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Kiteboard - Lightwind

The name says it all, lightwind kiteboards are developed to kite with minimum wind speed. The kiteboards are a lot bigger than normal kiteboards and vary between 145cm and 180cm. The buoyancy of these boards is very high because these boards have a large surface area, a flat design and a square construction. All these element will makes you sink less quickly so you will stay on top the water. Lightwind kiteboards are also very suitable for beginners or relatively heavier kiters. A lightwind kiteboard gains speed easily, rides well upwind and gets in plane almost immediately. Read more »



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Twintip Size



Stylus 2021 Kiteboard
Stylus 2021 KiteboardCabrinha
659.00 €494.00
Orbit 2022 S26 Kiteboard
Orbit 2022 S26 KiteboardNaish
Trace 2022 Kiteboard
Trace 2022 KiteboardNorth
Flydoor 6 Kiteboard
Flydoor 6 KiteboardFlysurfer
Orbit 2018 Kiteboard
Orbit 2018 KiteboardNaish
699.00 €449.00
Orbit 2020 Kiteboard
Orbit 2020 KiteboardNaish
649.00 €479.00
Sonic V3 2021 Kiteboard
Sonic V3 2021 KiteboardAirush
Spike SLS 2021 Kiteboard
Spike SLS 2021 KiteboardDuotone Kiteboarding
Stylus 2022 Kiteboard
Stylus 2022 KiteboardCabrinha
Ultra Spike SLS 2021 Kiteboard
Ultra Spike SLS 2021 KiteboardDuotone Kiteboarding
Ultra Spike Textreme 2020 Kiteboard
Ultra Spike Textreme 2020 KiteboardDuotone Kiteboarding
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Looking for a light wind kitesurfing board?

Do you want to be the first kiter on the spot? A lightwind kiteboard might be a good choice for you! We are happy to help you choosing a suitable board that fulfills your wishes. If you have any questions you can always call us or send an email and we will reply as soon as possible.