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The Core kiteboards are just like the Core kites a pleasure for everyone. From beginner to pro. And freeride to wakestyle kitesurfing. The Core kiteboards are made with German precision and of German quality. Power, comfort and performance are the core values of the Core kiteboards. You don't have to be a pro kite surfer to feel the magic of the carbon construction or comfortable Paulowina wood core. The kiteboads from Core are among the best on the market. In addition to the twintip kiteboards from Core, we also have a stock of Core directionals. Suitable for the most beautiful point-break barrels to strapless freestyle sessions. For questions about the Core kiteboards and surfboard directionals of Core kiteboarding you can reach us via email, WhatsApp or telephone. Read more about Core kiteboards here »


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720 V2 Surfboard
720 V2 SurfboardCore Kiteboarding
Choice 4 Kiteboard
Choice 4 KiteboardCore Kiteboarding
Fusion 5 Kiteboard
Fusion 5 KiteboardCore Kiteboarding
Green Room V2 Surfboard
Green Room V2 SurfboardCore Kiteboarding
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Core twintip kiteboards and Core directional surfboards are of the highest quality. We have a large stock of Core twintps and directionals for kitesurfing. You will often have your new Core kiteboard within a few days! We understand that you want to be well informed about your new Core kiteboard. That is why we have briefly described the twintip kiteboards and directional surfboards from Core on this page with the corresponding riding characteristics and link to the full description. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Core Kiteboarding twin surfing tips

    A twintip is the most used kiteboard shape. A twintip has an elongated rectangular design. This allows you to easily kite up two sides and ride upwind. On a twintip are foot straps that give you a grip on your board. With a twintip kiteboard you can ride fast and jump high. The kiteboard gets its own character depending on the design, rocker, channels, flex and construction. Read all about the characters of the Core twin tip kiteboards such as the Fusion, Choice and Bolt below.

    Core Fusion twintip kiteboard

    The Core Fusion kiteboard is an all-round performance twintip. A pleasure for everyone. Nice cruising on the water, as if you are kitesurfing on a flying carpet. The Core Fusion has an average V-rocker with multiple channels and a double concave for a fine grip and super smooth turns. The Cartan® carbon construction gives the Fusion more pop, soft landings and a light weight without compromising on durability. The Core Fusion is also available in lightwind kiteboard versions in sizes 147 x 44 and 152 x 46. Read the full product description of the Core Fusion kiteboard here.

    Core Choice twintip kiteboard

    Do you like to ride fast with a lot of grip to boost as high a possible? Then the Core Choice is the perfect kiteboard for you. The Core Choice is a freestyle oriented twintip kiteboard. A medium flat rocker with many channels give the Core Choice a high speed with a lot of control. The V shape at the bottom of the Core Choice makes it possible for you to ride through choppy water without difficulty. A Cartan® carbon construction is used for optimum flex and durability. A true premium board for the freestyle / big air kite surfer. You can read all about the Core Choice kiteboard here.

    Core Bolt twintip kiteboard

    Wakestyle is your thing. You are more unhooked than hooked. The Core Bolt is a twintip kiteboard made for the most extreme unhooked tricks. Gigantic pop because of the rocker and special Cartan® Carbon construction. Enormous grip through the many deep channels and V-concave. In addition, soft landings due to the high rocker and V shape. The Core Bolt is stiff and has an extra strong Cartan® Carbon construction. An extra gravel base is provided on the bottom of the Core Bolt so that you can hit sliders and obstacles without having to demolish your board immediately. Check the Core Bolt kiteboard here.

    Core kiteboarding kitesurf directionals

    In addition to twintips, Core also makes great directional surfboards. A directional is the perfect toy to play among the waves. The directional are engineered in Fehmarn and made in Portugal by expert shapers and glaziers.

    Core 720 directional kiteboard

    The 720 is a surfboard specially designed for strapless freestyle. If you are looking for a surfboard with many technical features and a great design, the 720 is perfect. The 720 has an EPS/Epoxy construction and Hexagon Foam for more durability and nice flex patterns. The 720 is perfect for you if you prefer your directional over your twintip, want to go for that extra strapless rotation every time and rip the surf every time and then hit your local spot. Frequent travelers will also love the compact shape of this board, which fits super easily into a board bag. You can read all about the Core 720 directional here.

    Core Green Room directional kiteboard

    the Green Room II Surfboard. This surfboard is not your beginner directional with allround capabilities. Insteads its being built for wave riding and optimized for larger swells. With its new construction its more tough and durable and lighter than ever before. On Top the Green Room II now also Level One verified by Eco Boards thanks to the use of more sustainable materials. Check the Core Green Room directional here.

    Core kiteboarding kiteboard technology

    The kiteboards from Core are super good. That of course does not happen automatically, as a lot of research and development precedes it. The result is a variety of techniques, materials and innovations that ensure that the Core kiteboards ride so incredibly well and have enormous durability. Below we have made a brief summary of the most important techniques that Core uses in the kiteboards.

    Core Cartan® Carbon kiteboard construction

    In the Core Fusion, Core Choice and Core Bolt, Core has used Cartan® Carbon exclusively for Core kiteboarding. It is a 30 degree biaxial carbon fiber. This Cartan® fiber optimizes flex and torsion. The fiber has more flex in the length than in the heelside. The Cartan® carbon requires less epoxy and thus saves weight.

    Core Kiteboarding Vario Rails

    Core has used a variable thickness in the rail of Core kiteboards. The thickness differs from thick in the middle to thinner towards the tips. This gives the kiteboard specific characteristics. The thickness varies for each board, such as the Fusion, Choice and Bolt. You can read the different thicknesses in the complete product descriptions.

    Core Kiteboarding V-shape

    Part of the bottom profile of the Core kiteboards has been copied from speedboats. Speedboats have a V-shaped keel with which they cut through the water. The tips of the Core kiteboads have that too. This makes the boards go through the chop easily and your landings are soft. For example, with the Choice and Bolt, this V continues on the board, with the Fusion it is less visible.

    Core kiteboarding channel system

    The kiteboards from Core are all twintip kiteboards to perform with. That is why all boards have multiple channels. One more and deeper than the other. The Core Bolt has the most and deepest channels, the Fusion the least. Channels give you speed and grip. Essential when you want to be able to kite at your own highest level.

    Core kiteboarding kiteboard shop

    At Kitemana we sell all twintip kiteboards and directional surfboards for kite surfing. Do you have questions about the boards, how they ride or which one suits you best? Ask your question to us, we will gladly help you further. The crazy Core Fusion, Choice and Bolt kiteboards are often already with you in a few days for an epic kite surfing session!

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