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Repair - Kiteboard

In some cases you can easily repair your own kiteboard or surfboard. Think of small holes, cracks or breaks in your board. We have various materials and resources that make repair possible. Read more »





Fiberfill Epoxy Repair Kit
Fiberfill Epoxy Repair KitSuncure
Epoxy Repair Kit
Epoxy Repair KitDing All
Clear Ding Tape
Clear Ding TapeDing All
Fibrefill Polyester Repair Kit
Fibrefill Polyester Repair KitSuncure
UV Cure Epoxy Fiberstrong
UV Cure Epoxy FiberstrongBig Ding Repair
AquaPak Epoxy Repair Kit
AquaPak Epoxy Repair KitProlimit
Epoxy Quik Stik
Epoxy Quik StikDing All
Instant Repair Putty
Instant Repair PuttyFCS Surf
Nose Cone Warhead
Nose Cone WarheadDing All
Polyester Repair Kit
Polyester Repair KitBig Ding Repair
UV Cure Polyester Fiberstrong
UV Cure Polyester FiberstrongBig Ding Repair
Epoxy Repair Kit
Epoxy Repair KitBig Ding Repair
Epoxy Stick
Epoxy StickDing All
Surf Ding Patch
Surf Ding PatchRSPRO
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Kiteboard repair

Fixing your kiteboard yourself can be done in some cases, but of course this also has to do with how much of a handyman you are. Damages that are easy to repair on your twintip are for example delamination of your twintip, ding or repair a broken rail. It is more complicated to replace inserts, but that is also possible of course. To make a twintip kiteboard the most logical choice is often to opt for epoxy, which becomes extremely strong when it hardens. In case of damage to the rail, you can fill it with epoxy, let it harden and then sand away the excess epoxy. Subsequently, your board is waterproof again and can be taken along to the water again. Small repairs can be fixed and cured so quickly that you are back on the water fifteen minutes later!

It is always important that your twintip kiteboard is 100% waterproof because the moment water can penetrate into the wooden core of the kiteboard, this makes it possible for your board to start to delaminate and break very easy! Moisture in your kiteboard ensures that your board is much less strong and of course the weight also increases. So if you have damage to your board and you come back after your session, it may be already too late. Before you start repairing the kiteboard it is important that you dry it thoroughly first. You can do this in the sun, for example, make sure the point where the water came in is the lowest so that it can run out.

Repair Surfboard

A ding in your surfboard can happen very quickly, unfortunately a surfboard is not as strong as twintip kiteboards. Damages that are easy to repair on your surfboard are for example small dings, holes and cracks. What is more complicated when it comes to a broken board, broken nose or broken fin boxes. For surfboard you have two different repair agents polyester or epoxy, which you choose depending on what your board is made of, if you do not know that for sure choose the epoxy. Filling a hole at a surfboard with epoxy does not require a lot of skills and is easy to apply yourself.

With most surfboards it is also important that they are watertight because most of the foam from which a surfboard is made of absorbs waters, there are also surfboard made with the so-called closed foam, this does not absorb water which ensures that you just keep enjoying your surf. Of course we recommend that if it is a windless period, to repair the board (or have it repaired).

Small repairs are easy to do by filling up the board and then sanding it flat again. If the damage is really bad than it is important that you also use fiber glass to make the board strong again. We have various products for to fix your surfboards, check your damage and then see which product fits best!

Have the kiteboard or surfboard repaired bij a pro

If you don’t have the skills, time or the possibility to make your surfboard or kiteboard yourself, you can always leave it to us, you can bring your board to our shop and, depending on how big the problem is, you can go back on the water the same day ! Usually a somewhat larger repair of your board takes about a week, since we want to dry it first and then repair it, sometimes the board has to dry several times during a reparation. Then we also like to make it in the right color again.