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The North Kiteboarding kiteboards are for the seekers, the explorers and the freedom-junkies out there! North Kiteboarding offers a large selection of boards for every style and level of riding possible: twintip kiteboards, surfboards and foils in all ways you might want them! Like all North products the kiteboards are designed by a world-class team and developed together with some of the best riders for every discipline. Relatively new to the market, the North kiteboards are tested and proven to perform well: Jesse Richman won the King of the Air 2020 on his Focus Hybrid series and Nick Jacobsen came in second on his Atmos Carbon Series twintip. Besides the twintips, Jesse also chases monsters at Jaws on his North Charge kitesurf board and Jalou Langeree uses it to chase barrels worldwide. But the North kiteboards, directionals and foils are not just pros only gear. The North Kiteboarding gear is made to be more intuitive and feel more natural - something to match the needs of every kiter! If you have a question on North kiteboards, kitesurf boards and foils you can always contact us via phone, WhatsApp or Email. Find out more about the North kiteboards here...

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Prime 2021 Kiteboard
Prime 2021 KiteboardNorth
499.00 €399.00
Focus 2021 Kiteboard
Focus 2021 KiteboardNorth
679.00 €499.00
Sonar 70 Mast
Sonar 70 MastNorth
Atmos Hybrid 2022 Kiteboard
Atmos Hybrid 2022 KiteboardNorth
Atmos Carbon 2022 Kiteboard
Atmos Carbon 2022 KiteboardNorth
Trace 2022 Kiteboard
Trace 2022 KiteboardNorth
Astra 2021 Kiteboard
Astra 2021 KiteboardNorth
629.00 €469.00
Charge 2021 Surfboard
Charge 2021 SurfboardNorth
999.00 €799.00
Charge 2022 Surfboard
Charge 2022 SurfboardNorth
Comp 2021 Surfboard
Comp 2021 SurfboardNorth
999.00 €799.00
Cross 2021 Surfboard
Cross 2021 SurfboardNorth
999.00 €799.00
Cross 2022 Surfboard
Cross 2022 SurfboardNorth
Focus Hybrid 2022 Kiteboard
Focus Hybrid 2022 KiteboardNorth
Prime 2022 Kiteboard
Prime 2022 KiteboardNorth
Astra 2022 Kiteboard
Astra 2022 KiteboardNorth
Atmos Carbon 2021 Kiteboard
Atmos Carbon 2021 KiteboardNorth
999.00 €649.00
Atmos Hybrid 2021 Kiteboard
Atmos Hybrid 2021 KiteboardNorth
699.00 €489.00
Comp 2022 Surfboard
Comp 2022 SurfboardNorth
Flare 2020 Kiteboard
Flare 2020 KiteboardNorth
699.00 €239.00
Flare 2021 Kiteboard
Flare 2021 KiteboardNorth
699.00 €489.00
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Buy North Kiteboarding Kiteboards, Directionals and Foils online

The North Kiteboarding twintips, surfboards and foils do work well for a broad range of riders in all sorts of conditions. The North Kiteboarding brand was relaunched in August 2019, so all the models, names and technologies are new to the market. But don´t be fooled – the North Kiteboarding team are no novices to what they are doing and combine years of experience. We have created an overview for you on all the North kiteboards, surfboards, foils and bindings for you here.

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    Buy North Kiteboarding Twintips online

    The North twintip line has four models: the Prime, Atmos, Focus and Flare.

    North Prime Kiteboard

    The Prime is the comfortable allrounder that welcomes beginners and intermediates that are seeking to progress! Therefore, good upwind ability is a given for this board. Its shape and softer flex make it a very user-friendly board that is smooth to your knees also in choppy conditions or when landing or crashing your jumps. At the bottom, this board has a single concave to provide you with stability. This concave is flattened out in the middle to help early planning and get you going faster. Finally, a feature that should not be neglected is the bright blue and orange color the board comes in. This gives your board high visibility, which you will be thankful for when body dragging to it. The sizes range from 133cm to 152cm.
    Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Prime.

