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Kiteboard Cabrinha

Besides extremely good kites, Cabrinha also manufactures excellent kiteboard of high quality. The brand has been developing kiteboards for a number of years in many different shapes and sizes. We are currently one of the largest Cabrinha kiteboard dealers in the EU and have a wide range of Cabrinha kiteboards available from stock. Do you have a question about a Cabrinha kiteboard or do you want to know more about one over several models? Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom! Read more »

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Intro Kiteboard Cabrinha

Besides extremely good kites, Cabrinha also manufactures excellent kiteboard of high quality. The brand has been developing kiteboards for a number of years in many different shapes and sizes. We are currently one of the largest Cabrinha kiteboard dealers in the EU and have a wide range of Cabrinha kiteboards available from stock. Do you have a question about a Cabrinha kiteboard or do you want to know more about one over several models? Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom! Read more »

Buy Cabrinha kiteboard

Looking for a new Cabrinha kiteboard? Then you ended up on the right page. Cabrinha makes kiteboards for all kite surfers. The different models of kiteboards all have their own qualities. Every year the kiteboards are updated with the latest technologies to offer you top performances and years of kitesurfing fun. Cabrinha produces twintip kiteboards and directional surfboards. Below we explain some models of Cabrinha kiteboards. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Cabrinha Kiteboard Collection

    Cabrinha has a very extensive collection of kiteboards in the range. We divide them into two groups, Cabrinha twintips and surfboards. Most people ride on a twintip because you can ride two ways and the board is stuck to the feet. This comes in handy if you want to make high jumps. The Cabrinha surfboards are suitable to rip waves and have the shape of a surfboard.

    Cabrinha Twintip

    Cabrinha has 6 different twintips in the collection. Every board suitable for a different discipline or rider. Cabrinha kiteboards are characterized by good quality, smooth riding behavior and robust construction. The Cabrinha kiteboards are suitable for beginners to pro and belong to the top of the market. Below we will first explain the Cabrinha Twintips.

    Cabrinha XCaliber Kiteboard

    The Cabrinha XCaliber is made for experienced freestyle kitesurfer who requires a lot of his board. This board really knows no limits and is the choice of professional kite surfers in the wakestyle and freestyle discipline. The Cabrinha XCal has a massive pop and smooth landings thanks to a double concave in the bottom. In the tips, the Cabrinha XCal quad channels for a great grip at high speed and good take off for the big air! The Cabrinha XCaliber comes in different sizes and two variants, the wood & carbon edition. Check the Cabrinha XCaliber Wood here and the XCaliber Carbon here.

    Cabrinha Ace Kiteboard

    The Ace is made for freeride fanatics who like to search and push their limits. The Ace is the board for Big Air freestyle and is super fast. The construction offers the Ace a wonderful flex and speed in all conditions. What is striking about the Ace is that it is also super comfortable. You do not often see this with boards with so many performances. The Ace comes just like the Cabrinha XCal in two different constructions, wood or carbon. Read here the full description of the Cabrina Ace Wood and the Cabrinha Ace Carbon.

    Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard

    Would you like to be one of the first on the water? Then check out this Cabrinha Stylus kiteboard. A kiteboard with a very flat rocker and a straight outline. With this you kite super fast with little wind and you easily extend the low end with a few knots. The Cabrinha Stylus has excellent upwind characteristics and is suitable as a light wind kiteboard, also very suitable for beginners. Check out the full description of the Cabrinha Stylus here.

    Cabrinha Spectrum Kiteboard

    Are you just starting kitesurfing and looking for an affordable kiteboard with very awesome riding characteristics, then the Cabrinha Spectrum is definitely for you. This is one of the best boards for beginners thanks to the superior price / quality ratio and easy riding characteristics. A smooth kiteboard that comes immediately on speed and easily goes upwind. The Cabrinha Spectrum has a fairly flat rocker line. Thanks to the soft flex you can easily ride over waves and you will not easily bother your knees. An all-round kiteboard for an affordable prize. Read here the full description of the Cabrinha Spectrum.

    Cabrinha CBL Kiteboard

    The CBL is the hardcore wakestyle / cable kiteboard from Cabrinha. This deck is made for kitesurfing with boots and guarantees a gigantic pop and smooth landings. The Cabrinha CBL has a big rocker that makes it easy to cross over waves or obstacles. In addition, you can ride super fast and this creates its playful character. Landings are also very comfortable. The Cabrinha CBL kiteboard has a P-Tex bottom with grind base so you can easily rip sliders and kickers. Even behind the cable, the CBL will rock your world, awesome! All information about the Cabrinha CBL can be found here.

    Cabrinha Tronic Kiteboard

    The Tronic is specially designed for kitesurfers who are looking for a twintip which can be used in the waves. This kiteboard rides smooth, mega smooth! The flex makes the Tronic very comfortable and lets it carve through the water like butter. Thanks to the quad concave the Tronic keeps a good grip when cornering and you can carve like never before. Are you looking for a board that feels completely at home in the sea? Then look no further! Check here all the information about the Cabrinha Tronic.

    Cabrinha XO Kiteboard

    The XO is a kiteboard from Cabrinha that has been specially designed for the lighter and smaller kiters among us. That is why the XO is often chosen by women who are looking for a real performance kiteboard to push their kitesurfing level to greater heights. The design of the XO is derived from the mega popular Ace kiteboard from Cabrinha, but adapted to the needs of smaller and lighter kite surfers. For example, the XO has a softer flex to offer sufficient comfort and the stance has been made narrower so that the smaller kite surfers among us can also mount the foot straps perfectly. Check here all information about the Cabrinha Tronic.

