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Unfortunately, we crash sometimes, whether we like it or not. To make this not so pleasant event a bit better Kitemana has everything in stock to protect yourself while kitesurfing. There are different ways to protect yourself while kitesurfing. An impact vest is one of the most used accessories to wear for protection. You can wear it over your wetsuit and it protects your entire core against the impact of a hard crash against the surface of the water. Another way to protect yourself is by wearing surf earplugs, waterproof sun lotion but also a safety knife is essential if you want to have a safe and fully protected kitesurf session. Do you have any questions about kitesurf protection? Please call or email us.



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Safety Knife with pocket
Safety Knife with pocketMystic
Star Impact Vest 2021 Frontzip
Star Impact Vest 2021 FrontzipMystic
Block Impact Vest 2021
Block Impact Vest 2021Mystic
Mercury 2021 Frontzip Impact Vest
Mercury 2021 Frontzip Impact VestProlimit
MK8 2021 Helmet
MK8 2021 HelmetMystic
Gedi Helmet
Gedi HelmetGath
Kite Safety Knife
Kite Safety KnifeManera
Majestic Impact Vest Szip Kite
Majestic Impact Vest Szip KiteMystic
Lip Balm SPF 15
Lip Balm SPF 15Island Tribe
MK8 X 2021 Helm
MK8 X 2021 HelmMystic
P20 Sunscreen SPF50 Spray 100ml
P20 Sunscreen SPF50 Spray 100mlRiemann
Vector Core FZ 2021 Impact Vest
Vector Core FZ 2021 Impact VestION
Vector Element SZ 2021 Impact Vest
Vector Element SZ 2021 Impact VestION
Sports glasses with UV protection
Sports glasses with UV protectionJC Optics
59.95 €24.95
Gem Impact Vest Frontzip Women
Gem Impact Vest Frontzip WomenMystic
Kite Knife Uni
Kite Knife UniBrunotti
Majestic Impact Vest Szip
Majestic Impact Vest SzipMystic
P20 Sunscreen SPF30 Spray 100ml
P20 Sunscreen SPF30 Spray 100mlRiemann
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