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Repair - Kite

Kite repair products and resources to get you back on the water as soon as possible! If you have damage to your kite or bladder, it can be solved in some cases. We have various products for fixing your kite. Examples include tape for repairing the canvas, Tear-aid for making blades, valve repair sets or full repair kits for all kind of kite repairs. Read more »



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Dacron Tape
Dacron TapeKitefix
Kite Repair Tape
Kite Repair TapeMystic
Complete Repair Pack
Complete Repair PackKitefix
Universal Strut Bladder
Universal Strut BladderAirtime
11mm Replacement Deflate Valve
11mm Replacement Deflate ValveKitefix
Mini Repair Pack
Mini Repair PackKitefix
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Kitesurf Repair Products

Unfortunately your kite sometimes breaks. Your bladder, your canopy, your lines, they all wear out. Fortunately, there is a repair kit for every part. If the damage is not too big, you can easily repair it yourself with one of the repair products that we offer.

Repairing kitesurf bladder

You can find the bladder of your kite in the leading edge and struts. This can sometimes leak because you fly your kite in the barbed wire or just by wear. For this we sell Tear Aid. Tear Aid is easy to stick to your bladder and connects super good to your bladder.

Repair Kitesurf cloth

If the canopy of your kite has a small tear or hole you can easily fix it yourself without that having too much influence on the flight characteristics of your kite. For example, with nylon ripstop Tape from dr. Tuba you can easily stick a small hole in your canvas.

Kite surfing lines

Your lines wear the hardest at the ends. With a sleeve set you can make the ends of your lines look like new again. The kite line sleeve set can be found here .
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