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Kite Slingshot

Slingshot kiteboarding is present in the kitesurfing sport since the start of kitesurfing. In 1999 the kite brand Slingshot was founded by two brothers in America. The kitesurf kites of Slingshot are among the true top of the kitesurfing world. Not only in terms of quality but also in terms of performance. With the Slingshot Fuel Ruben Lenten invented the mega loop and showed how extreme kitesurfing was. The Slingshot RPM is a world class kite. The Dutchman Youri Zoon was a number of times world champion with the help of the Slingshot RPM and in recent years Carlos Mario can’t be kicked off the freestyle kitesurfing throne with the Slingshot RPM. Slingshot has kites for every kitesurf level from beginner to pro and for every sailing style from freestyle to wave. At the bottom of the page you can read more about all developments of Slingshot. Furthermore you will find on this page our selection of Slingshot kitesurf kites. Do you have a question about one of the Slingshot kites, don’t know what to choose or is your Slingshot kite shown on this page? Ask us your question via telephone, email, WhatsApp or visit our kitesurf shop in Katwijk. Read more. »


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Kite Kleur

SST V5 2020 Kite
SST V5 2020 KiteSlingshot
$ 1080.27
Ghost 2020 Kite
Ghost 2020 KiteSlingshot
$ 1335.84
Raptor V1 2020 Kite
Raptor V1 2020 KiteSlingshot
$ 1198.23
SST 2019 Kite
SST 2019 KiteSlingshot
1331.91 $ 932.83
Rally 2019 Kite
Rally 2019 KiteSlingshot
1443.97 $ 1011.47
Turbine 2020 Kite
Turbine 2020 KiteSlingshot
$ 1807.66
RPM 2020 Kite
RPM 2020 KiteSlingshot
$ 1060.61
Rally GT V1 2020 Kite
Rally GT V1 2020 KiteSlingshot
$ 1031.12
Fuel 2018 Kite
Fuel 2018 KiteSlingshot
$ 1119.59
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Buy Slingshot kiteboarding kite online

Buying a Slingshot kite is easily and quickly done online. But before you do that you obviously want to have enough information about the kite and the kitesurfing brand. On this page you can find information about the Slingshot kites such as the Slingshot Fuel, Turbine, Rally and RPM. Do you want some more information about the slingshot kites then you can always reach us by phone, WhatsApp, email or visit our kiteshop in Katwijk. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Slingshot Kiteboarding kite shop

    You can get all the kites from Slingshot at our Kitemana shop. We stand behind the quality and flying characteristics of the Slingshot kites and are proud that we are a Slingshot kitesurf dealer. Slingshot has designed the perfect kite for every kite surfer of every level and kitesurfing style. Can’t see the forest for its trees because of all the kite choices you have? Please contact us via email, WhatsApp, or telephone. You can always visit us at our Kiteshop in Katwijk.

    Slingshot kiteboarding kite collection

    The kite collection of Slingshot consists of a large number of kites. For every kitesurfing style and every kitesurfing level Slingshot has the perfect kite. Below, all Slingshot kites are briefly described and categorized according to a certain kitesurfing style, so that you have a quick overview of all the features off all Slingshot kites. If you are a beginner choose a kite that is considered freeride, or a wave kite. Examples at Slingshot are the Rally and the SST. If you are a freestyle kitesurfer that only goes for the sickest tricks, then you should go for the Slingshot RPM or Fuel. Do you like all-round freeride with long hangtime and high jumps? The Slingshot Turbine is the kite for you. Do you prefer nothing more than shredding waves all day long? Add the Slingshot SST to your kitesurf equipment and you will never want to stop you session.

    Slingshot RPM kite

    The Slingshot RPM is a kite that has dominated the freestyle kitesurfing world for years. One after the other kitesurfer becomes freestlyle world champion with the Slingshot RPM. First Youri Zoon became world champion with the Slingshot RPM just after the introduction of the kite. Nowadays Carlos Mario rips with the RPM and has become world champion several times in recent years. It is therefore no surprise that the RPM can be divided into the kites with a freestyle character. The Slingshot RPM has an open C kite design. This design ensures that the kite has a good freestyle character through thick slack and high pop. But the RPM also gives hangtime and pull for gigantic kiteloops. The Slingshot RPM uses a pully IRS bridle system which makes the kite feel stable and the wind range is slightly increased. The Slingshot RPM has a lightweight but strong 3 strut system with Splitstrut technology. The RPM you ride on four lines. Read everything about the Slingshot RPM here.

