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Wetsuit Mystic

Dutch kitesurf brand Mystic makes awesome wetsuits of the best quality. These Mystic Wetsuits are designed for kitesurfing and keep you warm on the water. Mystic wetsuits are made of high quality materials and are very flexible. We sell Mystic wetsuits in all shapes and sizes and are the largest Mystic dealer from Europe. Do you have questions about a Mystic Wetsuit or do you want to know more about the Mystic wetsuit range? Feel free to give us a call or email us.Read More »

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Intro Wetsuit Mystic

Dutch kitesurf brand Mystic makes awesome wetsuits of the best quality. These Mystic Wetsuits are designed for kitesurfing and keep you warm on the water. Mystic wetsuits are made of high quality materials and are very flexible. We sell Mystic wetsuits in all shapes and sizes and are the largest Mystic dealer from Europe. Do you have questions about a Mystic Wetsuit or do you want to know more about the Mystic wetsuit range? Feel free to give us a call or email us.Read More »

Buy Mystic Wetsuit Online

Do you want to buy a new Mystic wetsuit? Then you ended up here on the right page! A Mystic wetsuit is made of high quality materials and keeps you warm on the water! We are the largest Mystic Wetsuit Shop in Europe and have various Mystic wetsuits available from stock. Wetsuits from Mystic are made for kitesurfing and have some nice features. You can order Mystic wetsuits directly from our website. Do you want to be sure that the size is correct and the wetsuit fits well? Then check the size chart on our website. If the size of your Mystic wetsuit is not right, you can of course exchange this wetsuit for the right model or the right size. If you would prefer to shop in our store, then you are welcome in the showroom in Katwijk.

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Mystic wetsuit Collection

Mystic has built up a very extensive collection of wetsuits over the years, with a wetsuit for every budget. Below you will find a short summary of the Mystic wetsuit collection. Kitemana is one of the largest Mystic Wetsuit shops in Europe. This is partly because Mystic's headquarters are in the same street as our showroom. This makes the connection extremely good and we can easily order and deliver wetsuits to ensure fast delivery. Do you have a question about a Mystic wetsuit or do you want to know more about a particular model wetsuit? Please feel free to contact us.

Mystic Men Wetsuit

Below we will explain four of Mystic's most popular men's wetsuits. The Mystic Legend, Majestic, Drip and Star (Brand).

Buy Mystic Legend Wetsuit

The Mystic Legend proudly tops Mystic's wetsuit range when it comes to warmth, comfort and flexibility. With the Mystic Legend, only the best materials have been used so that you can handle the most harsh conditions. The Legend wetsuit features M-Flex 2.0 neoprene, stretch tape and ultra-lightweight foam to ensure that the suit remains very light and flexible. Mystic has added a unique, quick-drying lining to the Legend which keeps the heat outside to preserve your body temperature well. Mystic offers two versions of the Legend this season. Both 5/3 wetsuits, but one with hood and the other one without hood. The Legend has a power seam construction to prevent water from getting in the suit at all seams. In addition, the angle of the zipper has been so that you can easily put it on and off. This wetsuit is one of the warmest of Mystic and has a fitted model so that it will you well. The Legend is made for the kite surfer who wants to stand out from the rest and prefers the best of the best in a wetsuit. As Mystic describes himself, be legendary with the new Legend!

Buy a Mystic Majestic Wetsuit online

Do you just want a high end, flexible wetsuit, but you find the legend a bit too expensive, then check out this Mystic Majestic wetsuit! This wetsuit offers everything you need and more! A Mystic Majestic Wetsuit has a super nice look and is full of awesome features. Like the Legend, the Mystic Majestic has M-Flex 2.0 neoprene. Very flexible and warm. The neoprene pattern of the Mystic Majestic ensures that the comfort and stretch of the wetsuit remains optimal. The Mystic Majestic has a Polar lining to provide extra warmth and isolation in harsh conditions. The Mystic Majestic comes in 8 different styles! You can choose whether you want the zipper on the front or back of this wetsuit, or even without a zipper! In addition, the Mystic Majestic comes in various thicknesses, colors and with short or long legs or arms.

Mystic Drip Wetsuit

The Mystic Drip Wetsuit is designed to stand out on the water in terms of looks! It is an affordable wetsuit with a super cool style and some top features. The Drip has M-Flex neoprene that is very flexible and feels like a second skin. Mystic has done everything to offer a lot of value for your money. The seams of this Mystic Wetsuit are GBS (Glued Blind Stitched) and ensure a watertight connection. This Mystic Drip also has a warm Polar lining. The Mystic Drip comes with a zipper on the front or back and in different thicknesses and colors.

