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Our way of working - General Terms and Conditions

Who we are

We are Kitemana. We have an unrestrained passion for everything that has to do with kiting. This is reflected in our wide range of kite gear and our enthusiastic - but also honest - service. And yes, also in our general terms and conditions. We get energy from wind and water, not from small letters. For Kitemana, a sustainable relationship with the customer is vital and there are no formal, one-sided general terms and conditions if you ask us. Kitemana works on the basis of trust and open communication with its kite customers. With that in mind, we have put our way of working on 'paper'. We ask you to read this carefully. Do you have questions about this? Then call or email us. We are here for you.

First things first - When do these terms apply?

The Kitemana walhalla web shop – What do we agree on?

Prices on the website
Unboxing day!! – Delivery
Handle with care - Return
Storm chaser – Warranty
If it's not going the way you want - Damage
The Kitemana Rescue Brigade - Repair service
Vintage is the new modern – Trade-in and buy used kite gear
These General Terms have been updated January 15th 2022

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