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Kiteboard Duotone Kiteboarding

The Duotone kiteboards, surfboards and hydrofoils are popular among kitesurfers around the world, from beginner to pro. The kiteboards from Duotone are known for the superior good quality and wonderful riding characteristics. Because of the awesome designs, the boards of Duotone are all artefacts that you can hang on the wall for when you are not kitesurfing. The Textreme Duotone twintips just give that extra performance to your kiteboard to rip hard. The surfboards are for kitesurfers who want to surf the highest waves to radical strapless freestyle action. View here our range of Duotone kiteboards, twintips, surfboards and hydrofoils. Is your Duotone kiteboard not listed or do you have a question about one of our Duotone kiteboarding products? Please contact us via email, telephone or WhatsApp. . Read more. »

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Intro Kiteboard Duotone Kiteboarding

The Duotone kiteboards, surfboards and hydrofoils are popular among kitesurfers around the world, from beginner to pro. The kiteboards from Duotone are known for the superior good quality and wonderful riding characteristics. Because of the awesome designs, the boards of Duotone are all artefacts that you can hang on the wall for when you are not kitesurfing. The Textreme Duotone twintips just give that extra performance to your kiteboard to rip hard. The surfboards are for kitesurfers who want to surf the highest waves to radical strapless freestyle action. View here our range of Duotone kiteboards, twintips, surfboards and hydrofoils. Is your Duotone kiteboard not listed or do you have a question about one of our Duotone kiteboarding products? Please contact us via email, telephone or WhatsApp. . Read more. »

Buy Duotone Kiteboarding Kiteboard

The Duotone kiteboards are among the best kiteboards on the kitesurf market. We understand that you want to be well informed about the different Duotone kiteboards. That is why on this page we have made a short overview of the different Duotone kitesurfing twintips and surfboard directionals. For questions you can always contact us via email, telephone or WhatsApp. With the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Duotone Kiteboarding kitesurfing twintips

    The twintip is the most popular board for kitesurfing worldwide. A good twintip can make or break your session. The Duotone twintips will definitely make your session! For every level there is a suitable Duotone kitesurfing twintip kiteboard. A good kiteboard requires a long development and use of the latest techniques. Below, the twintip kiteboards from Duotone are briefly described with the accompanying riding characteristics so that you have a quick overview of all Duotone kiteboards.

    Duotone Gambler kiteboard

    The Duotone Gambler is the wakestyle kiteboard from Duotone. With the thick rocker and stiff flex, the Duotone Gambler gives you the most pop in the entire kiteboard range from Duotone. Because of the deep channels in the Duotone Gambler you can also ride the Gambler without fins. This allows you to not worry about obstacles and sliders. In addition, there is a thick slider base on the bottom that protect your board from deep scratches. The Duotone Gambler has slider inserts for boots and straps so you have to pay attention to which straps you put on the Gambler. Naturally, the Duotone Entity pads fit perfectly on the Duotone Gambler kiteboard. Read all about the Duotone Gambler here.

    Duotone Team Series kiteboard

    The Duotone Team series is the choice of almost all competition Duotone Team riders during, for example, the GKA Air Games and WKL. The Team Series is a serious competition freestyle kiteboard. The Team Series has an explosive pop suitable for wakestyle, freestyle and park. The 3D designed bottom ensures controlled landings so that you can easily land the most difficult tricks. The hard flex and freestyle rocker give the Duotone Team series a delightful pop. At the bottom of the Duotone Team series are deep channels for a lot of grip and maximum control at high speed. The slider inserts ensure that you have to pay attention to which bindings you put on. Of course the Entity bindings fit perfectly on the Team Series. Want to read all the information about the Duotone Team Series kiteboard? Click here.

    Duotone Jaime / Jaime Textreme kiteboard

    The Duotone Jaime kiteboard is one of the best freestyle / freeride kiteboards available on the market. The board is light (and even extra light in the Textreme version), has a medium flex for comfortable riding characteristics and a 3D designed 'Double Diffusor' bottom so your landings will be controlled after high jumps or unhooked tricks. On both sides in the middle of the top deck is a 'grab rail' with which you can easily grab the Duotone Jaime for 'boardoffs'. The tips have a channelled profile so you have a lot of grip on your take of and at high speed. For all information about the Duotone Jaime board you can go here. Looking for more information about the Jaime Textreme implementation? Click here.

