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Looking for a surfboard or directional kitesurfing deal? Kitemana always has the best kitesurf deals waiting for you. The surfboard sale usually include surfboards and directional from previous years. Of course we also sell the latest model surfboards and directionals for a super competitive price. Previous years kitegear is just as good as new, but more attractively priced. We understand that kite surfing is not the cheapest hobby and try to make kitesurfing as attractive as possible for everyone. We have a kitesurfing sale all year, but with most products get it before it’s gone!


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Mitu ESL 2017 Surfboard
Mitu ESL 2017 SurfboardF-One
799.00 399.00
Boss 2018 Surfboard
Boss 2018 SurfboardBrunotti
799.00 499.00
S-Brymm 2018 Surfboard
S-Brymm 2018 SurfboardBrunotti
499.00 299.00
Screamer 2018 Surfboard
Screamer 2018 SurfboardSlingshot
949.00 659.00
Celeritas 2018 Surfboard
Celeritas 2018 SurfboardSlingshot
949.00 659.00
Mitu Monteiro 2018 Surfboard
Mitu Monteiro 2018 SurfboardF-One
999.00 799.00
Compact Active Bamboo 2017 Surfboard
Compact Active Bamboo 2017 SurfboardAirush
1049.00 499.00
Converse Flytech 2017 Surfboard
Converse Flytech 2017 SurfboardAirush
799.00 399.00
Braap 2018 Surfboard
Braap 2018 SurfboardBrunotti
799.00 499.00
Boomer 2018 Kitesurfboard
Boomer 2018 KitesurfboardBrunotti
799.00 499.00
S-Bryck 2018
S-Bryck 2018Brunotti
499.00 299.00
Vader FST surfboard
Vader FST surfboardFirewire
925.00 699.00
Skater 2018 Surfboard
Skater 2018 SurfboardNaish
999.00 699.00
S-Byron Kitesurfboard
S-Byron KitesurfboardBrunotti
499.00 299.00
S Quad 2018 Surfboard
S Quad 2018 SurfboardCabrinha
999.00 599.00
Global 2018 Surfboard
Global 2018 SurfboardNaish
999.00 699.00
Go-To Surfboard
Go-To SurfboardNaish
879.00 599.00
Angry Swallow 2018 Surfboard
Angry Swallow 2018 SurfboardSlingshot
949.00 699.00
Converse Active Wood 2017 Surfboard
Converse Active Wood 2017 SurfboardAirush
999.00 499.00
Mutant 2018 Surfboard
Mutant 2018 SurfboardNaish
999.00 599.00
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Looking for Previous year’s surfboard or directional?

Are you looking for a new challenge in kitesurfing and don’t want to spend too much money? Then look at one of our surfboards or directionals on sale. Often these are surfboards of previous years but occasionally we also have new directionals for a super deal. The previous years surfboards are an excellent and inexpensive way to make your next step in kitesurfing. With used surfboards or directionals on second hand markets you often don’t know if there are hidden dings or cracks in the board and if the board has been leaked. A new surboard or directional of a previous year is a perfect way start to start or renew your wavesurf disicpline if you do not want to spend too much money!

Every year new directionals are launched on the market. Even lighter, even stiffer, even better in the curve, even more beautiful than last year. That's good because this makes our sport continues to develop every year. But last year's boards were also top models and are now very attractively priced. So, very nice if you're just starting kitesurf wavesurfing and looking for a nice offer for a good surfboard or directional.

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Kitesurfing does not have to be super expensive. Kitemana has kitesurf deals from all A-brands. Unlike many other shops, we also sell all brands. Thereby the choice is a lot bigger and chances are that there is a good deal for you. We have kitesurfing deals from North, F-One, Best, Airush, Cabrinha, Naish, Slingshot, Mystic, WOO, Brunotti, NP. Would you like a customized deal, please call or email us for a quote. Of course you are always welcome in our showroom in Katwijk.