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Wetsuit Maintenance

Woop Woop, your new wetsuit has arrived! Check here how to best maintain your wetsuit!

Core Pace Pro Launch interview with Giel Vlugt

Say hello to the Core Pace Pro and the Sensor 4 (Pro) bar. This setup looks super promising and seems to be delivering some seriously good vibes. We caught up with Giel Vlugt, aka Double-G, who’s an International Core Team Rider.

Kitemana Big Air Team Contest 2024 - Submit your team now!

Get ready for Kitemana Big Air Team Contest 2024! The most fun and entertaining kitesurfing team event!

Kitemana Tarifa Vlog 1: Ruben flies the new Cabrinha Aluula Kite

The forecast in the Netherlands almost made us cry but then we checked the Tarifa forecast. Then we just knew that everything was gonna be alright. With four days of Levante lined up and plenty of cool folks in town, Gijs and I packed our bags and made our way.

Name Your Price Sale 2024

You decide what you pay at kitemana! The 'Name Your Price' promotion runs on May 22 and 23 2024

In conversation with Jon Modica from Cabrinha || KITEMANA HANGTIME PODCAST

It was a pleasure to receive a message from my old friend Jon Modica who I hadn’t seen in a long time. Jon and I met each other quite a few times whilst traveling to compete. A lot of things have changed since so a catch up is long overdue.

The new Duotone Evo SLS 2024 compared to the 2023 model - Lasse & Ruben find out

When the new Evo SLS came into the office I knew I needed to find out more about this all round kite. Not only because I heard many people raving about it but also because I had no clue about the difference between the normal Evo, the Evo SLS and the Evo Dlab.


Use the discount code KING10 to get a 10% discount on our *entire range of kitesurfing gear. Happy Kingsday!

Review: Core Nexus 4 tested

We tested the super allround Core Nexus 4!

Ruben LEN10’s REVIEW of the Ozone VORTEX

Ozone took a while to release their version of the Aluula material but what I can tell you is that it was worth the wait. Using this new, lighter and stiffer material allows this 3 strut design to have more stability and responsiveness. This stiffer frame holds the overall profile better and with a 16 point leading edge bridle attachment in combination with the double transversal shaping the canopy is ultra tight.

Sitting down with Willem Hooft || Kitemana Hangtime Podcast

Ruben Lenten talks to sit-kitesurfer Willen Hoofd in the Kitemana Hangtime Podcast

Reedin Super Model HTF 2024 + collection 5 with Kevin Langeree and Ruben Lenten

The Reedin team on a roll. Now already onto their 5th collection of epic gear. Not only naming their products in a cool way but definitely also standing out by look and feel.

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