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Naish Kiteboarding is one of the largest kite brands in the world. Owner and world champion kite and windsurfer, Robby Naish has been a part of the kitesurfing sport since the very beginning and is a real pioneer. He had a big influence and is partly responsible for current state of the sport nowadays. The canopy of the Naish kites is currently made out of the best and strongest fabric on the market "quad tex". Well-known kitesurfers such as Kevin and sister Jalou Langeree, but also Jesse Richman have been riding with Naish from a very young age. Besides Robby Naish, right-hand man Andy Church has also been involved in the development of kitesurfing equipment since 1999. Kitemana sells Naish kites and kiteboards directly from our own stock. Also for Naish spare parts, you have come to the right place! Would you like more information about any of the Naish product please contact us by phone or email and we will gladly answer all of your questions. Read more...



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Apex 2022 Binding
Apex 2022 BindingNaish
Chicken Finger
Chicken FingerNaish
Torque 2 ATB S26 2022 Bar
Torque 2 ATB S26 2022 BarNaish
Hero 2021 Kiteboard
Hero 2021 KiteboardNaish
499.00 €249.00
Pivot 2019 Kite (2nd)
Pivot 2019 Kite (2nd)Naish
Flagging line
Flagging lineNaish
Motion 2020 Kiteboard
Motion 2020 KiteboardNaish
599.00 €299.00
Depowerlijn Torque ATB 2017-2021
Depowerlijn Torque ATB 2017-2021Naish
Apex Binding Washer Set
Apex Binding Washer SetNaish
Traverse 2021 S25 Kiteboard
Traverse 2021 S25 KiteboardNaish
599.00 €299.00
Trim Line BTB 2017
Trim Line BTB 2017Naish
Airmax Kitepump Hose
Airmax Kitepump HoseNaish
Drive 2021 Kiteboard
Drive 2021 KiteboardNaish
899.00 €539.00
Chicken Finger Base Bar
Chicken Finger Base BarNaish
Drive 2020 Kiteboard
Drive 2020 KiteboardNaish
899.00 €449.00
Flagging Line 2017 grep - 5th line torque
Flagging Line 2017 grep - 5th line torqueNaish
Orbit 2022 S26 Kiteboard
Orbit 2022 S26 KiteboardNaish
Switch 2020 Kiteboard
Switch 2020 KiteboardNaish
599.00 €299.00
TT Fins 5cm
TT Fins 5cmNaish
Torque BTB 2021 Bar
Torque BTB 2021 BarNaish
599.00 €449.00
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Naish Kiteboarding kitesurfing brand

Naish kiteboarding is no stranger to the water sports world. Naish has made a name in windsurfing years ago. And since the beginning of kitesurfing, it has been very involved in the development, design and sales of the kitesurf kites. The kites, kiteboards, surfboards and bars of Naish intended for kitesurfing are of the highest quality that can be found in kitesurfing. On this page you can find all Naish kiteboarding products. Below you can read more about the Naish brand itself. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:
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    Naish Kiteboarding kitesurfing brand

    Whether you like to surf a barrel or like to go faster and higher than ever before, Naish kites will help you. Since the beginning of Naish in 1979, the surf brand is busy developing and producing high quality kite, wind and surf gear. Naish was started by living windsurf legend Robby Naish himself. His passion for water sports is reflected in the development of Naish kites, boards, surfboards and more. And Naish kiteboarding has in recent years become one of the most selling and best quality kitesurf brands on the market. The Naish Torch, for example, has been one of the most beloved C-kites for years. Our Dutch pro's Kevin and Jalou Langeree are won a lot of freestyle competitions on it. Also wave kites from Naish, like the Slash and Pivot are praised by many riders for their versatility and good flight characteristics. Kevin who switched to the Pivot just before King of the Air 2018 showed you how to fly with this kite, go mega high and then crown himself King of the air 2018. In addition to kites, Naish also produces awesome surfboards, kiteboards and since 2017 also foils of super high quality. Whether you like freestyle, freeride, wakestyle, surf or foiling, Naish has a suitable model for you.

    Naish kiteboarding can be recognized by the well-known logo with skull. This skull was drawn and designed by Robby Naish himself. Over the years, the Naish kitesurfing logo has gone through a development and is now slightly more subtle than in the early years. But still iconic for the Naish Kiteboarding Brand. Do you have a question about Naish or do you want to know something about a certain product? Call or email us!

    Naish Kiteboarding Development

    Naish was the very first to develop kites to where they are now. The kitesport is actually originated on Maui (Hawaii), which is also the home of the brand. All new kites, kiteboards, kitesurf foils and kitesurf bars are thoroughly tested every year by all kitesurfing athletes from Naish kitesurf on Hawaii and the rest of the world so you can be sure that you will get the best equipment when you buy a Naish kiteboarding product. .

    In the pioneering years of kitesurfing a number of windsurfers, including Robby Naish, Pete Cabrinha, Don Montague and many more experimenting with everything their creative brain could imagine, two line kites with huge bars without, for example, the well-known chickenloop. It was only testing and developing day in and day out. In the end, Naish has become one of the largest brands in the world. In 1999 they started to really think big about kitesurfing at Naish and they got the feeling that this could be a big sport. That year Naish kiteboarding brought his first kitesurf kite the AR 3.5 on the market, a kite with two lines. Later that year, Naish kiteboarding released the first kiteboard, the Naish Sky Pirate. At that time the kiteboards were about 7 feet long, that's about 2 meters! The times have changed the kites have become bigger, safer and stronger. The kiteboards have gone from super small 1.24m like the Naish Thorn in 2006 to slightly larger 1.38 like the new Naish Monarch. Where Naish will finally go to in the kitesurfing sport we don’t know, but it is getting better every year and we are curious about what Naish can bring us in the future of the kitesurfing sport.

    The kites and kiteboards from Naish look super nice today and are equipped with the latest technological innovations. We have an extensive range and large stock of all your Naish kitesurfing materials. By clicking below you immediately get a good overview of all Naish kites, Naish kiteboards, Naish barren, Naish surfboards. Check all:

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    Naish Apex Kitesurf Bindings

    The Naish Apex binding is simply put the best bindings right now! In 2016 Naish has the Apex binding in their assortment, as far as we are concerned, a superior binding with a perfect fit for almost everyone. The Apex can be adjusted with Velcro on four different points. This means that almost every foot will fit perfectly in the binding. Naish has also developed two options for the pads: a soft and a hard pad. If you have been looking for a very good binding for a long time, we definitely recommend it. The Naish Apex bindings are on stock and directly available in our webshop!

    Naish Kiteboarding Kitesurf Shop

    We are a fan of Naish kiteboarding. The kites, kiteboards, bars, surfboards and all other kitesurfing materials from Naish are of the highest quality. Naish may rightly call itself one of the biggest kitesurf brands of the moment. We have Naish kitesurfing gear in stock if your Naish kitesurfing product is not available, you can always call us and we can quickly arrange for your Naish kite, board or bar.

    Naish Kiteboarding Online Kitesurf Shop

    With us, Kitemana, you can order all your Naish kitesurfing materials, boards, barren kites and more online. Although we are for the most part an online kit shop, you can always come by for personal advice or call us for all information about your Naish kiteboarding kite, kiteboard, bar, surboard or something else. If you do not have time for this, we can always talk to you via WhatsApp.

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