    Duotone Select / Select Textreme kiteboard

    The freeride kiteboard in the kiteboard range of Duotone is the Duotone Select. The Duotone Select is available in two versions. The normal and the Textreme version. The Textreme version has all the features of the normal Select but is lighter and therefore better. The perfect combination between comfort and performance. The soft flex ensures comfortable riding characteristics in every condition. With the new space flex tips, Duotone has managed to make the Select even lighter than it already was. Thanks to the grab rails you can do the biggest grabs, one-footers and boardoffs with super good grip on your board. View the Duotone Select here. And view the Duotone Select Textreme here.

    Duotone Soleil / Soleil Textreme kiteboard

    The Duotone Soleil is a super fine freeride / freestyle kiteboard specially designed for kitesurfing ladies. The special extra light Textreme version of the Soleil gives the Soleil even finer and more comfortable riding characteristics. For the ladies, the Soleil has a somewhat narrower stance compared to the other kiteboards and a softer flex. The Soleil is made of the same premium construction as the Jaime and Duotone Select. Through the slider rails you can adjust your bindings in any way possible for the perfect stance for you. Read all the information about the Duotone Soleil here. And about the Duotone Soleil Textreme here.
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    Duotone Gonzales kiteboard

    The beginner kiteboard from Duotone whose shape goes fack back in time, the Duotone Gonzales. The most beautiful design of the Gonzales may rightly be called the design of 2019. The Duotone Gonzales has a round design for an ultimate sense of control. The soft flex gives you control and comfort in all conditions. The single concave makes the Gonzales quick and easy to ride upwind. The construction of the Gonzales kiteboard is made of a super nice wooden construction. All information about the Duotone Gonzales kiteboard can be found here.

    Duotone Spike / Spike Textreme kiteboard

    Duotone also came up with a solution for the days with less wind. The Duotone Spike kiteboard. A freeride / light weather kiteboard, also available in a Textreme version for even more performance and even better light wind characteristics. The flat rocker and straight outline make that the Spike easy creates speed. The average to hard flex offer you control in all circumstances. The Duotone Spike is only available in larger sizes from 141 to 163. Would you like more information about the Duotone Spike or Duotone Spike Textreme kiteboard? Click here for the Duotone Spike and here for the Duotone Spike Textreme.

    Duotone kiteboarding directional surfboards

    From classic surfboard shapes for awesome down the line surf to the most modern designs for the latest strapless freestyle trend. The surfboard and directional range of Duotone is designed by surfboard shape legend Sky Solbach. The Duotone directional kitesurfboards are suitable for every level and for every surfing condition. Below is a brief overview of the Duotone surfboards with the corresponding sailing characteristics and kitesurfing level.

    Duotone Pro Session surfboard directional

    The Duotone pro session is an all-round surfboard where you can make delicious long curves. Go carving down wind, this is never gets old! The choice of Airton and Matchu when the waves get seriously big. Suitable for strapless and straps. Read all about the Duotone Pro Session here.

    Duotone Pro Wam / Wamsurfboard directional

    The Duotone Pro Wam is for the kitesurfer who loves the real surf feeling. Without straps, only you and the perfect control over your board. The Pro Wam is a directional with a classic shape for all round strapless riding characteristics suitable for small to large waves. The Pro Wam is made of a light Team Construction with Technora net reinforcements. The normal Wam has a slightly heavier classic construction without Technora net. View the Duotone Pro Wam surfboard here .

    Whip CSC / Pro Whip CSC surfboard directional

    The Whip CSC is a Duotone Compact Surfboard Concept. The Whip's are meant for small to medium sized waves and strapless freestyle. There are inserts in the top of the deck in case you want to ride with straps. The difference between the Pro and the normal Whip is in the construction. The pro has a lightweight team construction, where the normal version has a slightly heavier classic construction. Read all the information about the Duotone Whip CSC here and about the Pro Whip CSC here.

    Duotone Pro Voke surfboard directional

    The Duotone Pro Voke is specially designed for the stepless freestyle. For kitesurfers like Airton Cozzolino. The Pro Voke has a giant pop because of the straight rail line. The symmetrical shape makes it easy for you to land your tricks fins first'. The Pro Voke is made with a light team construction like all the top boards from Duotone. Check here the Duotone Pro Voke surfboard directional.

