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Cold Hawaii Games 2020 Report

The big air competition Cold Hawaii Games took place on September 13, 2020 on the coast of Denmark and Kitemana was there! Read the full report here.

Kite Design Basics

Read more about the different shapes and specifications of kites here. What makes it that one kite steers faster than the other, jumps over higher? Check everything about kites here!

2020 Kite trade-in deal!

Score up to 50% discount on a new 2020 kite when trading in your old one! This promotion is valid untill Friday 5th June 2020.

Name Your Price Sale 2020

You decide what you want to pay at Kitemana! This 'Name Your Price' promotion is valid from Sunday 24 to Wednesday 27 May

Hardshell Saturday

Score 15% extra checkout discount on a hardshell harness this Saturday!

Kitesurfing and safety

Kitesurfing does not have to be dangerous at all, as long as everyone knows the priority rules. This way we keep the sport safe and fun for everyone!

New ISO Safety Standard for Quick Release Systems

The Global Kitesports Association has just announced that the new ISO 21853 standard for Quick Release systems went into force. This is a major step, which will benefit not only you as a kiter, but also kite schools and brands... read here why that is and what this means to you!

Up to 15% stack discount at Kitemana

Save up to 15% discount on your order at Kitemana this Easter weekend

Kitesurf workouts

Read here about the different exercises you can do to stay completely fit for your next kite surfing session.

Kitesurf Equipment Check

Can't wait to get back on the water? Don't forget to check your material thoroughly beforehand. This prevents damage and accidents.

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2020 KITE TRADE-IN DEAL: Score up to 50% off a brand new 2020 kite! Check here the trade-in deal!