    North Atmos Kiteboard

    The Atmos comes in two models: the Hybrid Series and the Carbon Series. The Atmos is the high performance freeride board with traditional twintip outline and medium rocker made for boosting big, loops and soft landings. The Hybrid Series has a Paulownia wood core laminated with layers of E-glass that gives the board with a nice flex without adding to much weight. On top, it comes with strategically placed layers of carbon tape to reinforce areas of the board that carry high loads.
    Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Atmos Hybrid Series.
    The Carbon Series also comes with a Paulownia wood core, but is laminated with carbon for higher performance. Due to the carbon layers it has a higher level of overall and torsional stiffness. That results in more aggressive pop, more direct feel and less weight. Both are available in 133cm to 144cm.
  • Go to the North Atmos Hybrid kiteboard.
    Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Atmos Carbon Series.

    North Focus Kiteboard

    The Focus also comes as a Hybrid Series and Carbon Series model. This is the go-to high performance freestyle board that is designed to edge harder, pop higher and land softer.
    The Hybrid Series again has a Paulownia wood core reinforced with layers of E-glass laminate and carbon tape. This provides more forgiving flex than the Carbon Series. The board has a progressive rocker and a squarer, flatter outline designed to provide better pop.
    Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Focus Carbon Series.

    North Flare kiteboard

    You will immediately notice: no inserts for a grab handle, a wakestyle rocker and grind base. There can be no doubt what the North Flare 2021 is all about: unhooked freestyle action or hitting obstacles in the (wake) park. Here's what Tom Bridge has to say about the new North Flare 2021: “To me, freestyle is everything, it's everything - an expression of myself. I don't follow rules. I'm sailing the Flare. "
  • Go to the North Flare kiteboard.

    Buy North Kiteboarding Directionals online

    North Charge Kiteboard

    The Charge is has some allrounder abilities, but it’s made chasing waves, barrels and big rollers. It has a traditional shortboard shape and comes in three available sizes between 5'7 and 5'11. Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Charge.

    North Cross Directional Kitesurfboard

    The Cross does it all – carving, jumping, popping! Designed to be versatile and comfortable this allrounder comes with a flat nose and sizes between 5'0 and 5'4. Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Cross.

    North Comp Directional Kitesurfboard

    The Comp is the dedicated strapless freestyle board in the range. The board has a compact and parallel outline, a three-stage wakestyle rocker and comes in 5'0 to 5'4. Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Comp.

    Buy North Kiteboarding Foils online

    The Sonar Foil System by North Kiteboarding comes with several mast lengths, wings and boards that are all interchangeable.

    North Chase Kitesurf/ Kitefoilboard

    This 3-in-1 board is a hybrid made for using it as a directional kitesurf board, a kitesurf foil board and a foil surfboard as well. That makes it a money saver and good travel companion. With its flattened nose its good to ride small to medium waves, but also practice your Jesus walk or strapless jumps. It comes in size 5'2.
    Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Chase.

    North Scoop Kitefoilboard

    The Scoop is the performance foil board made by North Kiteboarding. Its lightweight EPS core provides you with a responsive ride. Its ultra-scooped nose will prevent you nose diving it too often on your long distance downwinders. It comes in size 120cm.
    Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Scoop.

    North Sense Kitefoilboard

    The North Kiteboarding Sense is addressing the freeriders in the foil sector. Its neutral buoyancy and shape helps you water start effortless. Besides being light weight and a good travel companion due to its ABS rails, its attractive price for its performance is another great feature about it.
    Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Sense.

    Buy North Kiteboarding Bindings and Boots online

    North Flex – Twintip Straps and Pads

    The North Flex pads are great balance between comfort and performance. They provide enough cushioning for a smooth ride, but also a locked-in-feel so you don´t have to be afraid to pull a foot out when going for a trick.
    Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Flex.

    North Fix – Twintip Boots

    These North Fix wake boots are simple, high quality made and comfortable. The low-cut design and velcro-straps help easy one handed entry and exit, so you don´t have to fuss around to get into your boots while your kite is already up in the sky.
    Click here to find out more about the North Kiteboarding Fix.