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Welcome to the Light Wind Kites section of our Kitemana online shop! Some kiters say “low wind = no wind” but they probably have not yet tried any of the modern light weight, high performance, versatile and fun light wind kites we stock at Kitemana! Whether its Airush, Cabrinha, Core, Duotone, F-One, Naish, North, Ozone, Reedin or Slingshot – any of those brands has a light wind kite that gets you going also in marginal conditions. Buy yourself more time on the water with a light wind kite. We have light wind kites optimized for each discipline such as lightwind twintip freeride or foiling and also all-round models. If you need any advice, check the Q&A below or contact us at any time! read more »



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Contra 3S 2021 Kite
Contra 3S 2021 KiteCabrinha
1799.00 €1259.00
Juice D-LAB 2022 Kite
Juice D-LAB 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Boxer 2022 S26 Kite
Boxer 2022 S26 KiteNaish
1699.00 €1269.00
UFO V2 Kite
UFO V2 KiteSlingshot
Ultra V3 2020 Kite
Ultra V3 2020 KiteAirush
1129.00 €679.00
Ultra V4 2022 Kite
Ultra V4 2022 KiteAirush
Boxer 2023 S27 Kite
Boxer 2023 S27 KiteNaish
Contra 1S 2021 Kite
Contra 1S 2021 KiteCabrinha
1049.00 €729.00
Contra 1S 2022 Kite
Contra 1S 2022 KiteCabrinha
Contra 3S 2022 Kite
Contra 3S 2022 KiteCabrinha
HALO V1 Kite
HALO V1 KiteF-One
1599.00 €799.00
Juice 2022 Kite
Juice 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Mono 2021 Kite
Mono 2021 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
One Progression 2021 Kite
One Progression 2021 KiteAirush
649.00 €389.00
Ultra TEAM Kite
Ultra TEAM KiteAirush
XLITE2 2022 Kite
XLITE2 2022 KiteCore Kiteboarding
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Welcome to the Kitemana Q&A on Light wind Kites. Light wind kites get you out on the water when others are doomed to sit on the shoreline and watch you having fun. Light wind kites are all about light weight and an efficient wing profile to utilize any light breeze that hits the canopy. However, there are some differences when it comes to construction, amount of struts, sizes and range of use, so we have collected the most common questions we receive regarding light wind kites. You can find the Q&A Lightwind Kites below, but to not hesitate to contact us anytime you need some support or advice! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support is there for you each day of the week! We have English, Dutch and German native speakers in our customer service team, who are experts and happy to help!

What is the best kite for light wind kiting?
Which features are important in light wind kites?
How many struts should my light wind kite have?
Which light wind kites are best for twintip riding?
Which light wind kites are best for foiling?
Why is the weight so important for light wind kites?
Which light wind kite brands does Kitemana stock?
What is the best line length for light wind kites?
Are light wind kites suitable for beginners?

What is the best kite for light wind kiting?

At Kitemana we only stock kites from premium kite brands that all perform very well for their intended use. This means that on any kite in our light wind kites section, you will be able to have a fun session in 10 knots – or even less! We have one category for light wind kites, but of course you can go freeriding on your twintip, foiling or do some (strapless) freestyle tricks in light wind. Certain kites or optimized for exactly one discipline, other are versatile all-round performers that can do almost anything. Therefore, the best kite for light wind kiting strongly depends on your needs and riding style!

Which features are important in light wind kites?

Light wind kites extend your session time on the water if the wind drops or if you live at a light wind spot. To offer you the most fun possible, light wind kites are versatile, have a very light weight construction, need to relaunch-able also in 10 knots as well as fast and agile in relation to their size. One day you want to go for a foiling session and the other day you feel like riding your twintip – most light wind kites offer you exactly that freedom!

How many struts should my light wind kite have?

Most light wind kites have either one strut or three struts. One-Strut-Kites generally are lighter than Three-Strut-Kites thanks to their construction. The additional two struts on Three-Strut-Kites obviously add weight, but also have an influence on performance and stability. Therefore, it is hard to say that One-Struters are generally better than Three-Struters. Due to their reduced weight, one strut kites often tend to perform better in very low winds and can have more drift. These aspects make them a good choice for foiling. Three-Struters have a more stable profile and tend to handle gusts better. These kites are generally more ideal for twintip riding in low winds.

Which light wind kites are best for foiling?

As mentioned above, One-Strut-Kites get you going in even lower winds, as the construction is more light weight than for Three-Struters. Especially with a foil, you can experience the super low end of your gear and skills. Three-Strut kites do work as well for foiling and often have the advantage of being more versatile.

Which light wind kites are best for twintip riding?

Three Strut Kites have a more stable profile and are often generally more suitable for twintip riding. If you are going for light wind old school action on the water, a light wind kite with three struts will handle jumps and landings better than a one strut kite.

Why is the weight so important for light wind kites?

Weight is often directly connected to turning speed and agility, which are important factors especially for light wind kites. For twintip riding, larger kite sizes are necessary, such as 14m, 15m or 17m kites. To make it an enjoyable and fun session, these kites need to be really fast in relation to their size.

Which light wind kite brands does Kitemana stock?

Kitemana stocks light wind kites from all premium brands. You can find out more about each brand following the links below.

Duotone Kiteboarding: TRUE KITEBOARDING.

What is the best line length for light wind kites?

Every kite manufacturer recommends a certain line length for their light wind kites and it is advisable to stick to that recommendation. Generally, the line length for light wind kiting is at least 24m, often paired with 2-3m line extensions. Longer lines have the advantage that your wind window is larger and your kite can travel further distances to generate power. Also, the higher the kite is above the ground, the stronger is the wind that hits the canopy.

Are light wind kites suitable for beginners?

Light wind kites are generally very well suitable for beginners. Light wind kites are easy to handle, relaunch also in marginal conditions and remain stable in the sky, when other kites would tend to stall. Light wind riding can be fun, but also challenging, as the kiter has to be efficient with utilizing the power generated by the kite. Light wind conditions are perfect to identify weaknesses in your riding style and to work on overcoming them.

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