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Looking for a new Mystic Harness? Then Kitemana is the right place for you! We are the largest Mystic Harness dealer in the Netherlands and have all Mystic harnesses available from stock. Mystic makes great seat and waist harnesses. Would you like a hard-shell harness, then the Majestic or Majestic X is a very good option. These Mystic Hard-shell Harnesses offer very good support during kiting. Would you like to know more about a Mystic harness model or would you like help in selecting your new kite harness? Please call or email us. Read more »

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Intro Harness Mystic

Looking for a new Mystic Harness? Then Kitemana is the right place for you! We are the largest Mystic Harness dealer in the Netherlands and have all Mystic harnesses available from stock. Mystic makes great seat and waist harnesses. Would you like a hard-shell harness, then the Majestic or Majestic X is a very good option. These Mystic Hard-shell Harnesses offer very good support during kiting. Would you like to know more about a Mystic harness model or would you like help in selecting your new kite harness? Please call or email us. Read more »

Buy Mystic trapeze

Do you want to buy a new Mystic harness? Then you have come to the right place at Kitemana. We are one of the largest Mystic harness dealers and have almost all Mystic harnesses in stock! Mystic has become an innovative pioneer in the kite and windsurfing world. By combining sustainability, quality, innovation and technology, Mystic has built a very good reputation in the kitesurfing scene. A kitesurfing harness from Mystic is durable and offers years of kitesurfing fun. In addition, the comfort and support of a Mystic Harness is unprecedented. You can easily order a Mystic harness from us via the website. If you want to be sure that the size is correct, check the harness size chart that you can find on the product page. If the harness or the size is not completely correct, you can easily exchange it for the correct model or your money will be refunded. Of course you are also very welcome in our megastore in Noordwijk to try on the Mystic Trapeze.

Mystic Men's Trapeze collection

Over the years, Mystic Boarding has developed a very extensive men's collection of harnesses. A harness for every kiter and everyone's style. Mystic makes top quality hip harnesses and seat harnesses. Below you will find an overview of all hip and seat harnesses from the Mystic collection.

Mystic Warrior
The Mystic Warrior is Mystic's longest running harness and specially designed for men. The quality and comfort of this harness is very good for the price you pay for it. The Warrior from Mystic is still a wonderful harness that meets all the specs you need for a comfortable session. The Warrior is strong, lasts for years and offers good back support. It is equipped with a clicker bar hook that opens and closes easily. In addition, the Warrior has the well-known battle belt that fits well around the abdomen for a seamless fit. The Mystic Warrior is available in the softshell version: the Mystic Warrior and the Mystic Warrior. Today, the Mystic Warrior has an ergonomic contoured back plate that adapts to your body. The Warrior X is a lot stiffer compared to the Warrior thanks to the Bionic Core Frame. Finally, there is a ring on the front to which you can attach your leash, so that you always have peace of mind on the water.

Mystic Majestic
The Mystic Majestic is Mystic's longest running hardshell harness and is available in two versions, the Majestic and the Majestic X. The big difference between the two is that the Mystic Majestic has a fiberglass shell and the Majestic X has a carbon shell. The fiberglass Majestic offers more freedom of movement, while the Majestic X offers more support. Both harnesses are made of the highest quality and are the favorite of team riders such as Cohan van Dijk, Jett Bradshaw and King of the Air winner Marc Jacobs. The harnesses distribute the force incredibly well over the entire back, making it easier and more comfortable to kitesurf in stronger winds. The soft Fix Foam on the inside forms to the contours of your body and ensures the best possible fit.

Mystic Stealth
The Mystic Stealth hardshell harness is Mystic's most high-end harness and is specially designed for men. The Mystic stealth has a super stiff carbon shell that provides incredible support in all conditions. Mystic has used a water-repellent Flexagon Drytech padding that ensures that the Stealth harness does not absorb water and therefore remains lightweight during your session. Thanks to the high quality, you can enjoy the Mystic Stealth harness for years to come and enjoy your kite sessions even longer!

Mystic Star
The Mystic Star is the most basic harness from Mystic and available for both men and women. The harness is very well priced for the performance you get in return. This trapeze also comes in different versions. The Mystic Star is available with a removable seat (hybrid), as a hip harness or in a kids' version. The Mystic Star has an Anatomic back plate that distributes the force well across your back. The inside is covered with a soft type of neoprene that feels nice on the bare skin. If you are a novice or even an advanced kitesurfer and are looking for a nice all-round harness for the most affordable price, then the Mystic Star is perfect for you!

