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Our way of working - General Terms and Conditions

Who we are

We are Kitemana. We have an unrestrained passion for everything that has to do with kiting. This is reflected in our wide range of kite gear and our enthusiastic - but also honest - service. And yes, also in our general terms and conditions. We get energy from wind and water, not from small letters. For Kitemana, a sustainable relationship with the customer is vital and there are no formal, one-sided general terms and conditions if you ask us. Kitemana works on the basis of trust and open communication with its kite customers. With that in mind, we have put our way of working on 'paper'. We ask you to read this carefully. Do you have questions about this? Then call or email us. We are here for you.

First things first - When do these terms apply?

  • When you, as a consumer, visit the Kitemana website and place an order in our web shop or score a purchase with us in the store.
  • Kitemana's customers come from far and wide. After all, the Netherlands is not the only country with a coastline. Even so, Kitemana is the only store where you should be for your kite gear. Okay, now we're drifting a bit. What we want to say: good for you to know that we are a Dutch legal entity and that Dutch law applies to these terms and all agreements accomplished between you and Kitemana.
  • Kitemana may change these terms from time to time. We therefore recommend that you check this page every now and then with your next order. If it concerns a change that we would like to point out to you, we will send you an e-mail.

The Kitemana walhalla web shop – What do we agree on?

    • The prices in the web shop are stated in euros as standard and include VAT (depending on the country of delivery) and exclude shipping costs.
    • On our website you can change the delivery country, language and currency to your preference in the top right-hand corner. If you choose a different currency, the prices will be converted based on the exchange rate of the Euro. At the checkout, you ultimately also pay in Euros. We will point this out to you in the final step of the checkout.
    • When you select a country outside the EU (for shipping), the price is automatically displayed without VAT. Be aware of any import duties and taxes you may have to pay in the receiving country. These costs are for your own account.
    • Kitemana compiles the website with care and attention, but sometimes an error can sneak in. If you see a price for a product listed in the 'too good to be true' category, you cannot oblige us to sell the product for this price. If you have already placed the order, we will contact you immediately and you have the choice to cancel the order or to pay the actual price for this product.
    • Make your move! Offers are valid while stocks last.
    • In our web shop you can pay with different payment methods such as: iDeal, credit card, Paypal and Apple Pay. The options differ per country of shipment.
    • For payments with a credit card outside the Netherlands, the credit card company may require us to approve the payment, as an extra security check. In such a case, we will contact you and ask a number of control questions. Did you graduate? Yes, we are going to prepare the order for shipment!
    • As soon as Kitemana receives your order and payment, our team will get to work for you immediately. After all, we are good at that. Is the product in stock and will your order arrive on a working day before 3 p.m.? Then we give it to our delivery person the same day and you can sometimes unpack your order often within 1 to 2 working days, depending on the country of delivery.
    • For products that are not in stock directly, Kitemana depends on the supplier. We will of course do our best to have your order delivered to you as soon as possible. If this takes longer than we state on the website, we will contact you.
    • We understand that you want to get on the water as soon as possible, but in all cases the stock status and delivery times are indicative and Kitemana cannot be held liable for any costs or other damage that you have experienced due to the later delivery.
    • Has a package been sent and in the meantime you decide to cancel the order and you therefore do not accept the package. Then Kitemana has the choice to deduct the transport costs from the amount we will refund to you
    • For the delivery times and delivery costs of Kitemana, please refer to the delivery page on our website.
    • Are you not satisfied with your web shop purchase? Unfortunately, but don't worry. At Kitemana you can return the product within 30 days. How? We explain that to you here.
    • Kitemana is happy to receive a returned product in its original jacket. So keep the packaging well and leave the card where it is if you want to return the product.
    • As you will understand, we only take unused and/or undamaged items back. For example, you can try on a wetsuit or accessories, but if you have visibly taken these products onto or in the beach or water (or if the products show other signs of use), we can no longer accept them for return. We also value honesty. If you have tried a product but it turns out not to be suitable for you, please contact us. Then we try to find a solution for that.
    • Items that are custom made especially for you cannot be returned.
    • As soon as we have received your return in good condition, we will transfer the amount within 7 working days via the same payment method you used to make the payment.
    • If a package has been refused by the the receiver the order amount will be refunded when the package is back in our warehouse minus shipping and returncosts.
    • On the Return page of our website you will find more information about the return process.
    • Kitemana stands for quality. We expect that the kite gear we sell can withstand some storms. In the unlikely event that something breaks that should not have broken yet, the manufacturer's warranty may be able to offer a solution. Kitemana is not responsible for this warranty, but is your point of contact to investigate the options regarding warranty at the manufacturer. So let us know if the product has not weathered the storm. We are happy to help you. Check the Warranty page of our website for more information.
    • At Kitemana you can go for all the fun things that have to do with your favourite hobby (we assume that that is kiting...), but we are also there for the less fun things, such as damage. You can hold Kitemana accountable for damage that you have experienced, if this damage happened directly from Kitemana's behaviour and we can also be blamed for this. We are not liable for damage caused by using the product (we will call the supplier) nor for indirect damage. In this case you can think of costs that you have suffered to replace a product (rental costs), travel costs or holiday costs or, for example, income or prices that you have missed (for the high flyers among us).
    • If you receive your order in damaged condition, we request that you report this as soon as possible after receipt. Together we look for a solution to replace the damaged product and have it delivered to you as soon as possible.
    • At Kitemana we are not only very good at selling kite gear, but also at fixing it. Kites, bars, boards, or wetsuits can be repaired at our megastore. We give you an indication in advance of the expected repair costs and honest advice whether the refurbishment still outweighs the costs. This naturally concerns repairs that are not covered by the warranty, for example due to wear and tear after frequent use.
    • Kitemana does its utmost to make your gear ready to ride again, but we cannot guarantee the repaired part. Please contact us if the repaired part breaks again immediately after use. Then we check whether the repair has been properly carried out by us.
    • We are happy to help kite gear get a second life. To be clear: we do not buy second hand gear. You can exchange your old kite or board with us for a discount on a new one from our store or web shop. Depending on the state and condition of the gear, we will discuss the conditions of the trade-in, including whether we will take your kite or board and what the discount will be. Here too we assume trust and expect you to report any defects in the gear honestly to us.
    • We offer this exchanged kite gear again for an attractive price on our website. Interesting for the rookie kiters among us or if you just don't need brand new gear. There is no manufacturer's warranty on second-hand kite gear, but Kitemana will check the equipment for you.

These General Terms have been updated January 8th 2024

Kitemana BV – VATnumber: NL866035163B.01 – Chamber of Commerce: 92415180

Also read our privacy statement.

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