    Slingshot Fuel kite

    The Slingshot Fuel is the most legendary kite in the kitesurf kite range of Slingshot. The Slingshot Fuel has been made by Slingshot since 2001. A true hardcore freestyle C-kite machine. A kite for the advanced kite surfer. But if you manage to tame this kite you have a kite in your hands that you can read and write with. The Slingshot Fuel owes its greatest fame to 'master of extreme' Ruben Lenten. With the Slingshot Fuel Ruben Lenten invented the kiteloop. A trick where nowadays entire competitions are held, such as the Megaloop Challange. The Slingshot Fuel has a traditional C-shape design with wide and square tips that ensure a powerful performance. The Slingshot Fuel has a strong 5 struts profile and is flown on 5 lines. Check the powerhouse Slingshot Fuel here.

    Slingshot SST Kite

    The Slingshot SST is the wave kite within the kite range of Slingshot. This ensures that you can also use the Slingshot SST as a beginner kite. The SST is a kite designed to look for the waves. Slingshot has given the SST a crazy drift through a lightweight 3 strut design and special wing tips that allow you to surf endless waves like you lost your kite. The SST is always good to control even when you fully depowerd the kite and keep the bar away from you. The bridles ensure a perfect profile in the air and make it possible, in combination with the wingtips, that the Slingshot SST is easy to relaunch. All these features that make the Slingshot SST a great wave kite also make it a popular choice among the kitesurfing hydrofoilers. Especially the drift and the good handling when you depowerd the kite make the SST a wonderful hydrofoil kite. You fly the Slingshot SST on 4 lines. Do you want to read everything about the Slingshot SST? Click here.

    Slingshot Rally Kite

    The Slingshot Rally can be divided into the category of the all-round kites. Anyone who will ride with the Slingshot Rally will find this a nice kite. Reliable, stable and a good relaunch. A super fine kite for the average kite surfer. The Rally has a large wind range and can easily kite upwind. If you like to go big and long into the air, you will also have a lot of fun with the Slingshot Rally. The Rally has a gigantic hangtime and a nice gradual pull into the air. Perfect for backrolls, front rolls and awesome air tricks. The Slingshot Rally has a strong 5 strut profile so that the Rally will keep its profile well in strong winds. You kite the Slingshot Rally on 4 lines. Read all the details about the Slingshot Rally here.

    Slingshot Turbine Kite

    The Slingshot Trubine is the low-wind version of the Slingshot Rally. The high aspect ratio ensures that the Turbine is super effective with the wind, so the performance in conditions with little wind is amazing. That the Slingshot Turbine is a kite that is meant purely for the days with less wind, can also be clearly seen in the sizes in which the Turbine is available. The available sizes Slingshot Turbine are 13, 15, 17 and 19 meters. If you want to stay in the air as long as possible, you just have to send the Slingshot Turbine into the air, pull your bar and there you go. Floating over the water, enough time for a few front or back rolls. Because of the 5 strut model, the Slingshot Turbine always stays in the air with the perfect shape and will not collapse when the wind increases. Due to the bridle system the Turbine has a very nice depower and will easily relaunch despite its size. You fly the Slingshot Turbine on 4 lines with a low V-junction. All information of the Slingshot Turbine can be read here.

    Slingshot Kiteboarding kite technology

    You don’t just put a good kitesurf kite together. Much research and development is needed to develop high quality kites. Certain technologies ensure that today's kites are no longer comparable to the kites of a couple of years ago. Slingshot is very much involved in the development of techniques that make kites and kitesurfing easier and better. You can read below the techniques which Slingshot uses to make their kites fly the way they fly, awesome!

    Slingshot IRS Bridle System

    The Slingshot IRS system is short for Intuitive Response System (IRS). Slingshot introduced this system for the first time in 2015. The IRS bridle system replaces the old bridle system with pulleys for a system of bungy lines which stretch and shrink back again. As a result, there is always the right tension on the lines. The result is that a slingshot kite with IRS bridle feels super smooth in the air with a more direct feeling than an old pulley system.

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