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Bindings - Surfpads

Surf/traction pads are often used while waveride kitesurfing to provide extra grip and control. An alternative is to wax your surfboard, but surf wax has a disadvantage that it works temporarily. Surf traction pads are easy to install and built to last. Once you stick it onto your surf kiteboard, you don't have to worry about waxing. We have surf deck pads from WMFG, Creatures, Airush, North and more. Would you like some help with the installation of your traction pad? Give us a call or if you're able to visit us, come to our kite shop in Katwijk and we will gladly help you out. Read more »




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Surf Front Pad
Surf Front PadCabrinha
$ 80.00
Traction Pad Team Front
Traction Pad Team FrontDuotone Kiteboarding
$ 80.00
Guard Full Surfpad Stubby
Guard Full Surfpad StubbyMystic
$ 85.97
Grip Sheet
Grip SheetCreatures of Leisure
$ 48.56
Chubby Tailpad Striped
Chubby Tailpad StripedBen Wilson
50.58 $ 25.27
Hexatraction Board Grip Clear
Hexatraction Board Grip ClearRSPRO
$ 58.73
Corck 1mm Front Deck Grip
Corck 1mm Front Deck GripRSPRO
$ 43.54
Guard Tailpad Stubby
Guard Tailpad StubbyMystic
$ 40.41
Ambush Tailpad Classic
Ambush Tailpad ClassicMystic
$ 40.41
Ambush Full Surfpad Classic
Ambush Full Surfpad ClassicMystic
$ 85.97
Stubby Six Pack Traction
Stubby Six Pack TractionWMFG
$ 85.01
Front Foot Traction surfpad
Front Foot Traction surfpadWMFG
$ 54.63
High Five
High FiveCreatures of Leisure
$ 39.49
Traction Pad Team Front 2019
Traction Pad Team Front 2019Duotone Kiteboarding
$ 69.87
Guard Tailpad Classic
Guard Tailpad ClassicMystic
$ 40.41
Ambush Mid + Front Surfpad
Ambush Mid + Front SurfpadMystic
$ 50.53
Traction Pad Pro Front 2020
Traction Pad Pro Front 2020Duotone Kiteboarding
$ 80.00
Chubby tailpad
Chubby tailpadBen Wilson
50.58 $ 25.27
Skinny tailpad
Skinny tailpadBen Wilson
50.58 $ 25.27
Front Deck Traction
Front Deck TractionCreatures of Leisure
$ 43.49
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Surf pads and deck pads are ideal if you want a lot of grip on your surfboard during your kitesession. Normal surfwax you will push off your board quickly because there is a lot more pressure on your feet when kitesurfing than during normal wave surfing. That's why there are a lot of good deckpads available for your surfboard. The deckpads are available in various sizes and colors so you can choose the best option for your surfboard. If you have questions about deckpads you can always call us or send an email!
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