    Cabrinha Directional Collection

    In addition to twintips, Cabrinha also makes high performance directionals. These boards belong to the top of the market and are thoroughly tested on Hawaii by Pete himself. Pete is a real wave fanatic and that is certainly reflected in the designs of the Cabrinha directionals. These boards have a stylish look and a bamboo construction. This gives them all a wonderful flex and smooth riding characteristics. Cabrinha has four different models of surfboards, the Cabrinha X: Breed, Cutlass, S: Quad and Spade. Do you have a question about a Cabrinha surfboard, please call or email us.

    Cabrinha X: Breed Directional Surfboard

    The Cabrinha X: Breed is the newest addition to the Cabrinha surfboard collection. This board differs from the other Cabrinha surfboards, because it has a shorter nose. This saves weight and makes the board feel agile. This makes the Cabrinha X: Breed very suitable for crossover strapless freestyle surf conditions. The board is extra light because the nose is shorter than with a standard surfboard. The board still has a stable character due to the straight rail. Read here the full product description of the Cabrinha X: Breed.

    Cabrinha Cutlass Directional Surfboard

    The Cutlass has been specially developed for the kite surfer who likes a mix of rail to rail surf and air tricks. The Cabrinha Cutlass feels like a supercharged surfboard. With a short nose and average width, fast rocker line and a quad vin setup, the Cabrinha Cutlass has everything for quick cornering and fast acceleration. The Cutlass is suitable for small to medium sized waves. Or no waves at all when you want to do strapless freestyle. In the deck of the Cabrinha Cutlass there are inserts to be able to enjoy with Cutlass straps and to ride a with more power and aggression. The complete description of the Cabrinha Cutlass can be read here.

    Cabrinha S: Quad Directional Surfboard

    The Cabrinha S Quad is a kitesurf directional surfboard that is made for the kitesurfer who likes to go fast and push hard in the turns. The narrow design of the S quad gives the Squad exactly those characteristics. Perfect to surf the wave nicely down the line in side / side offshore wind. The SQuad vin setup ensures less friction on the fins and higher speed. You can ride the Squad with and without footstraps. The complete product description of the Cabrinha S Quad can be found here.

    Cabrinha Spade Directional Surfboard

    The Cabrinha Spade is the most universal surfboard from Cabrinha within the directional surfboard range. 'Crossover' surf as Cabrinha calls it. From delicious rail to rail surf to air tricks, the Spade can do it all. With a wide and round outline you can easily make tight turns in the pocket of any size of wave. With the three fin setup you have a lot of grip and an agile board to use every meter of the wave. You can surf the Cabrinha Spade with or without footstraps. Check the Cabrinha Spade here.

    Cabrinha Kitesurf hydrofoil

    Cabrinha has a well-organized collection of kitesurf hydorfoils the HI: Rise series. Only two: one for fast lift and one for speed. A hydrofoil is a great extension of your kitesurf set. Especially when there is little wind, a hydrofoil is the ultimate toy. Below you will find a short description of the Cabrinha hydrofoils with a link to the extensive product description.

    Cabrinha Hi Rise Lift kitesurf hydrofoil

    The Cabrinha Hi Rise Lift is a hydrofoil with which you can learn hydrofoiling and make the next steps. From freeride to the waves, the HiRise lift is incredibly versatile and easy to ride. The low aspect ratio of the HiRise gives this hydrofoil lift at low speed. The wide wing width makes the Cabrinha Hi Rise lift stable enough to make your first meters on a hydrofoil with confidence. The Hi Rise Lift foil can be mounted to the Double Agent and X Breed foil boards from Cabrinha. The full description of the Cabrinha Hi: Rise lift hydrofoil can be read here.

    Cabrinha Hi Rise Speed kitesurf hydrofoil

    The name says it all. The Cabrinha Hi: Rise Speed is made for speed. The Hi Rise speed is the next step in your hydorfoil set. The Hi: Rise Speed goes fast, but remains stable at high speed so that you can confidently fly over the water like an express train. The Cabrinha HiRise speed hyrdrofoil can be sailed with the Xbreed and Double Agent foil boards from Cabrinha. Check here all the information about the Cabrinha Hi Rise Speed hydrofoil.
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    Cabrinha Double Agent hydrofoil board

    The Double Agent hydrofoil board from Cabrinha is a mix between a surf skate and hydrofoil board. The Double Agent has a wooden construction with a mounting system for the Cabrinha HiRise hydrofoils. The Double Agent has a single concave with V-tail channels for extra grip. The Double Agent comes with fins so you can also ride the board as a surf skate. The full description of the Cabrinha Double Agent can be found here.

    Cabrinha kiteboard technology

    At Cabrinha, development and quality are of the highest importance. Cabrinha boards are made of the best materials and techniques to guarantee years of fun and safety. Below you will find a number of characteristics and materials that are used in the construction of Cabrinha kiteboards.

    Cabrinha Wood Core

    The kiteboards from Cabrinha all have a wooden core. The wooden core of the Cabrinha boards is made of premium A-quality Paulownia wood. The wood is vertically laminated for an optimized strength, reduced weight and a natural flex.

    Cabrinha ABS Rails

    ABS is used in the rails of Cabrinha kiteboards. ABS is a strong, almost unbreakable composite that binds super good to epoxy to a good result. ABS is used during the epoxy process for a smooth and durable result. All Cabrinha twintip rails and insert blocks are made of this ABS material.

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