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Did you accidentally damage your kite or is there something wrong with your board? No problem, we sell a lot of different kinds of tape, glue and other repair kits to fix your kite gear in no time. So you can enjoy your next kite sessions as soon as possible. Small cracks in your kite are usually easy to fix by using special Dacron or Nylon Ripstop tape. These tapes are made out of the same material as a kite, so your kite will be as strong as it used to be. Besides tape, we also have wetsuit clue to fix your wetsuits and special epoxy repair kits to repair your kiteboard. Having trouble fixing your gear, no worries, just send us a picture by email or give us a call and we will gladly guide you through the process.



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Black Witch Neoprene Adhesive
Black Witch Neoprene AdhesiveProlimit
Aquasure PU Glue
Aquasure PU GlueDr. Tuba
Epoxy Repair Kit
Epoxy Repair KitDing All
11mm Replacement Deflate Valve
11mm Replacement Deflate ValveKitefix
Fiberfill Epoxy Repair Kit
Fiberfill Epoxy Repair KitSuncure
Instant Repair Putty
Instant Repair PuttyFCS Surf
Tear-Aid Small Patches
Tear-Aid Small PatchesKitemana
AquaPak Epoxy Repair Kit
AquaPak Epoxy Repair KitProlimit
Clear Ding Tape
Clear Ding TapeDing All
Epoxy Quik Stik
Epoxy Quik StikDing All
Epoxy Repair Kit
Epoxy Repair KitBig Ding Repair
Polyester Repair Kit
Polyester Repair KitBig Ding Repair
Strut Replacement Bladder
Strut Replacement BladderNorth
UV Cure Epoxy Fiberstrong
UV Cure Epoxy FiberstrongBig Ding Repair
Fibrefill Polyester Repair Kit
Fibrefill Polyester Repair KitSuncure
Nose Cone Warhead
Nose Cone WarheadDing All
Surf Ding Patch
Surf Ding PatchRSPRO
UV Cure Polyester Fiberstrong
UV Cure Polyester FiberstrongBig Ding Repair
Universal Strut Bladder
Universal Strut BladderAirtime
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