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Neoprene Accessories

We have a wide variety of neoprene accessories ranging from gloves, shoes, beanies, caps and much more. The neoprene accessories protect you against all the cold elements of the winter. We've made some nice neoprene accessories sets which are cheaper and fit perfectly together. All accessories are available in different thicknesses of neoprene, so you can choose how warm you want it to be while being out there. Below you will find all our neoprene accessories. If you have any questions about one of the neoprene accessories, you can always call or email us.



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Raider Shoe 2mm
Raider Shoe 2mmProlimit
Star Shoe 3mm Round Toe
Star Shoe 3mm Round ToeMystic
Rash Glove
Rash GloveMystic
Marshall Boot 5mm Split Toe 2020 Surfschoen
Marshall Boot 5mm Split Toe 2020 SurfschoenMystic
Star S/S Quickdry Lycra
Star S/S Quickdry LycraMystic
Rashguard Men S/S 2021
Rashguard Men S/S 2021ION
Star L/S Rashvest Lycra
Star L/S Rashvest LycraMystic
Neo Bommel Beanie
Neo Bommel BeanieION
PLT Neoprene Beanie
PLT Neoprene BeanieProlimit
Raider Boot RT 5mm
Raider Boot RT 5mmProlimit
Rash Glove S/F Neoprene
Rash Glove S/F NeopreneMystic
Star S/S Rashvest
Star S/S RashvestMystic
Claw Gloves 3/2 Surf Glove
Claw Gloves 3/2 Surf GloveION
Hydrogen Action Jacket
Hydrogen Action JacketProlimit
Marshall Glove 3mm 5Finger Precurved Surfhandschoen
Marshall Glove 3mm 5Finger Precurved SurfhandschoenMystic
Marshall Shoe 3mm Split Toe
Marshall Shoe 3mm Split ToeMystic
Predator Neoprene Hoodie
Predator Neoprene HoodieProlimit
Star Boot 5mm Round Toe
Star Boot 5mm Round ToeMystic
Star L/S Quickdry Lycra
Star L/S Quickdry LycraMystic
Star S/S Rashvest Women
Star S/S Rashvest WomenMystic
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