Mystic Women's Trapeze collection

Mystic Gem
The Mystic Gem is the most luxurious harness for female shredders. Thanks to the latest features and the best materials, this harness delivers the highest performance. The Mystic Gem has a fiberglass hardshell that distributes the power of the kite over the entire back, so you can enjoy your session even longer. The inside of the Mystic Gem is covered with a Fix Foam padding that shapes to the contours of your body and prevents irritations on the skin. Combined with the Stealth bar or the clicker bar, the Gem stays incredibly well around your waist and will not ride up. If you are looking for the best of the best, then the Mystic Gem is perfect for you!

Mystic Dazzled
The Mystic Dazzled is marketed as a 'flexshell' harness, which means that the shell is between a hardshell and a softshell in terms of stiffness. The Dazzled offers a lot of support and freedom of movement at the same time, ideal for all-round riders. Thanks to the soft neoprene, the harness shapes to your body, ensuring a perfect fit everywhere. The Dazzled comes with the Ace Spreader Bar with lever closure. If you are looking for an all-round good harness and want the perfect balance between support and freedom of movement, then the Mystic Dazzled is perfect for you!

Mystic Jax
The Mystic Jax, like the Mystic Dazzled, has the perfect balance between support and flexibility, but has a higher shell for a large supporting surface. The Mystic Jax is covered on the inside with Fix Foam that adapts to the contours of your body. The soft neoprene edges feel comfortable, even on bare skin. The Mystic Jax, just like the Dazzled, comes with an Ace spreader bar.

Mystic zittrapeze collectie

In addition to hip harnesses, Mystic also makes seat harnesses. Mystic seat harnesses are carefully designed and of high quality. Seat harnesses are perfect for beginner riders or riders who want a harness that doesn't ride up. Because the hook is lower and the harness provides better support, you have better back support, making a seat harness perfect if you have a weak back.

Mystic Marshall Seat
The Mystic Marshall Seat is a seat harness with the best features and is made of the best materials. This high-end seat harness from Mystic has a flex shell with a pre-formed seat cup, which distributes the force well over the back and legs. This is why the Marshall Seat is often chosen by riders with back problems. If you are looking for a seat harness that puts support first, then the Mystic Marshall Seat is perfect for you.

Mystic Driver Seat
The Mystic Driver Seat is an all-round great seat harness. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, the Driver Seat provides perfect support during your session. The harness is ergonomically pre-curved and thanks to the soft neoprene edges, the harness is very comfortable. The Mystic Driver Seat comes with Ace Spreader Bar.

Mystic Aviator
The Mystic Aviator is a robustly built seat harness. Thanks to the sturdy materials, the harness can withstand the thoughest conditions. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the Aviator distributes the force over the entire back and prevents annoying pressure points. The inside is covered with a comfortable foam that ensures that the harness fits snugly all around the body. The Driver Seat includes the Ace Spreader Bar, which makes closing and opening a breeze thanks to the lever closure.

Mystic Passion
The Mystic Passion is a seat harness that is specially designed for women. The Mystic Passion is designed to fit the contours of the female body and fits well everywhere for maximum support. What is unique about the Mystic Passion is that despite the large amount of support you still have a lot of freedom of movement. The Passion comes with an Ace Spreader Bar.

Mystic trapeze technology

Mystic does everything it can to stay ahead of the competition in terms of development and technologies to offer you the best products of the moment. Below you can read some of the features and materials used in Mystic's armor.

Bionic Core Frame
The new Majestic and Majestic X hardshell harnesses from Mystic have the Bionic Core frame. The full carbon bionic core frame is stiff in the horizontal direction, but the Bionic Core frame can still rotate and track your body. A very clever piece of technology.

3D gevormde binnenkant
Mystic harnesses have a 3D-molded foam inner lining. This inner lining is made to fit completely to your body. When pressure is applied, the harness remains snug and stays in place very well. The 3D foam that Mystic uses is water-resistant and does not absorb water. This keeps the trapeze lightweight while kitesurfing.

Non-water absorbing Flexagon Drytech
Non-water absorbing Flexagon Drytech is used as the inner layer of the Mystic Stealth. The material sticks to your waist like glue and keeps the harness in place throughout your session. It also does not absorb water, which keeps it lightweight.

Fix Foam
Fix Foam is a foam that molds to the contours of your lower body, allowing the harness to fit better to the skin.

Soft neoprene edges
The edges of the Mystic harnesses are covered with soft neoprene. This soft neoprene prevents rashes on bare skin during your session and ensures a better fit.

Battle Belt closure
Mystic was one of the first with a battle belt closure around the waist. The closure of the trapeze is super simple and works great. Thanks to the Velcro, you can open and close it very easily. Keep it simple!

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