite. The Naish Pivot is a kite that can do everything and is riders all over the world love to take the Pivot out of the bag every session. Kevin Langeree even won the King of the Air in 2018. The Naish Pivot steers directly, has a good pull in the air and an easy to use depower system. Because of its direct but forgiving steering character and fast relaunch, the Pivot is, besides pro's like Kevin Langeree, also very suitable for beginners. If you are more looking for an all-round kite with wave characteristics, then you will also be very happy with the Pivot. The short turning radius and lightweight construction give the Pivot the wave characteristics that you can expect from an all-round wave kite. Check out the Naish Pivot here

    Naish Slash Kite

    The Naish Slash can be placed in the ‘box’ of a wave surfing kite. The Naish Slash is, unlike the Pivot, completely designed for the kite surfer who prefers to play in the waves all day long. 100% wave riding with or without straps, that does not matter for the Pivot. The Naish Slash is a kite that steers super fast and direct. In addition, the Naish Slash has a lightweight kite profile which makes the Slash easily to drift with you, with little power, when you are surfing a wave. Due to the tapered tips of the kite, the Slash has a quick relaunch if you accidentally made a steering error, or a nice wipe-out! Check out the Naish Slash.

    Naish Torch Kite

    The most extreme kite in Naish kite range, the Naish Torch. As a beginner you really don’t want to have this kite while kitesurfing, but as an experienced kitesurfer you will love this kite! A real C-shape kite meant for the extreme sides of kitesurfing. Perfect for awesome freestyle tricks because of the high pop and slack. Ideal for extreme kiteloops and big air due to the gigantic pull and fast / direct steering feel. The Naish Torch is a kite that punishes you with a mistake but is rewarded 100 times as hard when you do it right. The Naish Torch rides on 5 lines and has 5 struts for an extremely strong kite profile. The Naish Torch is the kite from Naish kiteboarding which is the longest in the assortment. This kite has been in the kite collection since 2004 and has won many prizes. Including several freestyle world titles, and King of the Air victories. Check the Naish Torch here.

    Naish Dash Kite

    If you are looking for a slightly less hardcore C / freestyle kite than the Naish Torch then Naish has the Dash for you. The Naish Dash is a freestyle / freeride kite. Very nice if you are looking for your second kite and you want to develop more in the freestyle kite discipline. The Dash gives you that little bit of freestyle performance which you want when you do the first tricks and kiteloops. The design of the kite is a hybrid C kite design. This makes the Naish Dash a more forgiving kite than its big brother de Torch. The Naish Dash is a kite that quickly steers and feels comfortable right away. Check out the Naish Dash here.<

    Naish Boxer Kite

    The hydrofoil kitsurfing has managed to fight its own place within the kitesurfing world. It has become a true discipline. The Naish Boxer is a kite designed for the hydrofoil side of kitesurfing, but also for freeride the Boxer is a nice kite. The Boxer is a lightweight kite. Naish achieved that by using little dacron, super strong cloth and a one strut kite design. This allows you to easily fly the Naish Boxer with little wind, and that is exactly what you want when hydrofoiling with your kite. In addition, you can ride the Boxer on a foil in a small size which ensures that the kite has faster steering characteristics. For hydrofoiling, it is important that the kite has a good depower to absorb gusts, and that is no problem for the Naish Boxer. Check out the Naish Dash here.

    Naish Ride Kite

    The Naish Ride is a very accessible and easy to kite kite. Loved among kitesurfers of all kitesurfing levels, a real all-round kite. The Naish Ride has a very good low end due to the large open surface area in the kite that Naish created by making a two strut kite design. Partly because of this, the two strut Naish Ride is a lot lighter than for example the Pivot. The Naish Ride is a kite with an almost unrivalled depower. You will be able to handle all the gusts by simply pushing the bar way from you. The Naish Ride has a light bar pressure which makes the Ride also a nice kite to use on the hydrofoil.

    Naish Kite Technology

    Producing better kites every year demands of new innovative ideas. Naish kiteboarding can do this like no other and through a large number of smart techniques and materials that keep the kites the very best features. Through these techniques, the profile of your kite is better preserved, you can pump your kite harder, you have better depower and many more features that make your Naish kite one of the tastiest kite available. The techniques have been applied in, among other things, the canvas, the struts and bridles of the Naish kites. Below you can read all the different techniques that give the Naish kites the top quality they currently have.

    Naish Quad Tex Kite Canopy

    The largest part of your kite consists of kite canopy. This canpoy connects the struts to each other and ensures that your kite will fly. The canopy of your kite may be the most important part of your kite. At the moment there are a number of different types of kitesurf canopys on the market, double ripstop, triple ripstop and quad tex ripstop. Quad-Tex ripstop cloth is the strongest and most rigid kite canopy currently available on the kitesurfing market. The development of this type of canopy has cost Naish 3 years. But once it's finished, Naish has applied it directly to all kites. Quad-Tex is a type of canpoy with solid 'lines' in the horizontal and vertical directions. This makes the Quad-Tex cloth 30% stronger than other types of kitesurf canopy. The advantage of Quad-Tex is that it is super strong and super stiff. This means that less heavy Dacron has to be used for the reinforcement of the kite, so that the kite is lighter without sacrificing strength. In addition, the kite maintains its shape over a longer period of time, because the Quad-Tex will retain its stiffness and shape for longer. So a kite with Quad-Tex is a good investment in the long term.

    Naish Shark Teeth Trailing Edge

    The Shark Teeth trailing edge on the Naish kites is a trailing edge of strong Dacron with which the Dacron use is reduced to a minimum. Due to the special design of the Dacron, the shark tooth profile, in combination with the strong Quad-Tex fabric, the strength of the kite is maintained and the kite weighs as little as possible. And a light kite always flies better.

    Naish High Tensile Thread Closure

    The harder you can pump your kite on, the finer your kite flies. The kite is then more stable in the air and deforms less when you pull on one side to steer. In addition, the kite keeps its profile better when it can be pumped up. With the Naish High Tensile Thread Closure you can really pump your Naish kite really hard, up to 62 PSI. We do not recommend doing this yourself, but it shows that you can pump your kite really hard without being able to collapse on its own. Unless of course you crash your kite hard when it is pumped up.

    Octopus inflating system

    The Naish Octopus inflating system has proven itself in speed, simplicity as one of the best one-pump systems that we can find in the kite market. This system creates equal pressure in the struts and leading edge under all circumstances, even during running, and is exclusive to Naish kites.