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Wetsuit Mystic

Dutch kitesurf brand Mystic makes awesome wetsuits of the best quality. These Mystic Wetsuits are designed for kitesurfing and keep you warm on the water. Mystic wetsuits are made of high quality materials and are very flexible. We sell Mystic wetsuits in all shapes and sizes and are the largest Mystic dealer from Europe. Do you have questions about a Mystic Wetsuit or do you want to know more about the Mystic wetsuit range? Feel free to give us a call or email us. Read More »

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Intro Wetsuit Mystic

Dutch kitesurf brand Mystic makes awesome wetsuits of the best quality. These Mystic Wetsuits are designed for kitesurfing and keep you warm on the water. Mystic wetsuits are made of high quality materials and are very flexible. We sell Mystic wetsuits in all shapes and sizes and are the largest Mystic dealer from Europe. Do you have questions about a Mystic Wetsuit or do you want to know more about the Mystic wetsuit range? Feel free to give us a call or email us. Read More »

Buy Mystic Wetsuit

Do you want to buy a new Mystic wetsuit? Then you've landed on the right page! A Mystic wetsuit stands for quality and is guaranteed to keep you warm on the water! We are one of the largest Mystic Wetsuit shops in the world and have various Mystic wetsuits directly available from stock. Mystic wetsuits are made for kiting and have a number of cool features and you can order Mystic wetsuit from us on the website. Do you want to be sure that the size is correct and the wetsuit fits properly? Then check the size chart with the product in advance. If the size of your Mystic wetsuit is not completely correct, you can of course exchange this wetsuit for the correct model or size. If you would prefer to try it on in our store, you are very welcome in our megastore in Noordwijk.

Mystic Men's Wetsuits collection

Mystic has built up a very extensive collection of wetsuits over the years, with a suitable wetsuit for every budget. Below you will find a brief summary of Mystic's wetsuit collection. Kitemana is one of the largest Mystic Wetsuit Shops in the world. This is partly because Mystic's headquarters are just around the corner from us. This makes the band extremely good and we can easily order and deliver wetsuits to guarantee fast delivery. If you have a question about a Mystic wetsuit or would like to know more about a specific wetsuit model, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, telephone or email so that you purchase the best wetsuit for you.

Mystic Voltt
The Mystic Voltt proudly sits at the top of Mystic's wetsuit range when it comes to warmth, comfort and flexibility. Only the best materials have been used for the Mystic Voltt so that you can handle the harshest conditions and the coldest winters. The Voltt wetsuit is made from the new MX4 neoprene, has stretch tape and ultra lightweight foam to ensure the wetsuit remains very light and super flexible. Mystic has added two unique, quick-drying liners to the Voltt, Flaremesh and Foxfleece. The lining provides extra insulation and accelerates the drying process after your session, so that you can wear a dry wetsuit again for the next session. Mystic is offering two versions of the Voltt this season. A 6/4/3 Hooded wetsuit and a 5/4/3 wetsuit without hood. The seams are GBS stitched and completely finished with tape for a strong and waterproof seal. If you are looking for the warmest of the warmest, this is the wetsuit you need!

Mystic Majestic
The Mystic Majestic is the favorite of the Mystic team riders. The Mystic Majestic is warm yet very flexible, making this wetsuit perfect for riders who aim for progression. This wetsuit offers everything you need and more! A Mystic Majestic Wetsuit has a super sleek look and is full of great features. Just like the Voltt, the Mystic Majestic has MX4 neoprene. Very flexible and of course nice and warm. The pattern of the Mystic Majestic ensures that the comfort and stretch of the wetsuit remains optimal. The Mystic Majestic has a Flaremesh and Fox Fleece inner lining to provide extra warmth and insulation when it is colder and ensures that the wetsuit dries in no time. The Mystic Majestic comes in no less than 8 different styles! You can choose whether you want a front zip or back zip for this wetsuit. In addition, the Mystic Majestic comes in different thicknesses, such as 5/4, 4/3 and 3/2.

Mystic Marshall
The Mystic Marshall comes after the Majestic in terms of warmth. The Marshall comes in different thicknesses, such as a 5/3, 4/3, 3/2 and nowadays even in a hooded version. The Marshall Hooded is perfect as a cheaper option for the Voltt, but is slightly colder. The Marshall is competitively priced, while still being made with the latest features such as the warm, flexible MX3 neoprene and the insulating, quick-drying Fox Fleece inner lining. The Marshall is available in front zip, back zip, full suit, shorty and even longarm shorty variant. The seams are GBS stitched and only the most critical parts of the wetsuit are taped for extra insulation.

Mystic Star (men and women)
If you don't want to pay too much and still want Mystic quality, check out the Mystic Star wetsuits. These affordable wetsuits are great for beginners or kiters on a budget. Compared to previous collections, this wetsuit now also has a warm Fox Fleece inner lining and the wetsuit is made of MX2 neoprene. The Mystic Star has strong knee pads that are very strong and protect your wetsuit in the event of crashes on the knees. The Mystic Star has been reinforced at critical points to guarantee years of kite fun. Everything you need, for a great price! The Mystic Star series offers a number of different variants, including a Mystic Star shorty, longarm shorty, shortarm or steamer wetsuit. The Star is also available in different thicknesses with a zipper on the front or back.