Mystic Star Wetsuit

If you do not want to pay too much and still want the Mystic quality, check out the Mystic Star series of wetsuits. These affordable wetsuits are great for beginners or for kiters with a small budget. In comparison with previous collections, this wetsuit now also features a warm polar inner lining. The Mystic Star has strong kneepads and a polar lining on the chest and back for a warmer core. The knee pads are very strong and protect your suit in case of crashes on the knees. At the critical points, the Mystic Star has been strengthened to guarantee years of kite fun. Everything you need for a great price! The Mystic Star series offers a number of different styles of wetsuits, including a Mystic Star shorty, longarm shorty, short arm or steamer wetsuit. Available in different thicknesses and with a zipper on the front or back.

Mystic Dames Wetsuit

In addition to manufacturing great men's wetsuits, Mystic also makes a very extensive line of wetsuits for ladies. These women wetsuits are specially designed for a woman's body and have been given a unique look. The designs of Mystic's women wetsuits are striking and very stylish. Well-known female riders who kite with these wetsuits are Jalou Langeree and Bruna Kajiya.

Mystic Diva Wetsuit

On top of the ladies wetsuit range of Mystic is the Diva. A beautiful wetsuit that will let you shine on the water and is also super warm and flexible. The Mystic Diva features 100% M-Flex neoprene, the most flexible neoprene out there. The Diva has specially cut patterns to ensure the flexibility remains optimal. The waterproof stretch tape on the inside prevents leakage and keeps the diva flexible and warm. In addition, the Polar lining offers a soft touch and a very insulating effect. The Mystic Diva comes in various sizes and thicknesses and is available with a front zip or back zip

Mystic Dutchess Wetsuit

The Mystic Dutchess is made for the cold Dutch temperatures. A very nice wetsuit that combines quality with good features. With the Dutchess you will certainly stand out in the water! This wetsuit has a Polar inner lining and aquaflush at the bottom. Because of this, you no longer suffer from water at the bottom of your legs. The Dutchess comes in two stylish colors with beautiful lines to accentuate the woman's body beautifully. Wearing a wetsuit is never an excuse for not looking good, Mystic proves again with this super classy Dutchess!

Technologies Mystic Wetsuits

Mystic Boarding does everything to be ahead of the competition in terms of performance and safety of the products they produce. Mystic wetsuits therefore have the best features to keep you warm and ensure years of fun. Below is a list of technical terms that you will find in Mystic Wetsuits.

GBS (Glued Blind Stitched) Seams

The blind stitched seam is a seam construction in which the stitches only pass partly through the neoprene. A blind stitched seam is also glued in addition to stitching, so that no water comes through the seam. A blind stitched Mystic Wetsuit is usually also provided with tape that holds the seams firmly in the sensitive areas. A very warm and flexible construction.

Mesh Neoprene

Mesh is a type of neoprene that Mystic often uses on the chest and back panels for extra warmth. This neoprene type is warmer than standard neoprene, but more vulnerable. So be careful with your fingernails and do not pull on it while putting on and taking off the wetsuit.

Mystic Fzip or Frontzip

A zipper on the front is difficult to step in, but offers a lot of heat during the most violent circumstances.

Mystic Bzip or backzip

A wetsuit with backzip, has a zipper placed on the back of the wetsuit. This makes it very easy to put the wetsuit on and off. Very suitable for beginners.

Glideskin neck construction

The smooth neoprene on the inside of the neck of the wetsuit. This feels very pleasant so that you do not get any chunks at the neck and ensure a watertight connection.

Aqua barrier

An extra layer of neoprene at the top of the wetsuit that ensures that the water does not come directly on your body. As a result, the water first warms up and less water flows in.

4-way knee pads

Strong pads applied to the knee for extra protection of the knees. As a result, the suit is damaged less quickly and a fall on the knee causes less damage on your knees.


Most Mystic wetsuits are perforated at the lower leg. This ensures that the water flows out of your wetsuit, so that your wetsuit is thoroughly flushed and you do not get water bags at the bottom of the wetsuit.

Leg Straps

Two Velcro straps at the bottom of the wetsuit that ensure that no more water flows in through the ankles. The water can still flow away thanks to the aqua flush.

Key pocket

A compartment for the key so you can always take the key in your wetsuit during a down winder, for example. With leash attachment point.

M-Flex 2.0 neoprene

Flexible neoprene that is used in the top line wetsuits of Mystic. This neoprene offers a mega good stretch is nice and warm.

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