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Looking for a new Mystic Harness? Then Kitemana is the right place for you! We are the largest Mystic Harness dealer in the Netherlands and have all Mystic harnesses available from stock. Mystic makes great seat and waist harnesses. Would you like a hard-shell harness, then the Majestic or Majestic X is a very good option. These Mystic Hard-shell Harnesses offer very good support during kiting. Would you like to know more about a Mystic harness model or would you like help in selecting your new kite harness? Please call or email us. Read more »

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Stealth Bar
Stealth BarMystic
Aviator 2020 Seat Harness
Aviator 2020 Seat HarnessMystic
129.00 €99.00
Majestic 2022 Harness
Majestic 2022 HarnessMystic
Majestic X 2022 Harness
Majestic X 2022 HarnessMystic
Star 2019 Waist Women Harness
Star 2019 Waist Women HarnessMystic
Majestic 2022 Dirty Habits Harness
Majestic 2022 Dirty Habits HarnessMystic
Star 2020 Waist Trapeze
Star 2020 Waist TrapezeMystic
Star Waist Harness 2022
Star Waist Harness 2022Mystic
Stealth Bar Freeride
Stealth Bar FreerideMystic
Stealth Bar Surf
Stealth Bar SurfMystic
Warrior Waist Harness 2022
Warrior Waist Harness 2022Mystic
Diva 2021 Women Harness
Diva 2021 Women HarnessMystic
Gem Jalou Dames 2021 Harness
Gem Jalou Dames 2021 HarnessMystic
Marshall Seat 2022 Harness
Marshall Seat 2022 HarnessMystic
Marshall Seat Harness
Marshall Seat HarnessMystic
Warrior 2021 Harness Waist
Warrior 2021 Harness WaistMystic
Aviator Seat Harness 2022
Aviator Seat Harness 2022Mystic
Bananabar 2.0 Kitesurf
Bananabar 2.0 KitesurfMystic
Gem Bruna Kajiya 2021 Harness
Gem Bruna Kajiya 2021 HarnessMystic
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Buy Mystic Harness

Do you want to buy a new Mystic Kite Harness? Then checkout the Mystic harnesses on this page. We are the largest Mystic harness dealer in the EU! Mystic has become an innovative pioneer in the kite and windsurfing world. By combining sustainability, quality, innovation and technology, Mystic has built a very good reputation around the globe. A kitesurf harness by Mystic is very durable and offers years of kite fun. In addition, the comfort and support of a Mystic Harness is great. A harness of Mystic can easily be ordered online via the website. If you want to be sure that the size is correct, check the harness size table that you can find on the product page. If the harness or size is not entirely correct, you can easily exchange it for the right model or the money will be returned to you.

1. Mystic Harness Collection
2. Buying a Mystic Kitesurf harness
3. Technologies Mystic harness

Mystic Harness Collection

Over the years, Mystic boarding has developed a very extensive men's and women's collection of harnesses. A kitesurf harness for every kiter and everyone's style. Mystic makes waist and seat harnesses of the best quality. Below you will find an overview of all harnesses from the Mystic collection.

Mystic Warrior

The Mystic Warrior harness was the new best thing in town after the Darkrider and became the world's most sold harness! The quality and comfort of this harness were unprecedented. The Mystic Warrior is still a wonderful harness who meets all the specs you need for a comfortable session. The Mystic Warrior is strong, durable and offers good support. It's equipped with a clicker bar hook with an easy locking system. Besides that. the Warrior has the well-known battle belt which fits well around your waist for a seamless fit. Nowadays the Mystic Warrior has an ergonomic preformed back plate which adapts to your body. In addition, the rings and the HP system are made to secure your leash so you always feel comfortable on the water.

Mystic Majestic X

In 2017, Mystic introduced their first hard shell harness. This is a completely different approach than the previous Darkrider and Warrior harness. The Majestic X is made entirely of Carbon to offer a lot more support than ever before. The hardback panel provides a very good support and ensures that it stays well in place. The harness also absorbs less water, which makes it a feather-light harness. The Majestic X has 2 spreader bar options, the standard clicker bar or the special surf spreader bar. This surf spreader is equipped with a rope on the spreader bar. This allows your chickenloop to glide over the rope and you get more room for some serious carving action. Besides the freedom of movement, your harness also stays better in place.

