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Looking for some new pads and straps for your kiteboard? Kitemana has footpads and footstraps available from all the major brands. Before purchasing new pads and straps, check the distance between the inserts on your board, as they may vary by brand. Good bindings ensure a firm grip and nice support while kitesurfing. Footpads and footstraps are usually sold as a set because they connect well together. However, some brands offer separate parts so you can easily replace your old ones. Need some help choosing a new set of pads & straps? Please give us a call or send an email. Want to know more about straps & pads? Read more.



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Apex 2022 Binding
Apex 2022 BindingNaish
Entity Ergo 2022 Pads & Straps
Entity Ergo 2022 Pads & StrapsDuotone Kiteboarding
Gravity Pro Pads
Gravity Pro PadsBrunotti
Super Binding
Super BindingReedin Kiteboarding
199.00 €159.00
Flex 2021 Binding
Flex 2021 BindingNorth
Platinium 3 2019 Bindings
Platinium 3 2019 BindingsF-One
199.00 €139.00
Entity Snap Strap
Entity Snap StrapDuotone Kiteboarding
H1 2021 Pads & Straps
H1 2021 Pads & StrapsCabrinha
Half Strap 2.0
Half Strap 2.0Slingshot
Directional straps
Directional strapsAirush
49.00 €19.00
Entity Ergo 2021 Pads & Straps
Entity Ergo 2021 Pads & StrapsDuotone Kiteboarding
Flex 2022 Binding
Flex 2022 BindingNorth
Boost 2020 pads & straps
Boost 2020 pads & strapsAirush
Free Surf Strap Set
Free Surf Strap SetNorth
Union Pro 4 Pads & Straps
Union Pro 4 Pads & StrapsCore Kiteboarding
Vario Combo 2022 Pads & Straps
Vario Combo 2022 Pads & StrapsDuotone Kiteboarding
Pads & Straps
Pads & StrapsLieuwe
Pads & Straps V2
Pads & Straps V2Ozone
Platinium 3 2021 Binding
Platinium 3 2021 BindingF-One
Dually V5 2021 Bindings
Dually V5 2021 BindingsSlingshot
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A footpad is designed for grip, shock absorption and comfort while kitesurfing. During a kite session, your board and legs endure a lot of forces. A good footpad prevents injuries and makes kitesurfing more pleasant. Footpads come in many types and sizes. Every manufacturer has his own vision on pads and each has his own advantages. Some brands even make footpads with adjustable shock absorption. A stiffer pad for more control, or a softer pad for more comfort. Generally speaking, thicker pads provide more comfort. However, the feeling you have with your board can decrease as the distance between your board and feet increases. A thin pad creates a direct board feeling. However, a thin path is not very comfortable for your joints.


Footstraps are made to keep your feet nice and snug on top of your footpads. The straps cling to your feet, so your kiteboard doesn't go anywhere without you, or at least we hope it doesn't Foot straps are usually adjustable with velcro. This allows you to match the shape of your feet. Some brands even use multiple velcro straps at the top which distributes the pressure evenly around your feet.


Surf straps are designed to keep your feet on the kite surfboard while ripping waves. These straps differ from standard footstraps because they are symmetrical. You can enter them from both sides, handy when you make a transition. To save some extra weight kiters remove the velcro straps.

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