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The kitesurf kites from Duotone Kiteboarding are remarkably strong and of the highest quality. When you fly a kite from Duotone you immediately feel it, Duotone has thought about every aspect of the kite. The Duotone kites are developed at the headquarters in Austria and tested worldwide in collaboration with Duotone kitesurfing athletes such as Aron Hadlow and Matchu Lopes. The kiterange of Duotone serves all angles of kitesurfing styles and kite surfing levels. Do you want to pull the highest loops? Then go for a ride on the Duotone Vegas. Is your playground between the waves? Choose the Duotone Neo. Have you just started and do you want a kite that you will enjoy for a long time? You will have a great time with the Duotone Evo. It is clear by now, the kites of Duotone Kiteboarding are indispensable from the kitesurfing world. Do you have questions about the kites of Duotone Kiteboarding or need help with your choice? Call us, email us or WhatsApp! We are happy to help you with your choice of Duotone Kiteboarding kites. Read more »

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Evo SLS 2022 Kite
Evo SLS 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Dice SLS 2022 Kite
Dice SLS 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Evo 2021 Kite
Evo 2021 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
1079.00 €909.00
Rebel SLS 2022 Kite
Rebel SLS 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Evo 2022 Kite
Evo 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Neo 2021 Kite
Neo 2021 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
1439.00 €1079.00
Neo SLS 2022 Kite
Neo SLS 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Dice 2021 Kite
Dice 2021 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
1189.00 €889.00
Dice 2022 Kite
Dice 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Juice 2022 Kite
Juice 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Juice D-LAB 2022 Kite
Juice D-LAB 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Mono 2021 Kite
Mono 2021 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Neo 2022 Kite
Neo 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Vegas 2022 Kite
Vegas 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
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Buying a Duotone kite is not something you do every day. And of course you want to make the right decision. That is why you can find a concise overview of the necessary information about the Duotone kites on this page. In addition to the information about the Duotone kites, you can also read which techniques Duotone uses to produce Duotone's kites of the highest possible quality. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Duotone kiteboarding kiteshop

    We at Kitemana have all kitesurf kites from Duotone kiteboarding in our range, and always a large stock of the kites in our store. If your kite happens to be out of stock, we can always order your Duotone kite and you have your beloved Duotone kite within a few days. We are all enthusiastic and experienced kitesurfers, we like to test each kite as quickly as possible. Just like the Duotone kites, we can give you good advice from your own experience and tailored to your own preferences and riding style. There is always a Duotone Kiteboarding kite that will suit you perfectly.

    Duotone Kiteboarding Kite Collection

    The whole kite collection of Duotone Kiteboarding can be found online with us, Kitemana. The extensive range of kites from Duotone will serve everyone at its best in terms of riding characteristics and kitesurfing styles. Below, all the kites of Duotone Kiteboarding are briefly discussed and classified within a certain style. If you start make sure you start with a Duotone kite that is known as an all-round or freeride kite. An example of this is the Duotone Evo or the Duotone Neo. If you are more experienced and know what you want you can choose a different kitesuf style like freestyle, wave or big air. Depending on your preference you can choose the Duotone Vegas, Duotone Neo, Duotone Rebel, Duotone Juice or Duotone Dice, each and every one of these wonderful kites is with its own specific riding qualities to offer you exactly what you are looking for in a kite.

    Duotone Kiteboarding Rebel Kite

    The Duotone Rebel is a Duotone kite that has been in Duotone's kite collection for a long time. The Rebel can be classified as a high performance freeride kite, besides that with the Duotone Rebel you can also jump high and have a super long hangtime. The shape of the Duotone Rebel is a bow / SLE shape. This gives the Rebel friendly riding characteristics. Such as a good depower, fast relaunch, gradual power build-up and a large wind range. The Rebel is a kite that will eventually build up a lot of power and you will build up a lot of speed while edging hard on your rail. This allows you to make those high jumps that you always wanted to make. The Duotone Rebel has a strong design with 5 struts and can be flown on both 4 and 5 lines. Check out the Duotone Rebel here.

    Duotone Kiteboarding Juice Kite

    The Duotone Juice is a kite that is specially designed for light wind. The Juice feels sporty, so you don't only have to stick to boring back and forth riding during your light weather session, but you can also practice many hangtime tricks. The kite is easy to restart and is forgiving which is nice for the novice kiter, but also for the advanced kite surfer. This is the ideal kite to practice old school and hooked tricks with. The Duotone Juice has a strong design with 3 struts and can be flown on both 4 and 5 lines. You can see the Duotone Juice here.

    Duotone Kiteboarding Dice Kite

    The Duotone Dice is on the rise in the segment of the big air and kitelooping kite surfers. That is a little odd because the Dice is not specifically designed for that. The Duotone Dice is a kite designed as a freestyle / wave kite. The design of the Dice is also a bit between a c kite and a bow / sle kite. As a result, the Duotone Dice does have the explosiveness and steering speed of a C kite. But the drift and lightweight profile of a wave kite. The Duotone Dice has three struts and can be kited on 4 and 5 lines. The Dice is the perfect kite if you do not want to focus on one riding style and love a fast kite with freestyle and wave characteristics. The Duotone Dice check your here.

