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Besides complete harnesses, we also sell separate spreader bars for your harness. Lately, we see more and more kiters with a slider spreader bar. This is a type of spreader bar which allows your chickenloop to slide across while making turns. This gives you more freedom when you make a turn so you keep your focus on the waves. Another type of spreader bar we see more often is the Cabrinha's Fireball. A completely new system which replaced the entire chickenloop for a ball to give you, even more, freedom in your movement. Read more »



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Stealth Bar
Stealth BarMystic
Metal Fixed Hook 2019 Spreader Bar
Metal Fixed Hook 2019 Spreader BarRide Engine
Stealth Bar Surf
Stealth Bar SurfMystic
Dyneema Replacement Cord
Dyneema Replacement CordMystic
Metal Slider 2019 Spreader Bar
Metal Slider 2019 Spreader BarRide Engine
Hook Safety Knife
Hook Safety KnifeDakine
Multi Spreader Clickerbar 4.0
Multi Spreader Clickerbar 4.0Mystic
Surf Ring
Surf RingMystic
Kite Knife 2.0 Multitool
Kite Knife 2.0 MultitoolION
Clickerbar 4.0 Surf
Clickerbar 4.0 SurfMystic
Fireball Spreaderbar
Fireball SpreaderbarCabrinha
Kite Safety Knife
Kite Safety KnifeRide Engine
Metal Fixed Hook 2017
Metal Fixed Hook 2017Ride Engine
59.00 49.00
Hammerhead Spreader Bar
Hammerhead Spreader BarDakine
Metal sliding bar 2017
Metal sliding bar 2017Ride Engine
59.00 39.95
KRS Safety spreaderbar
KRS Safety spreaderbarMystic
Sliding Bar
Sliding BarManera
Metal Slider Bar
Metal Slider BarRide Engine
59.95 29.95
Bananabar Spreaderbar
Bananabar SpreaderbarMystic
C-Bar Rope Slider 2.0
C-Bar Rope Slider 2.0ION
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Trapeze Accessories

A harness consist of many different parts that you can change according to your needs. The biggest change you can make to your trapeze is to put a different spreader bar on it. In addition, it is also always important that you carry a kite knife with you. This is often easy to carry in your trapeze. And for your own safety.

Trapeze Spreader Bar

The spreader bar of your harness is the big thing in front. The spreader bar is the system where your hook is attached to. You are attached to your kite via the spreader bar. The spreader bar is therefore a super important part of your kitesurf gear. There are now two types of spreader bars on the market: the Fixed hook This spreaderbar has a fixed hook that cannot move on the spreader bar. The Sliding Bar is a spreader bar that has no hook but a string with possibly a ring that your chickenloop is attached to. In this way the chickenloop can move across the width of your trapeze and you have more freedom of movement. This is especially nice when you go surfing or foiling with your kite.

Kite Knife Safety knife

It is important to always have a kite knife with you. If you experience a kite accident, which of course we do not hope, you can cut lines quickly with the kite blade. If there are lines around your body you have to make sure that they are gone as quickly as possible. If there is tension on your lines again, the lines can either choke you or close vital parts of your body of blood. With a knife you ensure that the lines can be cut. So always take one! Also check regularly if your blade is not rusted and needs replacement.