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Kite - Lightwind

Lightwind kites are made for the days with when there ain't a lot of wind, which means they are made as efficient as possible with lightweight materials. Would you like to be the first one on the water? A lightwind kite is just what you need! Kitemana has lightwind kites of all top brands and always for the best price! Check out all our lightwind kites below. Read more




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Contra 2020 Kite
Contra 2020 KiteCabrinha
$ 1657.41
Boxer 2020 Kite
Boxer 2020 KiteNaish
1072.09 $ 642.87
Juice 2020 Kite
Juice 2020 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
$ 1637.90
Ultra V2 2019 Kite
Ultra V2 2019 KiteAirush
945.28 $ 662.38
Boxer 2021 Kite
Boxer 2021 KiteNaish
$ 876.99
AV8 2019 Kite
AV8 2019 KiteCabrinha
$ 1559.85
Ghost 2020 Kite
Ghost 2020 KiteSlingshot
$ 1325.73
Ultra V4 2021 Kite
Ultra V4 2021 KiteAirush
$ 886.75
One Progression 2020 Kite
One Progression 2020 KiteAirush
633.11 $ 506.29
Juice 2019 Kite
Juice 2019 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
1715.94 $ 1286.71
Ultra V3 2020 Kite
Ultra V3 2020 KiteAirush
876.99 $ 701.40
Turbine 2020 Kite
Turbine 2020 KiteSlingshot
$ 1793.98
Mono 2020 Kite
Mono 2020 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
$ 916.01
XLITE 2020 Kite
XLITE 2020 KiteCore Kiteboarding
$ 1140.38
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Looking for a lightwind kite?

Kitemana has various Lightwind kites available. Cabrinha, North, Slingshot, Core and Flysurfer. We always have the latest lightwind kites available. We also have older kites in stock and often with a nice discount but they are limited so check our site on the regular and act fast! If you're looking for a kite but you can't find it in our shop, please let us know with details about the kite and we will order it directly for you! Do you have a specific question about a particular kite, don't hesitate and call us or send an email and we will gladly provide you with the necessary information.

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