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The Dutch brand Brunotti has been making super good harnesses for years. Brunotti has an extensive collection for both men and women. Brunotti makes sure that all traits and characteristics that you would like to have in a harness are put in the harness. Would you like to try on a Brunotti harness? Then come and visit us at the store. If you have a question about a harness, please contact us. Read on for more information about the Brunotti harnesses >>

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Defence Harness
Defence HarnessBrunotti
199.00 €69.95
Gravity 02 2022 Harness
Gravity 02 2022 HarnessBrunotti
Glow Women Harness
Glow Women HarnessBrunotti
Gravity 01 2022 Harness
Gravity 01 2022 HarnessBrunotti
Gravity 01 Trapeze
Gravity 01 TrapezeBrunotti
239.00 €169.00
Gravity 01 Youri Zoon Harness
Gravity 01 Youri Zoon HarnessBrunotti
249.00 €175.00
Gravity 02 Harness
Gravity 02 HarnessBrunotti
229.00 €159.00
Radiance High Seat
Radiance High SeatBrunotti
159.00 €149.00
SQ Pro Dames Harness
SQ Pro Dames HarnessBrunotti
199.00 €179.00
Smartshell 2019 Harness
Smartshell 2019 HarnessBrunotti
239.00 €159.00
Xena 2021 Trapeze
Xena 2021 TrapezeBrunotti
199.00 €179.00
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Brunotti has a wide selection of harnesses. You can choose between seat and waist harnesses for men and women. We know it's hard to find the perfect harness. You must know in advance which kitestyle you are going to ride, whether you want a seat or waist harness and whether you want a soft or hard shell harness. In the end it is all a personal choice, because harnesses are different for everyone. We can of course make it a bit easier. Below is some more information about the harnesses, so you can find the perfect harness. Do you want more information or do you have a question? Then please contact us.

1. Brunotti Trapeze Collection
2. Brunotti Harness Technologies

Brunotti Harness Collection


The Gravity harness from Brunotti has two different versions, the Gravity 01 and the Gravity 02. With the Gravity model from Brunotti they focus on the weight of the harness. They want to make them as light as possible. Both are semi hardshell harnesses, but have a different inner lining. The Gravity 01 has a thin EVA layer and the Gravity 02 has padding on the inside. The Gravity 02 is also slightly heavier, because this harness focuses even more on the comfort of the harness. The Gravity harness from Brunotti gives a lot of support and ensures that you have a direct feeling with the kite. The harness has a perfect fit and is very comfortable. There is a special Youri Zoon version of the Gravity 01 harness.


The Smartshell harnesses from Brunotti are specially designed to give the perfect support. The 360 smart frame ensures that the pressure points on the back are well distributed. The harness has a perfect fit and is super comfortable. Also, as little material as possible was used to make the harness as light as possible. The harness does not absorb water during kiting, so it remains super light even then. The harness is perfect for kiters who freeride and freestyle.


The Radiance harness is perfect for all kiters. It doesn't matter which kitestyle you ride with this harness, this harness can be worn in all circumstances. The harness has a 360 molded Flexshell that distributes the power of the kite well. You get a lot of support from the harness, so you can stand on the water for a long time. There is a padding on the inside of the harness that ensures that the harness has a perfect fit and is super comfortable.


The Defense model from Brunotti has two different seat harnesses, the Defense High Seat Harness and the Defense Seat Harness. The biggest difference between these two Harnesses is that the Defense High Seat comes higher at the back for more support. The seat harness both have density foam on the inside, so that you do not get annoying pressure points during kiting. The leg straps ensure that the harness cannot slide up. These harnesses are perfect for people who have fast back problems or like to ride a seat harness.


Brunotti has also designed harnesses for women. The Levitate is one of them. The harness has a Flexshell where the sides are slightly thinner. This ensures that you get a lot of support, but also that the harness is super comfortable to wear. Inside is neoprene padding that ensures a perfect fit and even more comfort. The harness is super light and hardly absorbs any water during kiting.


The Glow harness is a perfect all-round harness for women. The harness is specially designed to perfectly fit the body of a woman. The harness has a 360 molded Flexshell that ensures that the pressure of the kite is well distributed. On the inside there is soft padding that ensures a perfect fit and a comfortable feeling. You can tighten the harness with the webbing tires very easily.

Brunotti Harness Technologies

360 molded Flexshell

The 360 molded Flexshell ensures that the pressure of the kite is perfectly distributed over the harness. The Flexshell also ensures a perfect fit.

Padded Interior

A Padded Interior has been used on the inside of most of Brunotti's harnesses. It is made of light weight foam that does not absorb water. Thanks to the non-slip print, the harness stays perfectly in place.

Easy Fix Webbing

You can easily pull the Brunotti harnesses tight using the Easy Fix Webbing system that is used.