    Duotone Kiteboarding Vegas Kite

    The Duotone Vegas is the longest running kite in the kite range of Boards and More. The Duotone Vegas is a real C kite for unhooked tricks and kiteloops with a lot of power. Not a beginners kite, but a gem for the experienced kite surfers who love freestyle, wakestyle and kiteloops. The Vegas is direct and has little depower. Your own skills are of great importance if you want to purchase and enjoy this kite. The Vegas has a 5 strut design that allows the kite to take a beating. In addition, the Duotone Vegas is only flown with five lines. Because of the C kite design, the Duotone Vegas is a lot harder to relaunch than another kite from Duotone. But the fact remains that, when you can handle the Vegas, the Vegas is a pleasure to kite with. You can read all ins and outs about the Duotone Vegas here.

    Duotone Kiteboarding Neo Kite

    Duotone has developed the Duotone Neo especially for the 100% wave ride kite surfers. The Neo kite finds its way through the waves like no other, that is where the Neo belongs. The Neo is light weight so that it has good drifing characteristics when you are surfing on the wave. The Neo gives power when you want it and can be super depowerd on the bar when you have to catch that gust on your surfboard. The direct steering behaviour means that you can put the Duotone Neo anywhere at any time so that you can get the most out of your wave. The shape of the Duotone Neo ensures that the Neo has a quick relaunch, and that can be very handy when you are in the impact zone. For the growing hydrofoil side of kitesurfing the Duotone Neo is also a very nice kite because it has a good low end, partly because of the 3 strut design, and fast steering speed. You can ride the Duotone Neo on both 4 and 5 lines. All information about the Duotone Neo can be found here.

    Duotone Kiteboarding Evo Kite

    A pure all rounder. The Evo of Duotone Kiteboarding is one of the leading all-round kites on the kitesurf market. The Evo from Duotone has the perfect mix of features to make the kite suitable for freeride, freestyle and wave. In addition, the Duotone Evo is a super stable kite with a very large wind range. With the Duotone Evo you have a kite in your hands that does what you want within every sailing style. One of the most popular kites of Duotone. The choice of Tom Hebert because of the great freeride and freestyle performance. The hangtime and thick lift ensure that you have enough time for the best tricks in the air. The lightweight 3 strut design and delta shape make the Duotone Evo perform very well in the waves when you want to do a wave ride session. All detailed information about the Duotone Evo kite can be found here.

    Duotone Kiteboarding Kite Technology

    If you want to produce kites that perform well at the highest level like the kites of Duotone you need to develop the best kitesurf technologies for your kites. Because of the kite designers and team riders who have years of experience in kitesurfing, the kites of Duotone are fully packed with the best kite technologies and innovations so you can always rely on your Duotone kite, even in the most extreme weather conditions. And making the Duotone kites always fly and feel like one of the best.


    SLS stands for Strong Light Superior and is the new mantra for all high-end products from Duotone where performance is the most critical factor. For the SLS Kites this includes replacing the heavy Dacron material with the new Penta TX material which is up to 15% lighter. In addition to being lighter Penta TX material, it has also five times higher tear resistance and 50% less stretch. This combined with the Trinity TX canopy makes for a winning combination. The kite flies better in light winds and you can ride the kite longer in stronger winds.


    Kites supported by D/LAB are kites that use Aluula. The new fabric in combination with new construction characterizes the kite's light weight 30% compared to standard constructions and depending on the size, which is a significant saving up to 1 kg, especially in wind. Compared to Dacron, Aluula has 38% higher tensile strength and 7 times higher tear resistance. The lower weight and improved handling make D/LAB kites more playful, you will be on the water earlier, boost higher and longer than anyone on the beach.

    Duotone Trinity TX kite canopy

    The kite canopy of which all Duotone kites are made is the Teijin Trinity TX canopy. Teijin is the market leader in the field of polyester canopies and sail oriented materials for water sports. The Trinity TX canvas is exclusively for Duotone kites. The Trinity cloth consists of a 3x2 yarn combination. The 3x2 combination is the best combination of performance and durability when it comes to kitesurfing cloth.

    Duotone Trailing Edge Force control

    Your Duotone kite consists of many different materials. It is therefore important that the force that works on the kite is distributed in a good way over the entire kite. The trailing edge force control ensures the perfect transition from the trinity TX fabric to the Dacron trailing edge. This makes the fabric super tight in the kite and you will not hear a Duotone kite 'flapping'. And a kite that flies solid in the air is a kite that flies finer.

    Heavy duty 'Leading Edge Seams

    The Leading Edge is one of the components of your kite that receives the most impact and stress. It is therefore important that it is as strong as possible. All leading edges of Duotone are super strong due to the special sealing seams. The dacron material on the leading edge is reinforced with a self-adhesive Insignia Tape and double-sided stitched. As a result, Duotone's leading edges can withstand high stresses and all diagonal forces acting on the leading edge of kitesurf kite.