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Accessories - Kite

Kite accessories, here you can find everything you need or for using or repairing your kite. Such as kit pumps, spare parts and repair products.



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Bladder Size

Kite Pump Hose with attachments
Kite Pump Hose with attachmentsDuotone Kiteboarding
Airmax Kite Pump
Airmax Kite PumpNaish
Airlock Valve
Airlock ValveCabrinha
Kite Inflation Pump
Kite Inflation PumpCabrinha
Big Air Kite Pump
Big Air Kite PumpF-One
Tear-Aid Small Patches
Tear-Aid Small PatchesKitemana
Speed Valve Cap 2.0
Speed Valve Cap 2.0Core Kiteboarding
Selfsticky Airport Valve II
Selfsticky Airport Valve IIDuotone Kiteboarding
Aquasure PU Glue
Aquasure PU GlueDr. Tuba
Mega Flex Hose
Mega Flex HoseMystic
Kite Compression Bag
Kite Compression BagMystic
Old Skool Kitepump Adapter
Old Skool Kitepump AdapterKitemana
Winding Post Cover
Winding Post CoverDuotone Kiteboarding
11mm Deflate Valve
11mm Deflate ValveAirtime
Replace Connect Set
Replace Connect SetCabrinha
Single Pully Link
Single Pully LinkCabrinha
Universal Strut Bladder
Universal Strut BladderAirtime
9mm Inflate Valve
9mm Inflate ValveAirtime
EZ 4th Gen One-pump valve
EZ 4th Gen One-pump valveBest Kiteboarding
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Buy Kitesurf Accessories

Are you looking for kitesurfing accessories? Then you ended up on the right page. On this page you can find everything to kite with or repair your kite. From kitepomp to kite sleeves and valves to dacron tape, we’ve got it all!

Kitesurfing pump

We sell a lot of kite pumps of all brands and in all sizes. With the new kite surf pumps such as the Kitepump 2.0 XL from WMFG and 2.0 Kitepump from North pump your kite super fast because they are almost twice as big as the normal pumps. But do you really want to pump your kite in record time? Then you have to go for the WMFG 2.0D , with this monster you pump your kite in a few pumps!
⚡Kite Flash Sale ends 9/8/21 code: FLASH10