Mystic Brand (men and women)
The Mystic Brand is the cheapest wetsuit in the Mystic line-up, and only has the essential features. The Brand is only made in fullsuit, longarm shortleg, shortarm, shorty and long john with a thickness of 3/2, and 2/2. The Mystic Brand is also only available in a backzip variant. The Mystic Brand is made from the flexible M-Flex neoprene that is combined with Wind Mesh, a higher density neoprene. The seams are stitched Flatlock, which allows slightly more water to pass through compared to GBS seams. If you are looking for a reasonably priced summer wetsuit without too many frills, then the Brand is perfect!

Mystic Women's Wetsuits collection

Mystic Gem
The Mystic Gem is the warmest wetsuit for women. The Gem is made from Mystic's warmest neoprene: MX4 neoprene. The inside of the Gem is covered with Flaremesh at the chest, back and upper legs. Flaremesh ensures that your body is optimally heated and drastically reduces the drying time. The remaining parts of the inside are covered with Fox Fleece. This fabric retains less water, provides extra insulation and also improves the quick-drying properties of the wetsuit. The seams are waterproof and then each seam is taped with waterproof stretch taping. If you are looking for a wetsuit for the colder days, then the Mystic Jayde is perfect for you. The Mystic Gem is available in 6/4/3 with hood or in 5/4.

Mystic Jayde
In terms of warmth, the Mystic Jayde is slightly less warm than the Gem, but does have more flex. The Jayde has the best ratio between stretch and warmth, making it the best-selling women's wetsuit. The Mystic Jayde is made from MX4 neoprene for maximum warmth and flexibility. On the back there is a wind mesh panel on the outside of the wetsuit, where the neoprene has a higher density. This ensures that you do not cool down due to the cold wind. Flaremesh+ has been used on the inside of the wetsuit on the back, chest and lower body. This Flaremesh+ is insulating and quick-drying, so your wetsuit is nice and dry for the next session. The Mystic Jayde is available in a full suit with a thickness of 5/4, 4/3 or 3/2.

Mystic Dazzled
The Mystic Dazzled is less warm than the Jayde, but incredibly flexible thanks to the use of MX3 neoprene. The inner lining is covered with Fox Fleece neoprene that insulates body heat and ensures that the wetsuit dries faster. The Mystic Dazzled is available in fullsuit and longarm shorty with a thickness of 5/3, 4/3 or 3/2.

Mystic The One (men and women)
The Mystic The One is above all a stylish wetsuit and slightly colder than the Majestic. The wetsuit has no zipper and is therefore a 'zip-free' wetsuit, which means that no water enters the wetsuit at the collar. The Mystic The One is made of flexible and very warm MX4 Yamamoto neoprene and has an insulating and quick-drying inner lining made of Fox Fleece. The wetsuit is made in different colors such as black, green and red in combination with cool Mystic Graphics. If you want to distinguish yourself from the rest, then the Mystic The One is perfect for you!

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Mystic Boarding Wetsuit technologie

Mystic Boarding does everything it can to stay ahead of the competition in terms of performance and safety of the products they produce. Mystic wetsuits have the best features to keep you warm and guarantee durability. Below you will find a list of terms that you will encounter at Mystic Wetsuits.

MX4 neoprene
High end wetsuits such as the Mystic Voltt, Mystic Majestic, Mystic gem and the Mystic Jayde are made of MX4 neoprene. This type of neoprene is based on limestone and perhaps one of the best on the market at the moment. The neoprene has a high stretch ratio, insulates incredibly well and a smaller ecological footprint compared to other neoprene types.

Flaremesh+ is used in Mystic wetsuits as a high-end inner lining. Flaremesh is a red colored material that channels water through the fabric to reduce drying time. The material has a fluffy innerlining, which warms and retains body heat.

Fox Fleece
In addition to the Flaremesh+ inner lining, Fox Fleece is also used in Mystic wetsuits. The high end wetsuits use a combination and the cheaper wetsuits only use Fox Fleece. Fox Fleece is a fabric with large loops in the fabric that create a deep pile lining. The material retains less water, so the wetsuit dries faster. Thanks to the stretch of the fabric, Mystic can use the material anywhere in the wetsuit.

GBS (Glued Blind Stitched) seams
The blind-stitched seam is a seam construction in which the stitches only partly go through the neoprene. A blind-stitched seam is not only stitched, but also glued so that no water can get through the seam. A blind-stitched Mystic Wetsuit is usually also equipped with tape that keeps the seams firmly together in sensitive areas. A very warm and flexible construction.

4-way knee pads
Strong pads applied to the knee for extra protection of the knees and the wetsuit. This means that the suit is less likely to be damaged and a fall on the knee is less painful.

Most Mystic wetsuits are perforated at the bottom near the ankles. This ensures that the water flows out of your wetsuit, so that your wetsuit is properly flushed and you do not get water bags at your ankles.

Mystic neopreen accessoires

As you may have already realized, Mystic makes wetsuits of the highest possible quality and Mystic is a proven A-brand. In addition to wetsuits, they also make high-quality neoprene accessories. Mystic has gloves, caps, neoprene sweaters, shoes and lycras in its range. We have also put together a winter set from ION with the best winter products from ION that you can find


Mystic has the neoprene accessories with the same technologies that are used in the Mystic wetsuits to develop accessories that are just as warm and comfortable as the wetsuits. At Kitemana we have the largest stock of neoprene accessories. If you have any questions about any of Mystic's neoprene accessories, please feel free to contact us via Whatsapp, telephone, email or visit our shop in Noordwijk.

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