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Neoprene Accessories - Surf Shoes

Surf shoes are designed to protect your feet from cold and sharp rocks/shells while practicing water sports. These surf boots are made of neoprene, to keep your feet nice and warm. The bottom of the surf shoes are made of a strong rubber to offer you a good grip on your (kite)board and your feet are also well protected.Some neoprene surf boots have a strap attached at the top to provide additional support. The surf shoes vary between 3mm and 6mm in thickness. Do you want to know more about neoprene surf shoes? Read more.



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Star Boot 5mm Round Toe
Star Boot 5mm Round ToeMystic
Radiance Round Toe Boot 5/4 mm
Radiance Round Toe Boot 5/4 mmBrunotti
44.90 34.90
Evo Boot Sock 3mm Dura Sole
Evo Boot Sock 3mm Dura SoleProlimit
Socks Semi Dry Kite Socks
Socks Semi Dry Kite SocksMystic
Marshall Boot 5mm Split Toe 2020 Surfschoen
Marshall Boot 5mm Split Toe 2020 SurfschoenMystic
Neoprene Winter Set
Neoprene Winter SetMystic
114.89 99.95
Majestic Boot 3mm Split Toe 2020 Surfschoen
Majestic Boot 3mm Split Toe 2020 SurfschoenMystic
Raider Boot 5mm
Raider Boot 5mmProlimit
Reef Boot 5mm
Reef Boot 5mmBrunotti
69.99 39.90
Marshall Winter Set
Marshall Winter SetMystic
153.85 149.00
Neoprene Sock
Neoprene SockProlimit
Neopreen Winter Set
Neopreen Winter SetProlimit
77.70 69.95
Gravity Split Toe Boot 6/4mm
Gravity Split Toe Boot 6/4mmBrunotti
69.90 55.90
Supreme Boot 5mm Split Toe 2020
Supreme Boot 5mm Split Toe 2020Mystic
Marshall Boot 5mm Round Toe 2020 Surf Shoe
Marshall Boot 5mm Round Toe 2020 Surf ShoeMystic
Ballistic Socks 3/2 IS 2020 Neopreen Sok
Ballistic Socks 3/2 IS 2020 Neopreen SokION
Supreme Winter Set
Supreme Winter SetMystic
202.90 189.00
Raider Shoe 2mm
Raider Shoe 2mmProlimit
Hydro Split Toe Boot 3mm
Hydro Split Toe Boot 3mmBrunotti
69.00 39.90
Star Shoe 3mm Round Toe
Star Shoe 3mm Round ToeMystic
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Neoprene Surf shoes

What you've to take into account when buying surf shoes is the amount of grip you want. The thicker the shoe is, the warmer your feet will be but you will have much less grip in your binding, which gives you less 'board feeling'. A solution for this can be the split toe surf shoe. With this shoe, your big toe is separated from your other toes. This gives you just a little more grip and therefore more board feeling. If you want more board feeling, we recommend you take a look at our neoprene socks! A Neoprene sock also offers good protection against the cold, but they feel less stiff. For questions about the size of the surf shoe, you can always call or email us. If you order a shoe online and it isn't the right size, you can simply return it and we will send the right size to you as soon as we receive your returned goods.
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