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Spare Parts - Kiteboard

Kitemana has a lot of parts for your kiteboard or surfboard in stock. After a while, it’s of course possible that something will wear or break. We try to deliver all parts as quickly as possible so that you are quickly back on the water again! Examples of parts for your kiteboard that we have in stock are screws, grab handles, washers, but we also have a separate section for fins that you find here and for bindings these find your here . Read more »




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Grab handle
Grab handleF-One
Screw set
Screw setBrunotti
Apex Binding Washer Set
Apex Binding Washer SetNaish
Grab Handle North Kiteboarding
Grab Handle North KiteboardingNorth
Kiteboard Screw
Kiteboard ScrewKitemana
Grab Handle + Screws
Grab Handle + ScrewsCore Kiteboarding
Twintip Fin Set
Twintip Fin SetCabrinha
Entity Washers 4 pieces
Entity Washers 4 piecesDuotone Kiteboarding
Footstrap Screw Rippled 14mm
Footstrap Screw Rippled 14mmDuotone Kiteboarding
Footstrap Screw Rippled 16mm
Footstrap Screw Rippled 16mmDuotone Kiteboarding
The Track Nut (4pcs)
The Track Nut (4pcs)Duotone Kiteboarding
The Track Plug (4pcs)
The Track Plug (4pcs)Duotone Kiteboarding
TwinTip Accessory Kit
TwinTip Accessory KitNorth
Washer For Surfstrap
Washer For SurfstrapDuotone Kiteboarding
Cabrinha Hydrofoil screw
Cabrinha Hydrofoil screwCabrinha
Entity Strap Buckle Set (4)
Entity Strap Buckle Set (4)Duotone Kiteboarding
Fin Bolt
Fin BoltNorthcore
Free Foil Strap washers (2x)
Free Foil Strap washers (2x)North
H3 Boot Schroeven
H3 Boot SchroevenCabrinha
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Buy Kiteboard Spare Parts

Everything can be broken and everything can be lost. That also applies if you have kitesurfing gear. Hopefully the damage is not too big. And it is often easy to replace. The most common parts you lose are your grab handle, screws and your washers. You want them to replace quickly so that you can immediately go back on the water.

Grab handle

A handy grab handle on the middle of your kiteboard for lifting but also for greasy oldschool tricks! Not all brands have the same standard size so choose the grab handle of the same brand as your kiteboard or measure it and see what matches the size of another brand. We have written with each handle the width. You take measurements by grabbing the middle of both inserts.

Kiteboard Screws

Most twintip kiteboards are equipped with M6 inserts, which is the standard size worldwide. The length of the screw is in most cases also 16 millimeters, but there are certain exceptions. For example, old boards from Slingshot for 2016 are with American thread, if you use a M6 screw on that board you can throw away your board or replace the inserts which is a hell of a job. For all twintip kiteboards that we now have in the range, M6 is used for the inserts of the bindings. For this you can choose the Kitemana screw or one of the brand itself.

Surfboard Screws

Screws for your surfboard are usually self-tapping and longer than the screws you use for a twintip. Often these screws are also supplied with straps for your surfboard. The use of straps is of course not always possible because there are sometimes no inserts in a board are made for a strap.

If you are looking for specific screws for a foil, please contact us and we will do our best to get it for you.

Kiteboard Washer

A washer is the part between your binding and screw on your twintip or surfboard. We often hear him as ‘that one plastic thing’, but that is called a washer. Washers often differ per brand and are not always interchangeable with each other. You need washers to secure your bindings properly, without the washer this is not possible. Washers are also often used with kite boots.