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Lieuwe boards are handmade kiteboards from the Netherlands, shapers Florian Lieuwe and Rik Haenen are the brains behind these fantastic kiteboards. Lieuwe is a young kitesurfing brand that has been on the market since 2013, however, the designers and shapers from Lieuwe have been making the best kitesurf boards since 2009. The Lieuwe kitesurf boards are super nice and always recognizable by their wooden design. Lieuwe makes kitesurf boards for all levels and riding styles. On request you can even get your own design on your Lieuwe board! Kitemana sells all Lieuwe boards. Do you have questions? Call or email us! Read more...



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Shotgun Kiteboard
Shotgun KiteboardLieuwe
Shotgun True Nature Kiteboard
Shotgun True Nature KiteboardLieuwe
Awesome Kiteboard
Awesome KiteboardLieuwe
599.00 €559.00
Oceana Kiteboard
Oceana KiteboardLieuwe
Say No More Kiteboard
Say No More KiteboardLieuwe
Shotgun Carbonara Kiteboard
Shotgun Carbonara KiteboardLieuwe
999.00 €899.00
Shotgun God of Gods Kiteboard
Shotgun God of Gods KiteboardLieuwe
Shotgun Mermaid kiteboard
Shotgun Mermaid kiteboardLieuwe
Shotgun Unite Kiteboard
Shotgun Unite KiteboardLieuwe
Pads & Straps
Pads & StrapsLieuwe
Shotgun Friday Special
Shotgun Friday SpecialLieuwe
949.00 €749.00
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Lieuwe kitesurf boards

If you think about Lieuwe, you think of Dutch quality. Lieuwe made his first kiteboard in 2009, because he could not find the kiteboard he was looking for! After years of development and testing, these guys entered the market in 2013. Everyone who rides a Lieuwe board is very enthusiastic about it and the boards are also almost unbreakable. Lieuwe kiteboards are made with the utmost precision by hand in the Netherlands. In the meantime, Lieuwe has grown into a well-known kite board brand with a range that is constantly expanding. At this moment Lieuwe has a boardrange of five twintip kitesurf boards.

Lieuwe Awesome kiteboard

The Awesome is a super fun board to start with and gives you a wonderful all-round feeling.

Lieuwe Rogue

The Rogue is designed to boost your kitesurf level and has a wonderful freeride. With the Rogue you can jump and have an easy landing.

Lieuwe Shotgun

The Shogtung is for the high performance kite surfer. Super good for big air kite surfing and freestyle kitesurf

Lieuwe Say No More < h3> The Lieuwe Say No More is a kitesurf board designed for the wakestyle. So super hard pop. This board is the best on boots.

Lieuwe Len10 Oceana This board is designed by kite king Ruben Len10. Made for freestyle and big air.