    Duotone Nugget CSC surfboard directional

    The Duotone Nugget CSC is short and wide. This makes the Nugget a super fun board for days with less wind and small waves. Due to the large surface and straight outline, the Nugget quickly plans on days with less wind. There are inserts in the deck of the Nugget so you can kite with and without straps. The quad vin setup ensures less drag and therefore more speed. Read the full description of the Duotone Nugget CSC here.

    Duotone Quest TT surfboard directional

    The Duotone Quest TT is a classic design surfboard with a super strong Tough Technology construction. The Quest is designed for the kite surfer who wants to start kitesurfing his first waves. An all round board that feels good in all conditions, fast and stable. Read all about the Duotone Quest TT here.

    Duotone kiteboarding kiteboard technology

    The Duotone kiteboards are kiteboards with the highest quality on the market. You can only achieve that quality through a lot of innovation and research. This leads to various unique constructions, and techniques that make the Duotone kiteboards of this high quality. Below are some of the most important techniques explained.

    Duotone SLS (Strong Light Superior) Construction (twintip)

    The Select SLS, Jaime SLS, Soleil SLS and Spike SLS are made using a carbon construction, in which all the expertise of Duotone comes back in one construction. To achieve the best possible performance, each board has its own SLS version with the focus on lightweight and playfulness. To reduce the maximum weight, the upper deck uses the patented Spread Tow Fabric. A 45-degree diagonal Biax Carbon is used on the bottom to ensure maximum pop and grip.

    Duotone D/LAB Construction

    The products with the D/LAB logo come from the Duotone Laboratory and are made with the most innovative construction techniques. The kiteboards with a D/LAB construction are kiteboards that use the very best materials. It doesn't matter what it costs as long as it's made from the best materials in the world. These new materials are both lighter and more durable.

    Duotone Premium Performance Construction (twintip)

    The most advanced construction in the line has been specially developed for the boards of TS Hadlow and the Team Series. It is the most durable construction in the board line, which shows the top of the kiteboard development. A 45 degree bi-carbon layer under the footpad surface ensures a very smooth but comfortable flex and also offers maximum durability. This construction has been developed for competition-oriented riders by the best riders in the world, aimed at extreme grip and pop - even without fins!

    Duotone Premium Construction (twintip)

    The Premium Construction board Jaime, Select and Soleil are equipped with Carbon Beams, where parts of the fiberglass are replaced by unidirectional carbon strips in order to noticeably improve the performance of the board. This results in a faster and even more progressive flex for a better pop and lower weight.

    Duotone Double Diffuser bottom (twintip)

    The Double Diffuser breaks the water surface during landings, provides grip and accurate feedback from the board. The Double Diffuser also offers good control in all conditions with a sporty character in all the time. With the Double Diffuser, harder flex patterns can be used inside the board without loss of comfort. The harder flex delivers better pop, making it a winning combination. By breaking the surface of the water during landing, the Double Diffuser ensures smooth and direct flow from the board. This ensures control and comfort when landing, no matter how fast you go.

    Duotone Light Team Construction (directional)

    From 2019 Duotone uses a more labor-intensive, multi-step vacuum process that produces a super strong, lightweight surfboard with a custom, hand-sanded finish. The most drastic change in the construction of the light team construction is that Duotone no longer uses a complete bamboo construction. The cork shock absorber, which used to be hidden under the bamboo deck, is now clearly visible under the deck and allows the deck to bend and absorb impacts such as a modified PU board with minimal to no heel indentation, thanks to the underlying cork reinforcements. Super good board feeling in an ultra-light but durable construction!

    Duotone Classic construction (directional)

    The Duotone classic surfboard construction is the result of years of development to create a durable all-round strap and strapless construction that combines the best elements of flex and feel with a durable construction proven to be much better in strength / weight ratio than other available technology. ATTENTION: Inspired by the Light Team Construction, the bottom of the Classic Construction now offers two lightweight bamboo strips and a unidirectional glass strip outside the laminate to prevent kinks.

    Duotone Technora Net

    Technora is a para-aramid fiber with excellent technical characteristics for high-quality kite surfboards. The technora net has a high tensile strength, good resistance and long-term shape stability, making it an ideal fiber to place on surfboards that are repeatedly exposed to great impact. We have placed the Technora fiber in a way that does not affect the overall feel and flex of the board and has slightly changed the Duotone overall layout to avoid adding extra weight to the boards, while still making the best use of the board. the superior strength of Technora to prevent cracking and breaking.

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