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Since 2000, Airush has been producing awesome kitesurf kites with which you can enjoy kitesurfing in all conditions. The kites are designed and tested in the kitesurf Mecca of the world, Cape Town. Airush is an innovation driven kitesurfing brand and has come up with ideas in the past that changed the kitesurfing materials and sport for good. Airush has the perfect kitesurf kite for every level and every kitesurfing style. Choose the Airush Razor if you go for kiteloops and thick freestyle. The Airush Wave turns the waves into your playground. Just started kitesurfing? The Airush Lithium is one of the best kitesurf kites to easily learn kite surfing. For the days with less wind and with the hydrofoil Airush has developed the best one strut kite, the Ultra. Read all about the Airush kitesurf kites on this page and view our range of Airush kites. Is your kite that you are looking for not listed here, or do you have another question? Ask your question via email, WhatsApp or telephone. Read more. »

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Lithium V13 2022 Kite
Lithium V13 2022 KiteAirush
One V2 2022 Kite
One V2 2022 KiteAirush
Diamond V5 2020 Kite
Diamond V5 2020 KiteAirush
1529.00 €989.00
Lift 2021 Kite
Lift 2021 KiteAirush
1349.00 €939.00
Lift V2 2022 Kite
Lift V2 2022 KiteAirush
Lithium V12 2021 Kite
Lithium V12 2021 KiteAirush
1019.00 €819.00
One Progression 2021 Kite
One Progression 2021 KiteAirush
649.00 €519.00
Session 2022 Kite
Session 2022 KiteAirush
Ultra V3 2020 Kite
Ultra V3 2020 KiteAirush
969.00 €729.00
Ultra V4 2022 Kite
Ultra V4 2022 KiteAirush
Union V5 2020 Kite
Union V5 2020 KiteAirush
1329.00 €999.00
Union V6 2022 Kite
Union V6 2022 KiteAirush
Wave V9 2020 Kite
Wave V9 2020 KiteAirush
1399.00 €979.00
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Buy Airush Kiteboarding Kite Online

You can order your favorite Airush kite kite easily and quickly online with us. But we understand that you want to be well informed when purchasing your new Airush kite. On this page we have made an overview of the different Airush kites with associated kitesurf sailing style and for which level the kite is suitable. Among other things, the Airush Razor, Wave, Ultra and Lithium. For questions or advice about the Airush kites you can always contact us via email, WhatsApp, telephone or in our kiteshop in Katwijk. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Airush kiteboarding destination shop

    Kiemana destination store. We proudly sell the Airush kites. Airush has a history that goes all the way back to the beginning of kitesurfing. Airush's kites are of a quality that you can expect from the kitesurf brand that has been active in kitesurfing for so long. We test the Airush kites themselves and have the experience to choose the best Airush kite for you, matching your kite-style and kitesurfing level. With the wide range of Airush kites there is always a kite that will suit you perfectly. For tailor-made advice about your Airush kite, you can always reach us via email, WhatsApp, telephone or a stop at our kitesurf shop in Katwijk.

    Aiursh kiteboarding kite collection

    Airush has a wide range of kitesurf kites. For everyone and for every kitesurf style. As a beginner you will be able to enjoy the Airush Lithium. But if you have transcended that level, you can choose the challenging Airush Union to practice your first freestyle tricks or pull kiteloops. For the kitesurfers who made the waves into his playground, Airush developed the Wave. The perfect kite with the perfect features to play between the waves all day long. Are you super stoked and do you want to ride as fast as possible the maximum pop and thickest pull from your kiteloops? Then you have to go for the Airush Razor. The current hydrofoil trend knows to infect everyone. You can ride with almost no wind. But of course you have to have a nice light weather kite for that. The Airush Ultra is undoubtedly the best single strut light weather kite for infinite hydrofoil sessions. Below, all Airush kites are briefly described and divided according to sailing style and kitesurfing level.

    Airush Lithium kite

    The Airush Lithium is a kite that is suitable for the beginner to advanced kitesurfer. The Lithium is a nice all-round kite with which you can cruise, fly and freeride. When you fly the Airush Lithium you will notice that it is a stable and predictable kite. This gives you confidence in the Lithium and you dare to practice your next trick. Due to the bow / sle desing of the kite relaunching the Lithium is not a problem which is very nice when you are practicing. The 3 strut profile gives the Lithium a light weight but thanks to the LoadFrame with WebTech the Lithium is super strong. The Airush Lithium you fly on 4 lines with a low split of the power lines. Read all the information about the Airush Lithium here.

    Airush Union kite

    The Airush Union is a kite with which you can take the second step when you are a beginner. An all-round performance kite suitable for the kitesurfer who is just intermediate to the advanced kitesurfer. The Airush Union is a kite that lends itself perfectly to unhooked tricks and kiteloops. That is because the Airush Union has an open c profile. As a result, the Union C kite has features with a more friendly character compared to a real C kite. The Airush Union has a nice direct steering behaviour. The Airush Union uses a bridle system so that the Union has a good depower and a large wind range. The Airush Union rides on four lines with a low split of the power lines. More information about the Airush Union can be found here.

