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People use surfwax for many years to get more grip on their surfboard. Nowadays, we are seeing more kiters on a waveride kitesurfboard. These surfboards also need wax to keep your feet on top of your board. Those waveride kiteboards often have no bindings. We have surfwax from the two top brands; Sticky Bumps and Sexwax. Characteristic for these two waxes are their delicious scent, which instantly reminds you of a good surf session. When you buy surfwax always pay attention to the specified water temperature. Read more »



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Quick Humps
Quick HumpsSexwax
Original Wax
Original WaxSticky Bumps
Coconut Candle
Coconut CandleSexwax
Punt Wax
Punt WaxSticky Bumps
Hexatraction Board Grip Clear
Hexatraction Board Grip ClearRSPRO
Pickle Wax Remover
Pickle Wax RemoverDeWax.it
Water wax
Water waxMatunas
Day-Glo Wax
Day-Glo WaxSticky Bumps
Tour Series
Tour SeriesSticky Bumps
Wax Remover
Wax RemoverDeWax.it
Wax Tool
Wax ToolCreatures of Leisure
Dream Cream Wax
Dream Cream WaxSexwax
Wax Remover
Wax RemoverSticky Bumps
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Without surfwax (or a deckpad) you don't have a good grip on your surfboard. You slide off your board like that, and that's a shame. With surfwax you ensure that you have a good grip on your surfboard. For kitesurfing you might want to use a deckpad because you push the wax off your surfboard with your feet. This is because there is a lot more pressure on your feet during kitesurfing than during normal wave surfing. That's why many kite surfers use deckpads on their wave surfboards during wave sessions. This offers a lot of grip and you only have to apply it once. Deckpads are available in many types, sizes, colors and brands. Check all our deckpads here .

What kind of wax do I need?

The type of wax you need depends on the water temperature where you are going to surf. Always check before you travel. Some countries can have treacherous cold water, such as South Africa when you go to Cape Town. In the North Sea you can generally use wax that is suitable for cold to moderately cold water. In the summer the water temperature can rise to 20 degrees, but those are really exceptions. Always check the water temperature and the corresponding wax on your surfboard.

Why do I need base coat?

You apply basecoat on your board to make the normal wax stick better. Basecoat is a hard wax. Make sure you apply the base coat on a clean deck of your board. For base caot no special versions for water temperatures are available. If the base coat is on your board you can apply your normal wax.