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Name Your Price Sale 2021

You decide what you pay at kitemana! The 'Name Your Price' promotion runs on Monday 31-05-21 and Tue 01-06-21

Core Kiteboarding XR7 launch and interview: Frank Ilfrich Core Kite designer

Interview with Frank Ilfrich, Head of R&D at Core Kiteboarding: With this interview we offer you a look behind the scenes: We met Frank, Head of Development at Core and Carved, and learned about how kites being developed, what challenges there were and whats he most proud of as the designer of the new XR7 - as a fan of Core Kiteboarding you shouldn't miss that (as well as anyone else) - go check it out!

Snowkiting - the winter alternative for kitesurfers?!

When it gets cold outside and the conditions too harsh for some to hit the water, snow kiting season is in full swing! Often there are snow kiting spots at your doorstep and you can start off using most of your kitesurf gear… some of the reasons, why this sport is becoming increasingly popular each winter. Our German colleague Svenja discovered her passion for snowkiting a while back and now with many being stuck at home, unable to fly to Cape Town, she wrote a blog on how to get started, where to find snowkiting spots, some advice regarding safety and why snowkiting can get addicting very fast! Enjoy the read and give it a go!

Name Your Price Sale December

You decide what you pay on Sunday 27 and Monday 28 December 2020! Check out the 'Name Your Price' sale at kitemana here!

Covid-19 Updates Kitemana

Authorities of different European countries apply different measures to "contain" the Covid-19 virus, or coronavirus. Check here all international delivery updates.

Red Bull King of the Air 2021: Full Riders List

We have been eagerly waiting, watching, discussing and re-watching all entry videos and kept changing our personal list of the top eleven KOTA 2021 entry videos, but the wait is finally over now – Red Bull South Africa has just announced the official riders list for the most prestigious and important kiteboarding competition of the year!

Red Bull King of the Air 2021: Updates and Entry Videos

Cape Town is opening up and the King of the Air 2021 – will be on… or not?! In this blog, we will dive into the current status quo of KOTA 2021 in Cape Town and will be dealing with the question: Is the King of the Air 2021 going to happen?! Also, we will take a sneak peek at some of the very promising KOTA 2021 entry videos.

Cold Hawaii Games 2020 Report

The big air competition Cold Hawaii Games took place on September 13, 2020 on the coast of Denmark and Kitemana was there! Read the full report here.

Kite Design Basics

Read more about the different shapes and specifications of kites here. What makes it that one kite steers faster than the other, jumps over higher? Check everything about kites here!

2020 Kite trade-in deal!

Score up to 50% discount on a new 2020 kite when trading in your old one! This promotion is valid untill Friday 5th June 2020.

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