    Airush Ultra kite

    Many brands had already tried it, making a single strut kite. But as Airush has made the single strut kite every brand wanted to make. The Airush Ultra is the best one strut kite on the market. The flying and low-end characteristics of the Ultra are unmatched. The Ultra is therefore the best tube kite for foiling out there. Thanks to the sturdy WebTech profile of the Ultra, the kite can also handle harder winds. Which makes the Ultra in addition to light weather kite also fun to freeride with. The Union is super light due to the use of one strut and almost no heavy dacron cloth. You fly the Airush Union on four lines with a low split of the power lines. Thanks to the bridle system you have a big power and depower reach on the bar of the Airush Ultra. All information on the Airush Ultra can be read here.

    Airush Session kite

    The waveriders deserve a kite that does exactly what they want. That is why Airush has developed the Airush Session. With the features you can surf the wave without the kite getting in your way. The Airush Session feels super direct and steers quickly. In combination with the perfect drift properties, the Airush Session is a kite that you will enjoy as a wave-riding kite surfer. The good drift of the Airush Wave is due to the lightweight profile due to the three strut design and the use of little Dacron, which is replaced by a lightweight WebTech and LoadFrame. You ride the Airush Wave on four lines with a low split of the power lines. Do you want to know more about the Airush Session? Click here.

    Airush Razor kite Freestyle is your thing! Your kiteloops are high and low. The Airush Razor is a raw freestyle C-kite. Performance at the highest level. Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya became freestyle world champion with the Airush Razor. During the King of the Air you can see the Airush Razor pulling mega-high kiteloops. The Airush Razor is the evolution of the previously released Airush Reactor. The Airush Razor can take a beating so that you can practice your new kitesurfing tricks with the Razor through the 5 strut profile and WebTech. The relaunch requires a little more technique than a bow or sle kite. According to world champion Alex Pastor, the Razor has the perfect pop and slack. The Airush Razor uses 5 lines. The 5th line is an active 5th line because it ensures that the Airush Razor maintains its perfect shape. Read all about the Airush Razor by clicking here.

    Airush Lift Kite

    The Airush Lift is aimed at freeride & big air. The Lift is made for the kitesurfer who wants nothing more than to break his height record. In addition, the Airush Lift offers a kite that gives a lot of hang time, explosive power and stability in the most extreme conditions. The ease of use and the super top performance make the Lift the good big air machine from Airush. The Lift has been tested by Gijs Wassenaar and Oswald Smith to give you the best big air experience. Of course, the Airush Lift also gives you the opportunity to improve cruising in a very relaxed way. Read about the Airush Lift by clicking here.

    Airush One kite

    The Airush One is a super easy kite with a 'plug and play' character. And therefore very suitable for beginners who are looking for a strong, 'bombproof' kite with a large wind range. The One owes this wind range to the one strut design. Due to this design, the One is light and the kite has a large effective surface to generate power. Another characteristic feature of the Airush One is the large depower range. With this range you can easily catch gusts by pushing the bar away from you and you can sail the One a little longer than you would expect. Due to the angled tips and the strut in the middle, the One for a single strut kite has an easy relaunch. Read all about the Airush One by clicking here.

    Aiursh kiteboarding kite techology

    A lot of time is spent developing a kite. The Airush designers come every year with useful new ideas and technologies to make the Airush kites fly as well as possible with the highest possible quality. The fact that Airush is an innovation driven kitesurfing brand is clearly visible in the various unique technologies that Airush manages to process in their kites. Below, the most important innovations of Airush are put together and briefly explained.

    Airush LoadFrame with WebTech kite technology

    At Airush they focus on the smallest and every detail. The canvas and the seams of the kite are the most vulnerable parts of the kite. Airush has developed the unique and exclusively for Airush kites the Load Frame. The Load Frame ensures that the force on the canvas is gradually spread over the kite. The Load Frame works like a web. The web is a web of light weight but super strong yarn woven. Each yarn can hold 40kg. There is, as it were, a spider web through the kite. The strong yarn gets a strong tape so they are even more durable. The LoadFrame is supported by WebTech technology. Airush WebTech is used where the most constant force comes on the kite, this too is extra strong yarn to absorb the force. So at the attachment points of the bridles and steering lines. By using Airush LoadFrame and Web Tech, Airush has reduced the use of heavy cloth such as Dacron to a minimum, making the kites super light, but super strong.

    Airush kiteboarding kitesurfing kite canopy

    The high quality kite cloth from Airush is made of premium quality in cooperation with market leader in the field of canopy intended for the water sports industry Teijin, under the name Technofore. The fabric has a high density with polyester yarn in a double coating for double ripstop quality. The fabric is protected with UV-coating so that the color of the fabric is maintained as long as possible. In combination with Airush Load Frame and Web Tech, the Technoforce D2 fabric provides the ultimate combination of durability and performance.

    Airush XL inflate

    All Airush kites are equipped with a large pump valve so that you can inflate your kite super fast.