Mystic Legend Harness

The Mystic Legend harness is a lightweight waist harness of Mystic. What makes this Mystic Harness special is that it contains less fabric and other water absorbing parts. This makes it very lightweight on the water because it does not suck up the water like a sponge. The Legend is especially suitable for freeride kite surfers. The universal design makes the legend suitable for a large group of kite surfers, but also for windsurfers.

Mystic Star Harness

The Star Harness of Mystic has been in the range of the brand for a while. This harness even comes in different versions. The Mystic star is for sale with a removable seating area (hybrid), as waist or in a kids version. This Mystic harness has a minimalistic design and is lightweight. This is the most affordable harness of Mystic and it is very suitable for novice kitesurfers. Thanks to the anatomically shaped back plate, it stays in place and an anti-slip layer provides even more comfort during kiting. The Harness offers the quality we know from Mystic, but offers a little less support than for example a Majestic harness. This harness also features a battle belt waist closure.

Mystic Drip Harness

Do you like to stand up a bit, on the water? Then check out the Mystic Drip Harness. This striped waist tuft is available in a number of cool color combos and offers a combination of comfort and style. Like the other harnesses of Mystic, the Drip has an anatomically shaped back plate, which makes it very close to the back. The 3D interior offers a soft interior and a lot of sailing comfort. The Mystic Drip harness has an HP system attached to the back where you can attach the leash. A very cool harness with an eye-catching design.

2. Buying a Mystic Kitesurf harness

The Mystic seat harness might be the most sold kitesurf harnesses for the novice kiters. Almost every kiteschool teaches with this kind of harness and that is not without reason. The Mystic Seat harness stays in place very well thanks to the straps that you can attach around the legs. As a result, the seat harness does not move up anymore. The only drawback here is that your legs and hips get less room to move. We always recommend beginners to start kiting with a seat harness. If you can ride back and forth, you can switch to a waist harness. The popular models of Mystic Mystic Driver, Mystic Star Hybrid, Mystic Aviator and Mystic Foil.

3. Mystic Harness Technologies

Why follow when you can lead? That is Mystic Boarding's motto. The brand is doing everything they can to be ahead of the competition in terms of development and technologies to offer you the best products on the water. Below you can read some features and materials that are used in the construction of a Mystic Harness.

3D molded interior

Mystic harnesses feature a 3D molded inner foam lining. This 3d foam is made to completely fit your body. If there is pressure on, the harness connects well and therefore remains very well in place. The 3D foam that Mystic uses is water-resistant and does not absorb water. This keeps the harness lightweight during kitesurfing.

HP system

The Mystic patented Handle Pass system is designed to fix your leash at the back when making tricks etc. The system sits nicely on the back of the harness. This allows you to run more easily and you will not easily get in trouble with your long leash. The Mystic HP system has a very safe safety so you can always throw your leash directly.

Battle Belt closure

Mystic was one of the first with a battle belt closure around the waist. The harness closure is super simple and works great. Thanks to the Velcro you can easily open and close it. Keep it simple!

Bionic Core Frame

The new Majestic and Majestic X hardshell harnesses from Mystic have the Bionic Core frame. The full carbon bionic core frame is stiff in the horizontal direction, but the BCF can still rotate and follow your body. A very nice piece of technology.

Mystic clicker bar

The Mystic harnesses are all equipped with a Multi spreader clicker bar. This is a very easy closure that opens and closes quickly. The hook is neatly hidden under the spreader bar protector. The Mystic Multi Spreader clicker bar 4.0 is super tight and thanks to its 4-point fixation it will not crawl up quickly. Certainly one of the best closures of a harness at the moment.

Do you have a question about Mystic harnesss or do you want to know more about a Mystic Harness? Call or email us. We have all the knowledge and will gladly share this with you.