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Wetsuit - Kids

Wetsuits for children are specially adapted to the height and weight of children. The wetsuits are designed for children between 10 and 16 years old. After this they can usually move towards the adult wetsuits. Children's wetsuits keep the body warm, offer protection from the sun and small crashes in the water. Do you want to buy a children's wetsuit pay attention to the size. It's the right size when it fits tightly to the body. it should feel like a 2nd skin. If you have any questions, please call or email us!



Wetsuit Size

Mini Shorty Baby
Mini Shorty BabyMystic
$ 28.81
Grommet Steamer 5/3
Grommet Steamer 5/3Prolimit
187.76 $ 148.02
Star 5/4 Junior backzip wetsuit
Star 5/4 Junior backzip wetsuitMystic
148.02 $ 118.22
Star 5/4 kids backzip wetsuit
Star 5/4 kids backzip wetsuitMystic
$ 138.09
-19 - -16 from 4Products per page

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You can't start surfing, kitesurfing or just swimming in the sea early enough. The sooner you start the more comfortable you are in the sea on older ages. And then you obviously do not want to get cold. Children's wetsuits are specially made for children to keep them nice and warm in the sea and while surfing, swimming or kitesurfing. We sell wetsuits for kids and 'juniors'. De junior size wetsuits are larger than the kids wetsuits.
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