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Welcome to the Hydrofoils section of our Kitemana Online-Shop! We offer a large selection of different foils from leading hydrofoil brands such as Airush, Cabrinha, Core-Kiteboarding, F-One, Levitaz, Moses, Naish and Slingshot. With us you will find suitable foils for different disciplines such as freeride or racing and also suitable hydrofoils for beginners. When looking for the right hydrofoil, it is important that you include your previous experience and your ambitions in your search. Regardless of whether you start kite foiling and want a beginner hydrofoil or you are already an experienced kite foiler, we are happy to help you find the right kite hydrofoil! We always have a large stock of hydrofoils on site and offer fast and worldwide shipping! Read more »



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Mirage Hydrofoil
Mirage HydrofoilF-One
1474.00 €899.00
Onda Kite 91 Foil
Onda Kite 91 FoilSabfoil
1499.00 €1199.00
Phantasm Kite 633 Foil
Phantasm Kite 633 FoilSlingshot
Sonar Kite Foil
Sonar Kite FoilNorth
Aspect Hydrofoil
Aspect HydrofoilLevitaz Hydrofoils
Carving Foil V2 2020 Hydrofoil
Carving Foil V2 2020 HydrofoilAirush
Cruizer Hydrofoil
Cruizer HydrofoilLevitaz Hydrofoils
Element Hydrofoil
Element HydrofoilLevitaz Hydrofoils
Fluente 91 AR Foil
Fluente 91 AR FoilSabfoil
Freeride V2 2020 Hydrofoil
Freeride V2 2020 HydrofoilAirush
IC6 850 V2 Hydrofoil
IC6 850 V2 HydrofoilF-One
Kite Performance Freeride 2020 Foil
Kite Performance Freeride 2020 FoilNaish
SLC Hydrofoil
SLC HydrofoilCore Kiteboarding
Spirit SLS Hydrofoil
Spirit SLS HydrofoilDuotone Kiteboarding
Hover Glide Fkite 2020 Foil
Hover Glide Fkite 2020 FoilSlingshot
999.00 €799.00
Jet Freemove 2020 Foil
Jet Freemove 2020 FoilNaish
1199.00 €999.00
HI Rise Carve 2019 Foil
HI Rise Carve 2019 FoilCabrinha
Onda 72 Kite Foil
Onda 72 Kite FoilSabfoil
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Welcome to the Kitemana Q&A on hydrofoils. Choosing the perfect hydrofoil can be a challenge, regardless of whether you are about to enter the world of hydrofoiling or if you have already gained experience in hydrofoiling. That's why we answer the most common questions about foils that are asked again and again. Feel free to read the questions and answers below, but please don't hesitate to contact us! Our English-speaking customer service is always available and will be happy to help you with their expert knowledge!

What size / surface area should the front wing of my kite foil have?
How does the shape and the size / surface area of the wing affect the characteristics of the kite foil?
Which is the right mast length for kite foiling?
Foil mast made of carbon or aluminum - what are the differences?
Which foil is best suitable for freeriding?
Which foil is best suitable for racing?
Can I vary the mast length and wing sizes of all foils?
Which hydrofoil brands does Kitemana stock?

What size / surface area should the front wing of my kite foil have?

What size the front wing of your kite foil should be depends on how much experience you already have in hydrofoiling and what your ambitions are. To get started with kite foiling, it makes sense to choose a larger front wing, as it offers more stability and is more forgiving. Larger wings are also well suited for freeriding and cruising when there is little wind or for surfing waves.
A small / narrow front wing can build up very high speeds and is therefore very suitable for racing. In addition, these front wings work well for freestyle and jumps. However, you should already have experiences in foiling to use such wings, otherwise those can slow down your progress.

How does the shape and the size / surface area of the wing affect the characteristics of the kite foil?

A front wing with a large surface area ensures a lot of stability and an early lift at low speed. A small surface area reduces the drag of the front wing and increases its top speed and improves acceleration. The ratio of length to width of a wing is specified as the aspect ratio (AR). The smaller the AR, the more elongated and narrow the wing.
There are also front wings, which are more or less curvy. Curved front wings offer better directional stability, whereas a straight wing is more efficient but more demanding.
The tips of the wings of the front wing can be stretched more or less backwards (sweep). Wings with a lot of sweep are easier to control and feel more stable, but a front wing with a lot of sweep is less efficient.

Which is the right mast length for kite foiling?

For foiling-beginners, it makes sense to choose a small to medium foil mast (30-60cm), as this is more controllable and more forgiving during touch-downs and thus gives you more security at the beginning. After you made some progress and are able to foil safely, a longer mast (80-105cm) generates more speed, better maneuverability of the foil and of course the ultimate feeling of flying!

Foil mast made of carbon or aluminum - what are the differences?

Foil masts made out of aluminum are a bit more heavy than carbon masts as well as less stiff but also more durable and less expensive. Carbon Hydrofoil masts are lightweight, super stiff, but need to be handled with more care. If your budget for your kite-foil equipment is not that huge or if you are a beginner and you don’t know yet whether you will enjoy foiling or not, you can easily go for an aluminum mast without regrets. If, on the other hand, you are already a performance-oriented foiler or if this is your goal, then a carbon mast with its low weight and high rigidity will probably meet your requirements better.

Which foil is best suitable for freeriding?

A foil that is best suited for freeriding usually has a larger front wing with a low AR. As a result, it offers more lift even at lower speeds, is neatly maneuverable, feels very stable and has a lower top speed.

Which foil is best suitable for racing?

A typical Race Foil has a long and narrow front wing with a high AR. The mast should be 90cm long or longer and typically has a sharp arrow. Ideally the foil is made of carbon. The less parts of a race foil are interchangeable the better, because fewer assembly points increase stiffness and performance.

Can I vary the mast length and wing sizes of all foils?

Most manufacturers offer foils of which the foil mast and the foil wing can be exchanged. If you are not sure whether the mast length or wing size of a foil is variable, please contact us by email or give us a call!

Which hydrofoil brands does Kitemana stock?

At Kitemana you will find hydrofoils from the leading hydrofoil manufacturers currently on the market. Click the link below to learn more about a brand. Airush: BY INNOVATORS FOR INNOVATORS